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Get married....and STAY married

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RitaRockz 3 years ago

Donzie Kitten 4 weeks ago

angie haurissa 7 months ago

jayde kaleiohi 3 years ago


Punky The-SingerUntitled

I’m in a relationship now thats going great. I believe we could both accomplish this goal. 11 months ago

Punky The-Singer 11 months ago

doitgretchen 12 months ago

SinderellaxD 7 years ago

salvatore5 13 months ago


Well I’m back to square one.

I left my fiance Thanksgiving 2011. It’s completely for the best. 13 months ago

forwritenow 14 months ago

Malisa Karn 18 months ago


I want this goal done by December 31st of 2012. 20 months ago

Natural_Lover 20 months ago

user31892 20 months ago

mewMarriage is overrated

I’m not seeking a divorce but 5 years with this man? Revelation came too late. My husband is an asshole so i don’t want another baby. I cannot picture just the maid and myself stuck with two kids while he goes out to meet his friends, play his computer games etc i tell him that we’re saving for the expenses of the 2nd one.

I just turned 31 today. I do not want to unwish my daughter away but i wish i’ve married someone else, the occassional note, breakfast in bed, happy mothers day card, flower, planned activities for the weekend, more involvement and interest in raising our daughter, someone who doesnt think my gifts and cards are a joke, who didn’t tell me that the reason why he does not introduce me to his friends is because i embarass him.

I kiss him everyday but the disdain and resentment grows steadily. I don’t feel so much love more going through the
Motion kind of obligation. I wish it weren’t this way but it is and i am a hypocrite.

I pray after every unkind word or action that I will not love him anymore so it hurts less everytime he walks out of the door. I think it’s working.

I want to bring up my daughter, let her go to uni and carve out a life for herself and be self sustainable. When she does, i will leave to see the world, i will volunteer and teach and meet people who love my company and make me laugh.

For now, i feel like i am bound by oath to stay. I will be saving money to bring my daughter up. 22 months ago

user25902 22 months ago

Cameron A Bailey Sr 22 months ago

Carly Robbins 3 years ago

KrymeCain 2 years ago

namdar95 2 years ago

Sirr Young 2 years ago


Some day….Some day… 2 years ago

mjv929 2 years ago

look closerMarriage is subjective

I know that now. You don’t know what you’re getting into until you’re already there. In laws will always take their son or daughter’s ‘side’ and divides just happen in families. I no longer look at divorce as giving up, but as an option to make one happier. 2 years ago

look closer 6 years ago

Hedvika 2 years ago

msJulias 2 years ago

msJulias78 2 years ago

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