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greenandblk 1 month ago

CesDarling 2 months ago


has always been about alluring the man I was with, or keeping a job. I want to find joy in a personalized look that incorporates my love of the edgy girl, with a soft side.

I’m going to shop Etsy and second hand to continue building my wardrobe. As for my knitwear, I’ll have to find a way to work it in as a pop of color. Someone told me I wear sad colors today, maybe a pop of color would be more attractive. 3 months ago

Purlyworldly82 3 months ago

missk90 3 months ago

Carrie Roy 22 months ago

Ana Belle 5 months ago

anthemgirl 4 years ago

ZIt's who I am

My style is my personality and feeling good about myself. Confidence is key to style. It took me a while and even tho I still get insecure every now and then, I feel great. I have never felt this good about my future and state of being before. At 24 and I finally feel like a have a better understanding of myself! 8 months ago

Z 6 years ago

writingchemistry 2 years ago

RadioactiveLullaby 10 months ago


PasadenaSue 2 years ago

allysonhazen 13 months ago

laramcsnyder 13 months ago

PasadenaSueI think I have in my own way.

As many women have discovered accessories are the key to creating a unique style. In my case I have two bracelets I like to wear, and some fun earrings for the holidays. Shoes have become more of a statement because I have a pair of pink and black Vans, and a pair of purple sneakers I wear when I am feeling colorful. That is a huge step towards breaking away from my traditional white sneakers.

Scarves, hats, and miscellaneous items come into play. I am still very conservative in how I dress, and that is fine. The important part is that I am trying new things, and I am enjoying wearing colors.

The most interesting part of this is what other people compliment me on wearing. It surprises me. 14 months ago

Chiaki sama 14 months ago

bnii 15 months ago

Hambam2my twinkly cardi

This isn’t really an outfit but its a jumper I feck over the other two outfits 15 months ago

Hambam2This is the second look :)

So basically it’s just a short sleeve top
with dark wash straight leg jeans
and calf length suede boots 15 months ago

Hambam2The first look :)

So sorry about the odd angle
It’s basically just
-a pair of normal jeans
-a long sleeve warm top with a picture of the eiffel tower on it
-and addidas lace up runnery things

so what do you guys think? 15 months ago

Hambam2The Plan

I’m gonna take a picture of all the outfits in my wardrobe (which isn’t much)
and you guys lt me know what you think my ‘style’ is
We should all do the same :D
I am a 24 year old female btw :)

1. Put age
2. You have to try on everyhting you deem everyday wear 15 months ago

qglas 2 years ago

funkymeerkat 17 months ago

PasadenaSueMajor Success!

Tonight was a work party and I wore black cords, black low heeled shoes, a black lace top, and my black sequined hat. I got a lot of compliments on my hat and my spider earrings. :) As I was walking to the party I started to put my hat on and I had a momentary concern because some high level managers would be there. And I dismissed the thought because I wanted to wear my hat so why should I care what they would think of it. And I love the spider earrings because they are so different.

I give myself a big pat on the back for dressing how I wanted and feeling fine with it. (OK reading this last line it is really is silly that as an adult I would be worried about what people might think of my clothes.) My style is still conservative though I can see that hats are going to come into play more.

I did pick up a fake lei and wear it around work earlier this week. No one said anything, but the cashier at McD’s did look at me a little oddly. I was just having fun and the fact that no one said anything was interesting. Time to shake things up in my life! 20 months ago

user31860 20 months ago

user19257 23 months ago


clothing hair and makeup that you like are all you really need. 23 months ago

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