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let go and be present

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AOKToday is

a good day to remember the importance of this. It has been full of emotional twists and turns and it isn’t yet noon.

My mind, heart, and spirit feel unbalanced. Self-talk is very negative, I feel incredibly sad and lonely, and my back is very sore. I have stretched and cried and stretched and cried. The only thing left for me to do now I s to let go and breathe.

We are all packed up ready to go to the city for the day and hubby needs us to make a detour an hour north. City is south. Going to be a day of a lot of driving. Somehow this feels very okay and comforting to me. I will be able to be still inside and yet be in motion.

One moment at a time. 4 weeks ago

AOK1st week back

a work was a whirlwind. Baby Fi was with my folks along with B. Each day at work I had to keep focused on what was directly in front of me. 16 months ago

imcandy26 2 years ago

AOKRead the last entry

and smiled. That was almost 4 years ago. I can’t say the same of today. In fact, as I was browsing my list it occurred to me that this may be one of my most difficult daily goals.

Just tonight I found myself getting very riled up over the most recent antics of my co-worker. She drives me nuts! I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe through this. It will pass. AND I have to remember:

“she is doing the best she is able to do at her current level of consciousness”

It is what it is… 20 months ago

Natasha LM 1 year ago

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