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overcome depression

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usagi_chan 5 days ago

Iraultza 4 weeks ago

superjet335Some Progress

Definitely feeling better after practicing some exercises that I learn. While I am not totally cured of depression, I definitely feel better and know what i can do to help myself feel better.

Really happy about my progress and perhaps could aim to eliminate depression in just two weeks.

Let’s see how things work out.

Feeling hopeful about it. 1 month ago

superjet335Eliminate depression in a month

Been suffering from depression for quite some time and decided its time to eliminate depression once and for all for good. Been browsing around for resources that could help me, stumbled into one promising product that guarantees to cure depression in an hour at www.depressioncurer.com so thought i should give it a try.

I’m committed to eliminating depression and it doesnt matter if it doesnt work because i can just refund it anyways and try other methods. Bottom line is that I will take action.

More updates on my progress to come. 1 month ago

superjet335 1 month ago


I am doing better these days. It took awhile for me to get to this point. I think starting work again really helped with this. Having a lot of free time to wallow in my misery certainly wasn’t helping things any. I still get down sometimes (particularly regarding that whole business with the broken heart a few months back) but I’m no where near where I was a few months ago, even on the bad days. I’m even thinking about starting to date again. Maybe. 1 month ago

1stACE 2 months ago

orbernard 3 months ago

hoghedge 3 months ago

SJGrr, Argh

Having a very hard time right now. Some dumb stuff happened with a dude I really like and I’m totally in a depression hole. Probably am drinking a bit too much also, which makes me feel better temporarily but doesn’t help things in the long run.

I’ve let myself wallow for several days now. Tomorrow I am going to force myself out of the house. I will run my errands, I will go see some bands play, I will go for a walk. I will text some friends. I will start living my life again even if I have to fake it.

When will things start going my way? 4 months ago

ohdahling 4 months ago

kkyriss 4 years ago

Ivan Gefen 3 years ago

Lanaaaa 6 months ago

mmlahousse 6 months ago

_gaye 6 months ago


I think I need to start taking my SNRIs again. I was okay for awhile, so I went off of them a few months, but things took a dive with my love life and I’m back in the hole. Having a really hard time getting over this last one.

Will refill sometime this week. I hate this. 6 months ago

kennakatherine 6 months ago

theinnerlightI am not fully depressed but I am spiralling...

I have lost any sense of the future yet being out of work means I am closer to achieving goals than I was when I was working and without having any time to myself. I’ve done more than ever in the past year. I’m worried about having to go back to finding work though as I have nothing to account for the past year. I haven’t been claiming any benefit (live with my folks) and only spending on food so I haven’t been pushed to work. This was not the exciting life I thought it would be out of work though. At the same time, work was killing me. Maybe I will find my way. The worst thing is that I have become very nervous of people and feel very judged. I think watching very judg-y TV shows probably creates this anxiety. I just don’t like myself very much when I am with people. I am 1/10th of my real self – super polite and submissive when that’s not me. I resent it. I am just not enjoying life at the minute. I wish I could find even a small joy. Everything feels like hard work. 7 months ago

theinnerlight 7 months ago

NekoLover4Ever 12 months ago

sovegasjoel 9 months ago

emilylily04 9 months ago


I’ve been tracking my moods since before I got back on antidepressants. At first I thought it may have been a “pink cloud” situation, but it’s been six weeks now and it seems like my outlook is consistently better. It’s nice to be able to move on with my life after being stuck in that hole for so long. Years, even.

This has also allowed me to move on from the rejection I’ve experienced this year. That is really a giant weight off my shoulders. 10 months ago

SJFirst Step

Back on meds, after a long, long hiatus. It’s time. 10 months ago

Ivan Gefen7/10 depression

Not feeling so great. Irritable. Didn’t sleep well. Disorganized. Vulnerable. Controlling. 10 months ago

Ivan GefenSat.

Slept ok last night, had crazy dreams. Not especially organized or not. Lethargic and just doing whatever, but with moderately high motivation. Low to moderate sociability. No significant irritability. Got some exercise. Personalized some comments. Grandiose religiosity maybe. Ate OK, diet was a B minus with all the snacking and skipping lunch. 11 months ago

SJ 11 months ago

sitruunapuu 11 months ago

Ivan GefenRatings Continued

-sleep quality, excess?
-organization, self-care, home-care
-risk taking, spending habits, dependency, computer use, video games, looking for an easy out,
-motivation, concentration, on-task,
-sociability, isolating
-exercise, lack luster
-grandiosity, zelot, doom-gloom
-irritability/tolerance, temper, aggression
-diet, appetite 11 months ago

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