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Clean My House and Keep It Clean

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Although this sounds like an easy task, it’s not for me. It’s not that I end up doing all of the work, I usually do, BUT I am training to get my kids to do their job a little better. They have chores of their own but really their biggest one is cleaning up after themselves. My 4 year is surprisingly better than the 11 year old. The 11 year old has learned some bad habits. Leaving wrappers after he’s eaten, not cleaning up his plate, not putting things back after he’s done with them, etc. I’m trying to remind him, calmly, and refusing to do it for him. It’s little stuff but the little stuff adds up. And when he does that, I give him to positive reinforcement (ala Skinner).
On the plus side, I’m consistently keeping the kitchen clean; no dishes left in the sink at the end of the night, sweeping up every other day, wiping the counters each night, putting things away that get left on said counters, etc. It feels good to see a clean kitchen before I go to sleep. 9 months ago

infulnat 12 months ago

RMI spent

over an hour cleaning my sons room and I got to throw away about a box and half worth of crap (he was at his cousin’s house-woo hoo) Typically he cleans it himself but I really needed to get in there and toss stuff.
Also, I added a converter/adapter box for the TV so that I could hook up the DVD and VHS player. We still have a ton of tapes and now my boys can watch some of the classics we haven’t been able to in a while. 14 months ago

Willywoo 16 months ago

Miss Villainess 20 months ago

RMLittle by little

So I’m trying to focus my energy on little areas a bit at a time. REALLY cleaning once space so that all I have to do is maintain from here on out.

I tackled my linen closet. I literally, and I mean literally, have not cleaned that thing out for well over 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, sheets, towels and the like were clean just completely disorganized. So, today I vacuumed the area, sanitized it, donated some items, threw away some, put some in those vacuum bags that shrink, and labeled them. Phew! It took me about 2 hours but here’s where I ended up. I just wish I would’ve taken a before pic to compare. Next time, next time. 22 months ago

Karen1983 2 years ago

RMNOT a priority right now

My house looks like Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome right now. UG!

This weekend I plan on getting some things done for sure. I was able to get a lot done over my spring break but I have a lot of nights where we get home late and I have no energy to clean or tell the boys to clean. It’s wash up, eat, homework, go to bed. Oye. I just need a little balance. 2 years ago

Kristina 8 years ago

Katrooch 2 years ago

alyssa_c2007 2 years ago

elli_p 6 years ago

RM6 HOURS, that I counted at least

It took me 2 days and over 6 HOURS to clean my desk area and files. I also went through all of my old CDs cleaned those out too.

My desk area was SOOOOO crowded and piled and dusty as hell. There were things in here from 1999! Old hard “floppy” disks! A flash drive that was 2 inches by 1 inch big!

It was all quite an adventure and a very satisfying job that is now done. 2 years ago

Heather Minnis 2 years ago

Pats32440 2 years ago

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