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find my long lost brother who was adopted out of the family as a baby

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peterkingsley67 2 months ago

Erica2013I want to find my little brOther

Hi my name is Erica castillo I’m 21 years old and I have a brother that I have never meet because my mom have him up for adoption. 7 months ago

Erica2013I want to find my little brOther

Hi my name is Erica castillo I’m 21 years old and I have a brother that I meet because my mom have him up for adoption. 7 months ago

Erica2013 7 months ago


I am 67 and my half Brother is 21 months younger than me. He was adopted just after he was born my mother never told me about him I only found out because my cousin let it slip one day when we were talking. He was born on the 29 December 1947 at the Osborn Nursing Home in Thetford Norfolk and his name then would have been Cuthbertson. I have tried to find out as much as I could but have come to a dead end. The only thing that I have is his Birth Certificate. I have another Half Brother in the U.S.A I found out about him in 1995 and we have been doing a lot of catching up since then. 8 months ago

cherokee10uk 8 months ago

crostyenterprissami 8 months ago

johnosick 13 months ago

shakayla94 15 months ago

BrycePerry 17 months ago

user40508 18 months ago

user33656 20 months ago

user33655 20 months ago

user20965 23 months ago

user16402 1 year ago

febreze55born january 29 1982 in virginia

Born in virginia (bi-racial)Richard John last name (Burch) (Birch) or (Lawrence) adopted June 1982 by bi-racial couple from NYC, adoption handled by michaelson and michaelson 2 years ago

febreze55 2 years ago

Ryan House Bludi want to find my little bro

my name is Ryan im 15 i really want to find my little bro it would be nice to talk to him he is called declan he was adopted i would be nice to know him 2 years ago

Ryan House Blud 2 years ago

Alison Johnson 2 years ago

Danni Wildmanposting on behalf of julie wildman ashleys sister

looing for my adopted brother ashley knott at the time he wa born his name may have changed he was born in 1969 but my mum was forced to have him adopted as she wasnt married my dad tried looking for him but hes sadly passed away but always wanted to meet him and my mum also has passed away so finding ashley is important as hes the only family i have left and want him in my life if any one can help . he was born in blackburn lancashire in 1969 his mother was called rennie knott and his father was ronald osbourne he may have been adopted in lancashire or cheshire so please if any one can help please do 2 years ago

Danni Wildman 2 years ago

lynne123 2 years ago


I’m fifteen and I’ve been wanting to meet my two older brothers sense I was about seven, but my family never has enough money to hire someone or anything.
My eldest brothers name is Daniel Edward Bosco, born 3/10/82, and the second eldest name is David Nathaniel Bosco, born 5/25/84. I don’t know if they’re names have changed or not. This is all I know about them, but I really would love to meet them someday. 2 years ago

MoonWillow333 2 years ago

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