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walk 10,000 steps every day

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this will help with my weight loss goal.
Will start with a walk with the boyfriend tomorrow :) 3 years ago

fidgiegirlKilled too many pedometers . . .

but my first walking goal has made me a lot more cognizant of taking the opportunity to walk rather than seeing it as a pain to have to walk. For example, this weekend my BF’s brother kindly invited us to his Airstream park to spend a few days. He lent us the golf cart to go back to BF’s non-Airstream tucked in the hidden non-Airstream section, but as we tooled along we were like, “why didn’t we walk this?” And so a few times we did. But before tracking my steps a few summers ago, I wouldn’t even have thought twice. I just see people who wouldn’t be able to walk, and it makes me want to walk more . . . . so that hopefully I don’t get to that point myself. But every day is down the tubes . . . only because I have gone through too many pedometers to keep up the tracking! 5 years ago

fidgiegirlDid four days

and didn’t make it today. Got to 7200. But I am keeping track – I realize there will be the occasional day when I don’t get there, but want to keep working on it regardless. 6 years ago

gmrgrl10,000 steps

This I really struggle to achieve. Know I should do it, but can’t seem to manage it. Need to get the study out of the way first. 6 years ago

fidgiegirlThe difference between "a day" and "EVERY day"

I checked off the goal of “walk 10,000 steps a day” about six months ago. But this one is different, in my mind, because of the word “every.” I am going to start maintaining a health journal and am going to track my steps again. This will happen over the next three months. For two weeks, I’ll just see what’s going on. Then it will be time to work on remedying or pushing what I see. I don’t know how I will know when this goal is done (I’m not going to leave it up until I die . . . ). For now I will focus on getting there and I suspect I will know when I’ve made this a habit and can check it off. 6 years ago

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