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Grow my hair long (again)

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To Grow Long Hair

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Maria 3 years ago

PopcornPrincess 3 months ago

muddypig 4 years ago

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sage35may 4, 2012

So, I decided. April 26 th of this year to start growing out my natural hair color.. Which is A medium brown. i cut it off a couple months ago to a bob kind of hair cut. I had highlights also blond and decided to cover those up.. Start from scratch its been almost eight days without dye and for me thats pretty good. Last year around this time i changed my hair color almost everyweek…So, now it begins i can do this i want my hair about midback. right now its a little longer then chin length in front shorter in back.. I will do this woooo. 23 months ago

sage35 23 months ago

Ivy45Definite Progress

Due to my eating disorder, the majority of my hair fell out 7 years ago, when I was 14, and only now had it started to look healthy again. I had it gradually cut to shoulder-length in a futile attempt to make it look thicker. However, when it did grow longer, only a small amount of it would do so, always leaving me with the same thin, scraggly ends. Now though, that my diabetes is finally well controlled, my hair is starting to look thicker, longer, healthier and shinier again. Although I think it’ll be a long time till it will grow it as long as I want it, it’s the only silver lining I can see in the cloud of my weight gain. 2 years ago

moonstarz 5 years ago

julicious321 5 years ago


I have A LOT of split ends. I dunno what I want to do with my hair. I want blonde hair. I keep trying dark but I never like it for more than a few weeks and then I start bleaching the shit out of it again. This has happened a few times now, so it’s pretty damaged, and I’m considering cutting it to shoulder length. That’s at least… I dunno, 3 or 4 inches.

Long hair takes longer to style, but it looks hot. Long hair costs more to dye, but it looks hot. Long hair gets leant on under the sheets, but it’s less painful than extensions in the long run.

I thought wigs would be a nice alternative for me but it turns out my scalp is so sensitive I get a headache within a few hours, and neither headaches nor the lack of security a wig has will be good for me in the near future (I whip my hair back and forth ♫ lol)

UGH WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR :( Everyone says I look better with dark hair, but fuck I hate having dark hair! Why couldn’t my hair stay light instead of darkening when I got older haha. 2 years ago

Gem 6 years ago


eviiee 4 years ago

NORzillaCan't wait!

I haven’t cut it since January 2011 and I can happily say it has grown a substantial amount and I am very happy so far and can’t wait to update this goal when it is to a desirable length. I would say below my shoulder’s is a decent length (: 2 years ago


Musle 2 years ago

Kaylee 2 years ago

Babyfacelovel 2 years ago

thegonzochrist 2 years ago

kmar 3 years ago


I’m not sure if I want to do this anymore. I really like the gyaru bob (attached).. Long hair just gets so in the way! T_T

(There’s always wigs! I love wigs!) 2 years ago

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