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Recent activity

letterboxer137.8 this morning

So happy to be seeing steady progress again. Lost 6.6 pounds and heading to yoga!! 1 day ago


This winter I packed on the weight and my high was 144.4. 4.4 pounds over my high when I started this goal. Ugh! I had no self discipline around snacking and was drinking way too much alcohol…

I’ve been doing the Whole30 diet for 5 days and I’ve lost 6 pounds. 6!!! No sugar, no carbs, no dairy, no diet soda! Limited fruit (only 2 a day), limited nuts, loads of vegetables and a good amount lean protein. So healthy whole foods.

My only cheat is everyday I have my 1 cup of coffee with real cream and a 1/2 spoonful of truvia. I tried to drink it black, then I tried coconut milk. Ew. I just can’t do it. And I won’t. So I look at my cup of coffee in the morning as a wonderful indulgence! :)

I have to admit I was leary of this “caveman” kind of pale-type diet. I’ve always lost weight in the past by less meat, more whole grains and diet soda. So this is the opposite of that. But I decided to try it at the recommendation of a friend and I can’t believe how well its going. 3 days ago

letterboxerCreeping back on….

Gotten into a bad habit of a cocktail or two with dinner. Every night. As much as I enjoy it, that’s way too many empty calories going in on a regular basis and my weight is creeping back up. Giving up alcohol during the week until I get this back under control. Coffee in the morning, then water, water, water, until my celebratory diet ginger ale at night. Woohoo…stinks to get old, but it stinks worse to put weight back on after I worked so hard to lose it. Just do it! 3 weeks ago

gthom024 4 weeks ago

strawberrypie771 2 months ago


This only seems to happen when I have lost my appetite or when I was single (when no guy was around to order takeout) :/

I want to be this naturally, and by naturally, I mean with diet an exercise, but mostly diet. My guy orders takeout every night and it’s hard to resist. 2 months ago

Christine 2 months ago

letterboxerThe yo-yo continúes...

136 this morning. Re-dedicated to this now that the holidays are behind us. Going skiing this weekend, reminding myself not to go off the deep end. Its the social eating that gets me… 3 months ago


A week of fresh food in Rwanda, plus some hikes and very long days helped with this goal! 4 more to go! 4 months ago


Smaller loss but still going in the right direction. 6.2 to go. 4 months ago

letterboxerSaw 136.8 this morning

Getting there. 5 months ago

letterboxer137.8 this morning

Moving back in the right direction a little at a time. :) 5 months ago

letterboxerok, enough already!

this is not that hard, I just need to be disciplined. ugh!

But I’ve been to the gym a few days in a row and eating reasonably and ta-da! I lost a pound.

funny how that works.

I’m at 138.4 tonight after my workout. 8.4 to go. 5 months ago

letterboxerand another

Yesterday wasn’t perfect, but definitely better. My scale says I’m down .4 this morning for my efforts. And I had another good start for today. Hit the gym, had my smoothie, feeling full and ready to take on my morning.

Helps that there is no chocolate in sight! :) 6 months ago

letterboxerToday is another day

Yesterday started well and then went downhill in the afternoon. In my defense the huge chocolate hazelnut bar was a gift!!! :) And the wine tasting with friends? I’m not skipping that!!

Today is starting out well too. Went to the gym, having a delicious homemade smoothie for breakfast. HOping to avoid the downhill slide today. Planning for better snacks and a much more sensible dinner!! 6 months ago

letterboxerDeleted yesterday's entry

Trying not to be so negative. 10 pounds to lose. Today is a new day. Time to do better. Just ate a grapefruit. It was delicious. :) 6 months ago

little_miss_me 4 years ago

Edith Proulx 8 months ago


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…. 10 months ago


3.6 away :) 10 months ago

letterboxerSaw 134.6 yesterday!

Finally getting back to where I want to be!! SO easy to put it on during a sedentary winter and so hard to take it off…. 10 months ago

letterboxerBack in the right direction

Down 3 to 137. 13 months ago

letterboxerSad truth

I tore my psoas back in December and haven’t been working out at all until this week. I gained ALL my weight back. ALL TEN POUNDS….so I’m back to 140. :p I’m pretty bummed about it. What happened is that I didn’t change my eating habits when I stopped working out. So I took in way too many calories. I saw it gradually creeping up, but didn’t do anything about it….sooooo today it the day I draw the line in the sand. I had a good workout this morning, so that is setting the tone to bounce back. Just do it! 13 months ago

letterboxer135 after the holidays

Gained a few back during the celebrating. Last year at this time I weighted as much as 142 and was so out of shape, so things are still good. But time to get back on the careful bandwagon. Have a banana and steer clear of the potato chips!! 15 months ago

letterboxer132.0 again this week

Working out everyday has helped with the indulgences in the christmas goodies! 16 months ago


Its a good day and I’m inching back closer to 130 16 months ago


:p The constant struggle. 16 months ago

tinasacco14 17 months ago

Natalia_95 17 months ago


.....the sad news is that this is DOWN from 136 that I saw late last week. Was a jolt!! So I’m back to yoga everyday and watching what goes in my mouth. Curse those cub scout candy bars….they are toooo tempting to have in my house…. 17 months ago

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