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grandmonsterThursday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got to see my friend, Ann whom I haven’t seen in more than a year
-The last coat is on the last 2 rooms and now my floors are finished and beautiful
-I heard from my son via text
-my mother is doing well
-I’ve been asked to reason out a friend’s problem which requires me to think like the adjudicator I was before I retired. I think I’ve worked it out and it is all typed out for argument purposes. 1 hour ago


Today I am grateful:
1. To be reunited with my family. My niece is so precious, and I love hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law again.
2. For my husband. He’s been so sweet, so patient, so calming, so affectionate. I love that he’s my partner, and I love that I can count on him.
3. For sunshine and clear water.
4. For the big extended family festivities beginning tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody!
5. For good food, small sips of wheat beer, puzzles, playtime, imagination, laughter, fresh air, long walks, new sights.
6. For popping into 43T and seeing a faithful crowd posting like always, and knowing that we are utilizing this space as long as we can. It feels good, and not nearly as mournful as it once did. And it makes my heart happy. 13 hours ago

grandmonsterWednesday's five

I’m grateful:

-I went to Jazzercise this morning
-I went back to the mall to the grocery and the library after I realized that I had forgotten to do those errands this morning
-I texted back and forth with my son several times
-I talked to 2 of my friends this evening
-I managed to throw together a good dinner in a short amount of time 1 day ago

grandmonsterTuesday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got to spend part of the day with Mum
-my son has been texting or calling almost every day. Today he and I had a heartfelt conversation about plans for the rest of his life
-I finished a good book
-the floor guys finished sanding the living & dining rooms and got the first coat of polyurethane on the floor. I was thinking today that from what I know of the this old house, the cost of having the floors done this time would have built this house and one more like it 129 years ago.
-I asked my husband, who was going to walk to the store around the corner, if he would drive my car there instead, then park it so that it could be out of the driveway before the floor guys came and he did just that. In the process he found something wrong with my car and doesn’t want me to drive it until we get back from vacation. How fortunate I asked him to do the favor for me. 2 days ago

sort77Gratitudes: 7/21/14

today I’m grateful for

finding this site and all its done for me throughout the years. I joined on Jan 1 of 2007 after I spent my night wandering the internet. I kept seeing posts here pop up in my search results. It was if a whispering in my ear kept getting louder and louder. I’ve said many times over that 43things changed my life. I meant it in all sincerity. Its with a grateful heart that I will remember this site. While I’m sad this chapter of my life is closing I hope new inspirations are ushered in.

I also have a deep and endearing gratitude to all of the users here. Everyone who has cheered, Everyone who has commented, everyone who has sent me inspirational messages, words of comfort. I’m so grateful to you. You’d been my other conciseness on this journey.

I’m grateful for those who’s stories here have touched me. Your willing openness has offered me so much.

I’m so very grateful for this beautiful life, I will continue to try and make the most of it.

I’m grateful to the robots, thank you for what you gave us even as we go on, on borrowed time. I continue to draw inspiration from here. Its with sadness that I will leave but with a very grateful heart. 3 days ago

grandmonsterMonday's five

I’m grateful:

-that I’ve been privileged to have been on this site for 4 and a half years. Thanks Robots.
-that my floor guys came back today even though they were distracted by a break-in and robbery of their tools ~ $10k worth. Started a bit later and still got all the edges done
-I went to Jazzercise in the evening
-I threw together some old bath salts I’d made some time back with some baby oil and baby wash and ended up with a really nice salt scrub which I finally used tonight. Yum, my skin feels smooth as a baby’s.
-when I was getting blood drawn, I met I nice woman who I may play words with friends sometime. 3 days ago

grandmonsterSunday's five

I’m grateful:

-I slept until 10:30 except I woke at 3 when some weird ritual/game was being played by my next door neighbor (fellas in their early 30’s) wearing no shirts were somewhat quietly moving something large back and forth across their yard. I’m not that nosey usually and I noticed a tree moving when I went to the kitchen for a drink. No harm so I headed back to bed and went right to sleep.
-my hub and I have moved a couch, carpets, tables, lamps, and small odds and ends. We have our large ottoman, a couch, my denim chair and a table to get out of the living room and we’ll be finished.
-I’ve been gathering things that we will take with us on vacation
-mmm, I had a Penn Station sub for supper
-I finished a small crochet project to make a toilet paper holder not screech across the floor in our bathroom 4 days ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. A full day with friends and fellowship.
2. Fresh-baked bread in my bread machine.
3. A helpful husband.
4. Finding lost books.
5. Pizza and birthday cake.
6. Little girl obsessions with princesses.
7. A sermon on blessing.
8. Seeing my sister in just a few days. 4 days ago

grandmonsterSaturday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got to the early exercise class
-the hub and I got a lot of the furniture moving done. The most complicated chore was making sure the router was plugged in to the dining room receptacle and the phone and he had to put up a shelf to hold it, twice.
-I finished another Hospice blanket
-that somehow I managed to get a lot of small items into my bedroom and office. we probably won’t be able to move them back on the finished living room and dining room floors for 10 days after they have finished redoing them, because we’ll be leaving for vacation soon after they are completed.
-this was a satisfying day. 5 days ago

grandmonsterFriday's five

I’m grateful:
-I went with my mother to her doctor’s apt
-I finally got to another Jazzercise class which was my 175th for the year
-one of my classmates gave me her Words with Friends moniker, so that we can play
-the last coat of poly was put on the hall floor today. We’ll have to wait until noon tomorrow or there about to walk on it. Then, I want to start moving the things out of the living and dining room so that they can begin that part on Monday.
-I skipped a meal and didn’t even notice it. 6 days ago

grandmonsterThursday's five

I’m grateful:
-for another day of polyurethane going on the floor. I talked to the floor guy today. He said he was going to apply a little more stain to darken one stripe in the border. I went to Jazzercise and he was finished and gone by the time I got back an hour later.
-for fun with K. She came over and we played with Words with Friends back and forth.
-I found out that my mother’s doctor appointment is tomorrow. Now I can plan for it.
-I actually got to take a nap for an hour.
-We met at a restaurant for our third Thursday meeting and the food was great. 1 week ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Vacation plans.
2. The opportunity to see and visit with close and extended family very soon.
3. A new class starting that has me (sort of) energized and excited about the future.
4. Friendships blossoming at work.
5. Friendships here at 43T and all the ways the site has changed my life, my attitudes, and my perceptions of the world and people within it.
6. Though being tragically sad about whatever projected closure this site may have, I have evolved to the point that I don’t necessarily need 43Things like I once did.
7. Incidentally finding the 43Things book at Barnes and Noble, and it restoring my good faith in the robots. Also feeling like it can be a relic of sorts if and when this site does shut down, and having access to some of the wise words shared about how to accomplish your best life and go after what you truly want. Seeing the book stare at me on the shelf felt like a ray of hope in the maelstrom of despair I had been feeling. It’s like there’s physical proof the site existed, even if it doesn’t in the near future… 1 week ago

grandmonsterWednesday's five

I’m grateful:

-that I realized by 7:30 I just could not exercise today and do everything else
-I got up early started with meditation and let everything flow smoothly
-my housekeeper got here and I told her “to take a vacation day” and instead she worked with me in the garden scraping paint off my old concrete table and benches and pulling weeds
-that my friend K told me about this floor finishing company. It has to be a great place to work, because all the teams I’ve met at various homes have been earnest, hardworking and polite. I think the owner must pay them well, and treat them with respect because all the teams act this way. Usually in construction, the employees come and go on a frequent basis. My team’s newest hire was 5 years ago. I have a plank going from my dining room into the hallway stairs, so that we won’t walk on the freshly applied polyurethane in the hall. Yes, I get to walk the plank.
-my grandson decided to go back home, since his mother and brother are coming back from visiting college campuses tonight. I felt like I needed to be in my house by myself for a couple of hours. So, it was a surprise and I’m thankful for this small respite. Alone is good for awhile, even though I love this kid. 1 week ago

grandmonsterTuesday's five

I’m grateful:

-that I found my keys. I had pulled into my driveway in back of the floor guys’ truck so that I could schlep the groceries into the house. I planned to go move the car after everything was in the house. Since they were working on the front hall, I brought things in the back door. I got a phone call while I was pouring my mother’s aluminum cans into my recycling bag for the Boy Scouts. After I unloaded the food and put it away, I dumped all the other recycling into the bin and realized I didn’t have my keys. Without keys, I couldn’t move the car and my floor guys would be stuck. So, I got my hub’s keys, moved the car and then got my grandson to help me look. We took all the recycling out of the bin and went through it all. (I got a cut thumb for my effort.) I took the bin out to the alley and retraced my steps. I’m usually the type of person who lays my keys down on some flat surface in the house. Now, at least for a few days, I’ll keep throwing them into my purse. Where were they? When I emptied the aluminum cans they fell into that bag. I almost didn’t go through it and fortunately, I did.
-that on this very busy day, I managed to go to exercise, get to the post office, introduce my friend to the floor guys, get her home, help her open a floor product bottle, show her where to look for a number on her credit card statement, take my mother grocery shopping, talk to her newspaper to reduce the number of her papers, change her cat’s litter box, buy lunch, and get back home. Whew! Sounds like a country song.
-the floor guys got most of the floor in the hall sanded. It’s gorgeous and does not look like the 128 year old floor it was last week.
-I told my grandson to pick out a book from our library to read while we waited to pick up his grandfather at the bus stop. He picked out a mythology book and we talked about it. I ended up ordering the third book in a series about the gods and goddesses, for him.
-despite frustrations during the day, I kept getting back on an even keel. 1 week ago

grandmonsterMonday's five

I’m grateful:
-my day started a bit behind and it was okay
-I gathered together my resources and managed to write a huge check, though it was painful
-then I wrote a couple of large ones that I didn’t mind writing
-the floor guys got here and got started quickly. I went on a 30 minute errand and they’d already done the under layment
-the owner of the business said he thought it all might be done at the end of next week. Yahoo! 1 week ago

grandmonsterSunday's five

I’m grateful:

-I’m not quite as sick as yesterday
-I got food down and it stayed awhile
-I slept well
-all is done, awaiting the floor guys
-I really enjoyed my latest book. 1 week ago

sort77Gratitudes: 7/14/14

Today I’m grateful:

-that in spite of the fact that this site will be closing, I’m grateful that I continue to find insight and inspiration from the people I encounter here.

-I received an email today that a teacher and friend of mine’s marriage is ending. This is never easy to hear. I’m grateful that though I’ve had many bumps in the road that I feel my relationship is strong. This isn’t to say I don’t have struggles and that keeping life fresh and new as we continue on our road together wont have more trials. I’m still in love, no matter how that love has evolved.

-working to extremely loud music.

-a meetings today offering new opportunities. It will be interesting to see how they develop. I may have finally found the perfect position for me. I’ll have to see how this pans out.

-appreciation. 1 week ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Naps.
2. Time with friends in community.
3. Reading books out of my own interest.
4. Nice weekends to unwind.
5. Reflective time.
6. Gratitude playing a significant role in my life and my attitude.
7. Butternut squash ravioli. 1 week ago

grandmonsterFriday's and Saturday's fives

Sometimes, things happen that prevent me from annotating my grateful events in a timely fashion. This has been so for the past 2 days.

Friday I was grateful:
-that when I heard from my son in an emergency need for money, that even though it will be a (temporary) push, I could get enough from my various accounts to aid him
-that my mother wrote me a check for 25% of what was needed as a gift to ME
-for caring friends, and loving family, and a husband who is never critical of my son no matter the circumstances he finds himself in
-my daughter-in-law, who is divorcing my son, will stay friends with me
-I managed, in spite of a lot of hoopla, to get to 2 Jazzercise classes


I’m grateful:
-that I got to spend part of the day with my KY grandsons.
-my husband took me to our best man’s house. (Our best man’s wife has some hoarding tendencies), and she’s decided to rent their garage to my husband. This will mean we will need to help them clear it out and trash, donate, sell some of the items in the garage in order to have room for him to park the car he wants to put there.
-that I didn’t get sick until after we got back from the best man’s house.
-I know what to do when I get these bouts of illness caused by what I’ve eaten, and my compromised digestive system. I’m not all better, and I am feeling closer to well
-for my new friend K. She called me while I was laid up in bed and gave me a great pep talk. 1 week ago

sort77Gratitudes: 7/11/14

Today I’m grateful for

-for everything that this community has given to me throughout the years. It came into my life at the exact moment I needed it and it pains me to think that its leaving. At times, the insight and feedback I’ve gotten from complete strangers, was more helpful to me anything I could have gotten from those around me. This community is unique. It’s no Facebook or singular blog site. It truly brings people together in a special way. While I know I’ve been here less and less, as I’ve become distracted with other things, Every time I refocus on what is important 43things has pulled me back. I’m not sure what will be able to replace this part of my life. While it’s with sadness that I write this, the positive changes that 43things has brought to my life, the little daily mental reminders 43things has helped instill in me are worth all the gratitude I can offer. I’ll be making much more of the time left here while I can.

-thank you everyone here. You’ve made this place what it is/was. 1 week ago

grandmonsterThursday's five

I’m grateful:
- my sweetheart pulled up some of the larger weeds that were too large for me
- my decluttering took the form of moving all the books and many of the small items out of the front hall, today, in preparation for the floor guy coming Monday
- I made the best-tasting loaf of bread today
- we watched everything on our DVR so that we can now replace it with a new one without losing our recorded shows.
- I get to enjoy my days 2 weeks ago

sort77Gratitudes: 7/10/14

Today I’m grateful for

-the little renewals that come to you occasionally. We got out of town last weekend and it seemed to help hit the reset button. Things have been going well and more focused this week.

-food in the house. We were out for what seemed like weeks. Healthier food at home is not underrated

-work being busy, but so far not too busy.

-How much the yoga did for my back on Tuesday, it had really been hurting. Its down from an 8 to a 3 or 4 now.

-Internet advice for a new probably solution to a nagging problem. I’ve been giving it a whirl the last couple days. We’ll see if I can get it to work. The internet is amazing. I just wish it wasn’t QUITE as interesting as it is. 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterWednesday's five

I’m grateful:
-to have had lunch with K and wandered over to a charity store
-I’m on a moratorium buying myself things at yard sales and thrift stores. I found my best friend’s crystal pattern – 4 wine goblets for $10. I’m staying true to my intention by buying them since they have already left my home.
-I got to see my bff. She works full time, has children, grandchildren in the area and her mother has broken another bone and is back in rehab. We seldom get to be together any more.
-I could whip together supper tonight in 20 minutes and it was good.
-I got 9 plants put into the cutting garden 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterTuesday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got to 2 Jazzercise classes today
-I surprised my mother by giving her my Kindle to read, containing the story that caused her to choose my name. She laughed when she realized that the character in the book with my name, was a cat.
-then, I gave her a printed copy of a poem and she remembers memorizing when she was young. She was thrilled most by the poem.
-that this evening I got to sit with K on her porch after we’d been to Jazzercise. Even though it was hot, it was cool on her porch.
-my decluttering continues to bring me more memories and more space. 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterMonday's five

I’m grateful:

-for the time and energy to put 4 of the plants given to me by my niece into their designated places
-for getting to Jazzercise
-decluttering enough so that I can plan where my hall furniture can go before next Monday, when the floor refinishing begins
-to my sweetie for calling our cable provider to find up what they’ll charge us to re-up
-I have my kindle ready to loan to my mother so that she can read the book which caused her to choose my name and the poem she’s tried to recall for 70 years. 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterSunday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got some of the plants I received from my niece yesterday into water or pots.
-to be able to release some of this clutter into the universe so that it doesn’t weigh me down and can be treasured by others.
-that my decluttering has brought to me something I didn’t expect. I’m going through mounds of papers and books and I came upon a scrap of paper with a note I wrote while talking on the phone with my mother some 30 years ago. I’ve always known that my mother named me for a character in a book which she had read when she was young and she couldn’t remember the title. I did some research, found what I think is the book. It was $10 for the book and free for downloading to the Kindle. Naturally, I got the e-book. I’ll tell more about this after I’ve read the book.
-that just now, I made a brief search based on the same long ago note I scratched out while talking to my mother and found the other thing I have looked for several times without success. My mother had to learn and recite a poem when she was young and loved it. 70+ years later, she could not remember the first line. But, 30 years ago, she could and I typed that into my search engine tonight and found the poem. Thank you to the English librarian who answered another person’s question about this poem. Now, freshly printed, and come Tuesday, I’ll have 2 literary gifts for my mother. Nothing could make me happier.
-for this beautiful day. 2 weeks ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. My amazing, wonderful husband.
2. Hosting friends for the Fourth.
3. Great fireworks.
4. My church community.
5. A book club starting up through them.
6. Our hot water heater went out when it was the hottest it’s been. Three days without hot water hasn’t been soooo bad.
7. A dentist appointment tomorrow. Unlike most people, I really like going to the dentist.
8. A couple more weeks of NO classes.
9. The summer weather has been amazing. I’m so happy. 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterSaturday's five

I’m grateful:

-I went to the late Jazzercise class this morning so that I could sleep a little later.
-for very nice weather
-that I got to see relatives again today
-I got to sing with Mr. G’s relatives
-I recognize how much ego can rear its ugly head and ignore its influence most of the time 2 weeks ago

eMJerk5 July 2012

Today I’m grateful for 43Things.

I’m very sad to see that the site will be shutting down – from what I understand, the Robots have been selectively sending out an email with the following information:


Unfortunately it’s true: After a wonderful 10-year run, 43 Things will be shuttering at the end of July. We are currently working on building an exporting tool so that you can save your goals, accomplishments, and achievements. Hopefully we’ll be able to roll it out in the next few weeks.

We are very sad to see the site go, and really appreciate your participation and use of 43 Things. We’ll really miss the community.

Good luck, and keep striving.

-The Robot Co-op Crew”

I’ve seen much discussion between users and it does not seem as though anything can be done. A piece of my heart is broken, I’ve loved this site for years and will miss it dearly.

But this gives me a good chance to be grateful. For the inspiration to set and keep track of goals, for the sense of community the site provided me, for the support from other users with shared struggles.

Thank you, 43Things. Thank you, wonderful people. 2 weeks ago

grandmonsterFriday's five

I’m grateful:

-I decided to make this a holiday at home where I finished (or started) a few projects
-for the smell of newly baked bread
-I did decluttering today that brought me to some old, sentimental things. I got rid of a few items and I brought down a couple boxes, and a couple bags filled to the brims with letters, mementos, etc. I didn’t go through them today, I just gathered them together to go through them over the next few weeks.
-I finally got back to a goal I’d completed most of. That was scraping a sealant off my kitchen floor. I finished removing the sealant in the main part of the kitchen several months ago and the small portion of the same flooring that leads into my office never was completed,...until today. I’m pleased to have that finished. I’d actually forgotten about it until Wednesday when my housekeeper pulled up the rug and when I saw it I started working on it again.
-I had some Epsom salts that I wanted to use up, so I made a scrub by adding baby wash and baby oil. I think it will work well and I was able to empty 2 containers of the salt. 2 weeks ago

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