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maltitiTotally Busted...

...and not in the sense of that fun cable show :lol:

While I have a better handle the makeup and (think/hope that I) no longer look like a toddler toy, I need to work on walking in high heels again.

Apparently, you lose a bit of weight and your body dynamics get completely thrown off. Doesn’t help that I have pelvic stability issues either. I know there are way worse things but walking around town hunched over like the letter “C” is not akin to a Bond Girl. More like a bonded clown.

Instead, I’ve found out that I’m supposed to stick out my pelvis which actually forces me to walk straight (even though it sounds like it would make it worse). Bonus: it’s a WICKED ab workout.

Next practice is Monday when I go for Interview Attempt #3 with a local stylist (who I’ve now chosen to call “Mr. My Chair Is Never Empty). Attire: New cuffed khakis ($15 and a jumpstart to this goal) and dark brown boots with 3” heels. Not sure about the top yet

Bond! Bond!? I’m coming…wait for me; just be patient! 7 years ago

maltitiIn recent convo...

...with the Divine Ms. B’s peeps, it occurred to me that I just may be too old to be a Bond Girl in the first place.

Out comes the camera as I have no recent objective clue of how I look. About 50 narcissistic shots later the conclusion is: O…M…G! Why in the world do I NOT wear makeup again?

Top Shot: No makeup. “Who needs it?” says Maltiti until she views the photo and sees dark circles under her eyes. “So THAT’S what dark circles are?” she stammers.
Middle Shot: A bit of gloss. Concealer, powder and eyeliner on the eyes. Total time: 6 min
Bottom Shot: Fun over as the realization sinks in that she’ll have to do this daily from now on.

So ya. At 29, I’m officially a woman “of a certain age” y’all and will never leave my home again without at least having lip gloss and eye makeup (although, I’m not really sure how that’ll go down with the gym workouts and running).

If I do that, I’ll be able to hold on to this Bond Girl fantasy for at least another three years or so ROTFL!!! 7 years ago

maltitiFound a dress to start the ball rolling...

...over at Shrimpton’s (yummy vintage):

1960’s Hand Printed Thai Dress

It’s about a size too large and way too ample in the bust but it’s certainly Bondish7 years ago

maltitiAbout Casino Royale...

First of all, I had no idea it would be out so soon (it opens today). I guess that’s what being without a TV does.

Excited, I viewed the trailers on MSN…then was seriously disappointed. This Bond…is…ummm…old-looking (he’s only 38 but looks a decade older). Then there’s those hyper blue eyes (they’ve got to be digitally enhanced). It’s not the Bond that I grew up with, watching the movies with my dad back in, like, Grade 2.

Back then, I wanted to be a Bond Girl. They were hot, sultry, sexy, vixens that embodied femininity, power and sometimes evil all in one bikini.

The new Bond Girls are actually mature (in the industry sense of the word) “Bond Women.” Well, here’s a quote from one of Casino Royale’s as she describes previous Bond iterations:

“Is was too for little guys – for boys – because it was full of beautiful women (especially idiots), and gadgets and guns and dangerous scenes and beautiful cars and that’s it.” – Caterina Murino who plays Solange in Casino Royale (2006)

And that’s IT? Girl (I mean, Woman), are you HIGH?

She must be because I don’t think “old” Bond had less appeal to women and the women it cast were not idiots (way to slam a franchise that got you your gig in the first place).

Oh man, to be a proper Bond Girl is tough these days it seems. Maltiti must represent. 7 years ago

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