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stop picking my skin

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brokenfrenchSome boredom and loneliness

I picked at a few things yesterday but am trying not to feel guilty or self-conscious about them..
I’ve put some aloe vera and cocoa butter, and am going to try to be good to myself, avoid mirrors, go exercise, remind myself not to self-scrutinze.
The last think I need after a hectic week of romantic failure is to feel self-conscious.
fuck romance, friendship all the way. 2 weeks ago


Crushing up an ibuprofen and using it’s dust with one of your usual cleansers 1) exfoliates your face and 2) takes down post-picking redness and inflammation so quickly you can watch the color change. You’re welcome! 3 weeks ago

brokenfrenchMale-related troubles explode in my face

Wow. I feel almost embarrassed to admit that I’m still having the same problem as the previous entry.
Still struggling not to pick my skin, remain mindful.
This one foolish crush has sent me into a complete tail-spin.
I can’t seem to focus or think properly, and I feel pathetic for it!
I don’t want to be stressed about a boy, I want to be stressed about doing well in school.
I’m sorry guys, I honestly feel like I can’t get my act together and I’ve picking at my chest, arms and face more than usual lately. At the moment I’m sat at my desk in a long sleeve sweater with a button up shirt underneath so I can’t look or touch.
I hope I can get over this soon, it is so not worth the time/energy/stress… 3 weeks ago

allybooks 3 weeks ago

brokenfrenchmen-related stress and skin picking

getting stressed again. but not about anything important like school or finances or work. No. I’ve met someone I felt a strong and immediate attraction toward. And it’s painfully obvious this is not and will not be reciprocated.
When I think these kinds of thoughts, of how he doesn’t notice me and is indifferent to me it makes me want to pick more.
But why? What a silly thing to get stressed about!
Determined not to let this, of ALL things, bring me down.
Just need to be mindful and treat myself nicely. 4 weeks ago


I haven’t posted in awhile but I wanted to let you guys know something that’s really been working for me incase anyone really doesn’t know what to do anymore, this may help you.

I’ve been using honey to stop picking. Now, I’m not completely pick-free, but it does really help me control the urge to pick quite a bit.

Now honey is an anti-bacterial. It helps fight acne, and can also help heal picked acne. But also, honey is very sticky. Put honey on the places you pick, and it will be hard for you to pick unless you get up, go to the sink and wash the honey off your face. You’ll probably decide to just not pick instead of going through the trouble of washing the honey off your face. (Or if not, give it some time and maybe you’ll see that going through the trouble of picking with honey on your face is not worth the trouble at all). It becomes displeasing to pick when you get honey all over your fingers anytime you try.

When I first tried this honey trick, I’d put it all over my face, and I wasn’t very constant with putting honey on my face, also, the honey would sometimes get everywhere. These would make it a bit frustrating to use this trick, and because I wasn’t constant with this treatment, it wasn’t working too well. But since I’ve been doing this for awhile, I’ve come to a good way to do this:

First, hair away from face. Put it up and use a hairband so you won’t get honey on your hair. Second, it’s easier to put the honey on the spots you pick instead of your whole face. For example, I pick only on bumps and active acne that I can feel, therefore, I only put it on those areas. Third, be constant with this! I cannot tell you how important that is. This means, anytime your home, as soon as you get home or wake up in the morning, use the honey treatment. Picking can happen in a matter of seconds, and even when you feel confident that you won’t pick today, do it anyways. Because let’s be honest, how many times have you told yourself you won’t pick today and ended up doing it anyways? Be constant no matter how your feeling. It will pay off when you start losing the need to pick and see your skin clearing up on its own.

For me, I feel like this has helped me not only stop picking as much, but I stop touching my face just because I hate the feeling of getting honey on my hands and then having to wash it off. Sometimes this treatment can be a pain in the ass to maintain and keep up, but it’s worth it. 1 month ago

Krissy Tuffield-KingDang...

I was doing really well.
I hadn’t picked in more than a month and this past week, I totally killed that. My poor face. <_< 1 month ago

danni1988Pick pick picking

Last night and the previous night and yesterday morning. My face was so sore I decided to overdose on ibuprofen and I took 800g to try and reduce inflammation. It knocked me out for a few hours and I woke up and put face tan on and went back to sleep. My face has calmed down ALOT so I’m pleased. Will do the same tonight 1 month ago

brokenfrenchAt risk.

Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve getting a bit worse about controlling it. Nothing very serious yet but just need to hold off on doing it generally.
anyway, will wear a button up shirt and spend less time on the computer…
I think I’m also just having a not so great skin day.
Also need to exercise more; that helps de-stress me a lot. 1 month ago

sloppykiss 1 month ago

danni1988786 members

Why am I the only one blogging. 1 month ago

danni1988Picked more this morning

3 spots came to the surface :( 1 month ago

danni1988Stupid girl

Picked again tonight always do this when I’m due to go on holiday and ruin my excitement :( 1 month ago

danni1988I don't know how

I have just completely picked my face :( 4 days until my holiday :( was doing so well 1 month ago

danni1988I dug out a pore last night

Quite a big black head. I really need help with black heads. Any ideas? 1 month ago

danni1988Had a really good day

Gave myself a face mask today had a sticky out spot in my chin with the pore visible for 2 days and I just had to squeeze it tonight. 2 months ago

danni1988Let myself down

Not as bad as last night I basically had a very tiny hair out of place near my eyebrows and the tweezers wouldn’t grab it so I ended up with a sore red patch there after several attempts oh well :( 2 months ago

danni1988No picking at all today

My skin is clearing up nicely :) 2 months ago

danni1988Let myself down slightly

I had a painful white head near my hair line since yesterday which I popped then I found another in my hair line and popped that also and I have been light scratching :( I’m safe from the mirror now tucked up in bed. 2 months ago

danni1988Day 3...

Almost complete :) feeling good. I’ve been sitting with castor oil on my eyebrows for about 2 hours and I’m about to wipe it off and wipe off my make up and apply gradual fake tan for the third night. I have my hair in plaits for a change tomorrow hopefully I will have cute hair. I’m feeling confident. 2 months ago

danni1988I didn't pick again

2 days down :) 2 months ago

danni1988I didn't pick yesterday

I think the fact I applied fake tan on helped. I have had a little scratch around this morning as I appear to be flaking/peeling. 2 months ago

danni1988Last night

I scratched round my face for a while and I dug out a few pores with tweezers (still not managed to hide them in an unreachable place) anyhow my new routing seems to be working nicely. I steam my face before a shower and normal face wash in the shower and at night I’m only using baby wipes before applying witchstick all over. The baby wipes moisturise my skin without me having to do so. I’m trying at the same time to control my eating habits, I either pick or pig out when I’m stressed and after I pig out I sometimes pick because I feel bad for over eating. It’s a vicious circle that only when I’m away on holiday I can change. I never pick on holiday so I’m looking forward to perhaps a week of no picking before I go and 2 weeks while I’m away and keep it up when I’m back. 9 days until my holiday. 2 months ago


Touching my face a lot and at night I tweezers out two white heads and repicked an old spot that had a black head sticking from it. I then plastered my face in witchstick. This morning I have just steamed by face 3 mins before I shower. Trying today to not pick at all. 2 months ago

danni1988I really wish that...

I could just sleep for 3 or 4 weeks and my face would heal and clear. I’m going on holiday in 2 weeks and really want to have lovely skin when I go. I just can’t stop especially picking at black heads. I just squeezed the lot out my nose :( followed by a steam and cleanse then applied loads of witchstick. I need to stop this :( 2 months ago

danni1988Let myself down

Picked last night and this morning. I have a really sore spot on my hair line which every time I squeeze nothing happens, need to just leave it alone. 2 months ago


A none pick day yesterday! 2 months ago


Yep. 2 months ago

sufyerface 2 months ago

danni1988Never ending

I picked last night again not looking as bad as I thought I would this morning. I think what I need to do is really focus on this habit and when i come home from work wash my face straight away and get into bed and read or something. I might try it tonight. The mirror I pick in most has good lighting so I’m about to move the spot light to face away from it. Wish me luck! 2 months ago

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