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go deep sea fishing

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kunderabaloo 3 months ago

Dre Horton 5 months ago

scoozy27 7 months ago

hhannahCod Jigging off the coast of NFLD...this was maybe

not quite deep sea fishing, however it did require a bigger rod and reel and Lure…holy crap that was the biggest lure Ive seen so far. The Cod were about 5 lbs each Rock Cod and regular Cod. They put up a very good fight and both my son and I caught many but only took three back that night with us where friends took us back to their fishing stage…(stage I learned is the little shed on the water where they can cut, salt, hang, do what ever with the fish and keep their fishing gear year round) so at the fishing stage it was fileted and R cooked it up amazingly for dinner. This goal stays as iM still game to get out and truly fish with BIG downriggers or nets. Wouldn’t it be cool to have my own fishing and cooking show??? Really ??? I think so! Goal still on list…waiting for my bigger fish. 7 months ago

leaves_autume 8 months ago

allogenes 10 months ago

hhannahAugust 2013 will be fishing off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada

with my favourite sidekick the boy! Cod will be in season until the 15th of August so one more fishing adventure and we hope to catch a big one and also see some whales! That would be seeing through 3 goals. 10 months ago

Jdleaf 10 months ago

eniuin 10 months ago

Mina Lily 11 months ago

hhannahI went deep sea fishing in Roatan

but didn’t catch anything. I did have a large barracuda on the line but he was so strong I couldn’t reel him in. He ended up breaking the line and taking the lure along with it. I loved that fishing day…I need more days like that and to actually catch a fish, Im okay to release it right after or have it cooked up depending on the fish but I will need to try again. So do I consider this done because I tried? I don’t think so…Im thinking that I want to be able to report back that I caught a biggie! THen I can say Ive done that…and probably always will seek out opportunities to continue deep sea fishing…there are a lot of seas!!! 11 months ago

hhannahbest deep sea fishing spots

narrowing it down…how does this mesh with my other goals???
•Coast of Maine
Here you will find some of the largest bluefin tuna and is also great for whale watching.
•Florida Gulf Coast
Florida has some of the best deep sea fishing gulf locations in the world.
Deep sea fishing Destin is probably the most popular location among Florida spots. ◦Daytona Beach
◦Key West

Available all year and you will find some of the best fishing variety of fish including marlin, tuna, and sailfish.

•Dauphin Island
Some of the most affordable deep sea fishing options in the United States.
•Bodega Bay, California
Bodega Bay offers some of the most exciting king salmon fishing available.
•Prince Edward Island
PEI offers giant bluefin tuna and shark fishing for the deep sea fishing enthusiasts wanting to visit Canada.
Cancun offers all year fishing for several species like snapper, mackerel, barracuda, and shark.
•Sitka, Alaska
Alskan fishing offers some of the largest halibut and salmon fishing around.
•St. Lucia
St. Lucia has excellent fishing for blue marlin and yellow fin tuna and is also popular for whale and dolphin watchi 13 months ago

hhannahmy son wanted to go on the charter so bad

when we were away recently, but the waves and wind were up and the charters were cancelled. On the seconds last day of our trip in cayo coco the charter went out, we were doing other things that day. I knew a gentleman from Manitoba who went out on it…turns out they didnt catch any fish!!! Instead the captain trapped 6 big lobster and bbq”d them up for them on the boat. Still pretty cool, but we still need to catch some more fish. 13 months ago

wannabe252 15 months ago

kjhattery 3 years ago

ZBowles 17 months ago

downybowles 17 months ago

jennyt3d 18 months ago

silvajeff 18 months ago

jakebowen0401 18 months ago

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Whitney Xu 19 months ago

kaytrox 20 months ago

Danielle Peck 20 months ago

hadster22 22 months ago

stomper92 21 months ago

Dinidudley 22 months ago

Sean Mc 23 months ago

emerydaisy 2 years ago

marcaetheshell 2 years ago

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