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Need To Make A Budget

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Really fast to set a budget. Being able to look at past spending makes it pretty easy to zero in a reasonable amount. I feel some confidence about being able to save for a house down payment. 2 months ago

JackEverymanHaven't had a budget that I've stuck to ever.

Always had a preponderance of debt or a surplus of cash. Need to plan. 2 months ago

JackEveryman 2 months ago


I joined Mint.com a week ago and wow what an eye opener! It has access to my bank account so it breaks down my spending. I spend way more money on eating out then I could have imagined. Next month will be my first full month. I am excited because I can track my spending in real time. 2 months ago

Leapinglion 2 months ago

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sea_stormI did this...

And realised I’m overspending a lot and not saving enough. But I can’t really shave much off my expenses so I’ll probably have to get another job if I want to start saving properly. I’m not going to mark this done because at this point I’m not happy where I’m at financially and this will probably need to be reassessed several times in the coming months/years. 5 months ago

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