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Angelica Anarchy 14 months ago

Angelica Anarchy1 - 49

1. I’m always open for a hug

2. I’ve written over 300 poems

3. I forgive myself

4. I forgive others

5. I have interesting heroes

6. I love my imagination

7. I see beauty in the ugly parts of life

8. I know my rising sign

9. I’m a gemini-aries

10. I like my figure

11. I have high standards for love

12. I hate gossip

13. I’m playful

14. I can express myself via art

15. someday i’ll be the best parent I can be

16. I’m willing to meet people online

17. I make positive first impressions

18. Sometimes I surprise people by being outgiong

19. I can be carefree

20. I love a good party

21. I celebrate holidays

22. I believe in life outside of Earth

23. I live in my own little world of beauty

24. I let myself cry

25. I love wholeheartedly

26. I never give up on others

27. I’m a shoulder to cry on

28. I’m loyal to my values

29. I love to have adventures

30. I can dress accordingly

31. I talk to everyone and everything

32. I clean up real nice and purdy

33. I have no regrets

34. I know that nothing is forever

35. I respect everyone, even if they don’t deserve it

36. I believe in the rule of three

37. I’m a good fiction critic

38. I’ll sing when i’m ready

39. I’ll spread my wings and fly

40. I love to have company

41. Educated anarchist

42. I take good care of my lovers

43. I’m a fantasy maiden

44. I’m a ringer

45. Tolkien fan for life

46. Green Day fan for life

47. I love spur of the moment things

48. Anything can be fun

49. I’m loyal 13 months ago

Angelica Anarchy50 to 64

50. I’m not very vain (or else this goal would’ve been done!)

51. I respect different religious views

52. I can sort of sing

53. I know when to keep quiet

54. I’m still willing to drop everything for hide-and-seek

55. I love Mother Earth

56. I’m open to new kids of music

57. I can DIY jewelry for any occasion

58. I can take in clothes

59. I can finish tedious tasks without stopping

60. I don’t mind washing the dishes

62. I help all my friends when they move

63. I can swim

64. I can ride a bike 13 months ago

Angelica Anarchy10 things

65. I support my friends no matter what

66. I see things as they are

67. I can be witty

68. I’m crafty

69. I carve lovely pumpkin designs

70. Pagan Pride!

71. I can keep plants alive

72. I like to cook

73. I can trim my hair without mucking it up

74. I can make excellent baked potatoes in the microwave 13 months ago

Angelica Anarchy25 positives.

75. I know how to replace car seat belts.

76. I look sexy when I smoke

77. I can stay up all night with popcorn and movies

78. I’m not afraid of spiders, reptiles, or rodents. In fact I love them!

79. I’ve kept my best friend in my prayers since I was seven, no matter if I was connecting it to faith of any kind.

80. I’ve never been afraid to fall madly in love

81. My social skills are always improving

82. I’ve sang in public even though I was scared

83. I’ve trained myself to get 8 hours of sleep at least four nights a week despite my insomnia and chronic night terrors.

84. I’m not as wary about trying new foods as I was even a year ago.

85. I’ve been brave enough to tell three boys and one girl that I liked them, without knowing if they even acknowledged my existence above that of an acquaintance.

86. I didn’t let anyone influence the design of my tattoos to their own whims

87. I’m left-handed, which has been a conversation starter on occasion.

88. I watched Alien and didn’t get scared.

89. I’ve one from rags to riches…to rags. But in doing so I’ve met all kinds of interesting people from all walks of life and learned sometimes the friendlier people come from the most un-manicured streets.

90. I always try to be as open-minded with people as possible, both people I know and complete strangers.

91. I love my boobs

92. I’ve always been a skilled reader

93. I don’t let the stricter conservatives in my family get me down. I know they still love me in the end.

94. I can pick up things quickly in regards to cooking meals and desserts.

95. My hair is thick and grows out well

96. I have a generally clear complexion, and always have.

97. I’m a good mommy to my cat Poet.

98. I draw relatively well

99. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 1/2 years and haven’t scared him away yet!

100. I have a slightly wider temple than most people allowing me to wear any style of glasses without much trouble pulling them off. In fact I look cute in glasses. 14 months ago

grace0georginastarting out

this is going to be hard to find out 100 things but i am willing to give it a try and to learn new things :) i am going to try and do 5 things a day
day 1
#1-i am a fairly good runner
#2-i can draw pretty well
#3-i can sing
#4-when i set my mind to it i am an excellent cleaner
#5-i can cook most things especially pancakes
(although my pancakes never look as good as these.) 23 months ago

grace0georgina 23 months ago

laurenscriv16 1 year ago


fd2 years ago

catys 2 years ago

user29831 2 years ago

user29830 2 years ago

PasadenaSue 3 years ago

user13031 2 years ago

raerae2222 2 years ago

09chala 2 years ago

PasadenaSue28. I am a fun Aunt.

There are so many ways to create memories. When I was growing up I had two Aunts who were very special. One was my great Aunt on my father’s side. She lived in a great old house in Highland Park as a caretaker/companion for a very wealthy woman. I loved to visit her since the house was so exotic. My Aunt ate foods that were not familiar to me – Zoom cereal and rice pudding. While I am OK with Zoom cereal (it’s wheat based and I don’t particularly like wheat), I loved rice pudding. My memories of her involve rice pudding, Chex mix, lots of stories about what I could accomplish with my life, and the old neighborhood where she lived.

I have tried to teach my nephews interesting things. How to ride a bicycle, how to juggle, how to ride a unicycle. I have taken my nephew on archaeology trips and shared my interests. My niece and I discuss her interests in art. We have fun. 2 years ago

PasadenaSue27. I am loyal to my values.

This has gotten me into trouble when I was younger because I would stand up for what I thought was the right thing to do. I would rather get in trouble for doing what I think is right, then get along by compromising my values. 2 years ago

PasadenaSue26. I like to garden.

When I first bought my house, I tore out the ivy (that was a HUGE task) and removed the grass. Then I terraced the front yard and planted roses. Over the years various flowers have been planted in the front yard. My roses still are there, and I love it when they bloom and fill the air with their fragrance. 2 years ago

PasadenaSue21 -25

21. I get REALLY interested in topics and spend months learning everything I can about that topic. Then I move on. However I find that a few years later, I will revisit the topic.

22. I love adventure. I enjoy seeing new sights, meeting new people and trying new things. It keeps me alive.

23. I have an incredibly strong sense of what is right and fair. And it has gotten me into “trouble” at times because I will stand up for other people, or myself. As an adult about the only place that it might cause problems is at work, since I am willing to let people know when I think something is not fair. :)

24. I love vehicles with two wheels. Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters. I think it is because you have a different sensation when you ride a bicycle or motorcycle than you have while driving. You feel the turns and the speed. You have to control them more than in a car. My garage is full of two wheeled vehicles.

25. I am a person who is perfectly happy to spend days camping in the middle of nowhere by myself. No phone, no watch, no t.v. Go to bed when it is dark and get up when the sun comes up. Hike, think, drink coffee and read. It’s a perfect vacation for me. 3 years ago

PasadenaSueMore random things

18. I am a person who is a very good friend. I help my friends with things they need help getting completed. I compliment them on their strengths. And I encourage my friends to accomplish things that they may lack confidence in trying.

19. I love nature and often talk to animals (and plants, bees, even lizards). And I don’t care if someone hears me talking to insects and lizards. We really don’t understand how much (or how little) animals understand, perhaps they can sense that I like them by the tone of my voice or my body language. It doesn’t hurt to let non human things know that they are valued.

20. I really enjoy watching family movies. I love the happy endings and the simple clear messages that this type of movie tells. 3 years ago

PasadenaSueStop offering "reasons"

15. I have decided to stop telling “white lies” to people. We have this need to explain our actions when we really shouldn’t. So I am just telling people the answer, and not offering “reasons”. So much better, and so much easier.

16. I am someone who is very willing to help other people. Many times I have spent the day with a friend helping them clean out their garage, or paint a room, or fix something. Tasks are more fun when you have someone to talk with. And I enjoy working on other peoples’ houses because I can leave when I am tired. :) It works out for my friends as well.

17. I am a fun person to be around (except at work these days…)
If you talked to my niece or nephews they would probably say I was fun to be with. We are always doing new things, and learning new skills. I taught my nephew to ride a unicycle. We tried learning to juggle. We have interesting conversations and try new things. There is lots of laughter when I am with people outside of work. 3 years ago


13. I am proud of myself because I am not afraid to tackle fixing thngs around the house or with my car. I may not always get the job finished but learning means trying things that you may not know how to do.

14. I am someone who can talk to almost anyone. When I was growing up I was very introverted with strangers. I wanted to talk to people but I didn’t know how. One weekend I took a course offered by the local community college called “Conversationally speaking” (how to talk to anyone about anything). That course (it probably cost $15 or $20) changed my life more than anything else I have ever done. The instructor was very friendly, funny, and approachable. Amazing how one weekend could make such a difference. 3 years ago


8. I am very proud of myself for ignoring someone who knows how to push my buttons. Good work, PasadenaSue!

9. I am pleased that I bought some new shoes that I wanted. These are quite different than the shoes I typically buy, which is part of the reason I wanted them.

10. I am very happy that I had a good conversation with my sister and told her I loved her. We are pretty good friends, however I don’t see her as much as I would like. Holidays are a great time for us to spend quality time together.

11. I am proud of myself for taking my Mom to her doctor appointments and not getting upset because she was late. She is very forgetful, which can be trying. I am doing so much better with dealing with her.

12. I am satisfied with how things have been going at work this week. I am dealing with situations that need to be handled, and I am taking the lead when other people are not. 3 years ago

PasadenaSuerecap week of 11.20.11

This week was a good week. I overcame self imposed obstacles, and I made progress on me. :)

1. I am proud of myself for getting my proposal through IRB approval! Congrats on moving forward on the promise I made to myself, and getting paperwork that I detest completed.

2. I am happy with myself for complimenting a lady in the store. She had on a nice red jacket, and I told her how colorful it looked, and that it brightened up my day. She was pleased. That made two people happy.

3. I am pleased with myself for helping my friend by editing a paper she is writing for Uni. She was happy with my help, and I was glad to do something for a friend.

4. I am proud of myself for working with some people at work who I have let bother me in the past. Progress for me because I changed my focus off of “their” shortcomings (which I show as frustration), on to getting a task moving forward.

5. I am pleased with myself for buying some items I wanted, and being willing to interact with the store clerk in a polite and positive manner. (Many times I find prices mismarked on shelves and I get annoyed/angry and do not like discussing the issue with the clerk.) Hey, it’s not their fault, and I want to purchase the item. Don’t make it an issue. I just asked for what I wanted and the clerk was nice and gave my it. Everyone leaves happy. :)

6. I am proud of myself for being aware of my thoughts and feelings this week, and acknowledging when I was angry, frustrated or annoyed, and moving forward with positive thinking. I have allowed myself to get out of control the past few years. I am now taking my life back by being positive and happy. There is a lot of relearning to do, and I am making progress.

7. I am pleased with myself for spending quality time with my cats. They have also suffered during my years of frustration, and I see that they are responding positively to more attention. 3 years ago

PasadenaSueI realize that I need to write/say/think positive things about myself.

My goal of finding three positive things each day is to get me to look at the good things that happen. That’s a great step towards being happy. However I also need to find (and think, write, say) positive things about myself.

I am using this goal as a way to remember to be my best friend – to celebrate my successes and treat myself like I would a friend.

This is really a personal goal. 3 years ago

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