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Thanks 43T for being the ears, inspiration and compassion in some of my most loneliest moments. I am truly grateful for this site.

Love. 4 months ago

ootyThank you.

I have not been a regular here at all. But I remember this place fondly and pop in here at random times. And every time I have to reset my password as I don’t remember it. I had no clue till I tried to log in today that these are the last few days here. Good luck to everyone. Thank you for enriching my life in small and big ways.
Grateful for all the goodness I see in people. Best wishes to everyone. Lots of love and hugs. 4 months ago

sort77Gratitudes: 8/15/14

Well I guess this is the end. I’ve been grateful for 43things. Thank you for so, so much. 4 months ago

grandmonsterThursday's five

My last entry.

I’m grateful that I was able to participate in a wonderful community such as 43 Things. 4 months ago

aswedishlime 7 years ago


This marks my 1,050th entry. I slowed down after reaching 1000, but I’m glad I can retire this goal on an even note. Cheers, gratitude friends! Thank you so much for shifting my perspective through your observations and honest grit! I’ve loved getting to know each of you a little more through this format.

Today I am grateful for:
1. Good friend E and that her birthday is today.
2. A good morning at work.
3. My ladies lunch group.
4. My counseling session, and though I’m humming with irritation right now, I know it means I’ve found something important to work out.
5. Quiet time at home before hubby comes home.
6. Inner peace within reach.
7. Brownies and ice cream. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Memories of my mother. Yesterday she would have been 71.
2. A great talk with my best friend and getting giddy over her wedding coming up soon.
3. The rain.
4. My husband.
5. Chicken pot pie. 4 months ago

eMJerk13 August 2014

1. I’m grateful for my family, my friends, and my love.

2. I’m grateful to be able to say that I love my job.

3. I’m grateful for the lovely city I call home.

4. I’m grateful that I’m doing well in this moment.

5. I’m grateful for the internet, and for 43Things, and for Popclogs, and for sharing in the quest to accomplish.

Should anyone want to find me on Popclogs:

Goodbye, 43T. 4 months ago

sort77Gratitudes: 8/13/14

Today I’m grateful for

-realizing that a clean space and home is a reflection of a clean mind. Cleaning while stressed out yesterday was a good move.

-motivation to continue the clutter purge





-love 4 months ago

sort77Gratitudes: 8/12/14

Today I’m grateful for

-a partner who is able to offer me great advice.

-a much needed quiet day of reflection on the eve of possible pending change in my business. The mild stress and anxiety has been a constant background buzz for a couple weeks and I’m feeling drained.

-an amazing, super fun Saturday spent with two old friends. Seeing the life come back into M since Ricardo’s death is great. I know she doesn’t get out enough and I’m hoping E and I can change the focus of her life from just work and child care.

-a busy productive Sunday

- a great conversation with E after a good class

-the pony being off his food but seriously sick

-a good albeit brief conversation with K before leaving the barn about her move and my pending work decisions.

-making it to the salon not covered in mud, sweat and horse dirt but only about 5 minutes late

-a really nice ride through Griffith Park on my cushman and swinging by WW and catching C at home. It was nice to catch up for a bit, show of the bike, and have a beer on the patio.

-Not getting sprayed by a skunk on my way out of WW

-a few days more until I’m off to SF.

-getting the house cleaned while I avoided my responsibilities today. At least I was productive while I avoided the anxiety of making a decision.

-classical radio stations on the cabinet stereo

-that my dogs are well

-that my cat hasn’t taken a walk about lately

...I dont want to finish making this list because it will be one of my last. :( A prayer to accept change. 4 months ago

grandmonsterMonday's five

I’m grateful:

-I baked a loaf of great bread
-for having made it back to J’s Jazzercise class, I haven’t seen her in 4 weeks because I’ve been busy at home with the floor guys, on vacation and then recovering from vacation
-I started on another Oprah/Chopra 21 day meditation challenge
-for clean laundry
-for time to move the laundry sorter back into our bedroom 4 months ago

grandmonsterSunday's five

I’m grateful:

-I declared this a PJ day
-my hub promised a hoarder friend to assist clearing out her garage, so I had several hours to myself and all I did was read, bake, and eat.
-I tried out the new electric knife and I love it for cutting bread. I’ve eliminated many steps from baking bread, simplified it to being very easy and my least favorite task (slicing it) is now one of the easiest.
-my daughter’s put up a maternity hospital for her chickens and chicks and of course sent me a link to the chicken cam
-I carried several more items down to the living room. I don’t know when I’ll be finished refurnishing the living, dining rooms and it will be by the end of this month, I’m sure. Then, I’ll be decluttering all the items that didn’t make the cut. 4 months ago

grandmonsterSaturday's five

I’m very late posting and still grateful:

-I enjoyed driving my mother to Edinburgh, Indiana to meet my younger sister for time together and some shopping
-we ate a great meal at Max & Erma’s
-I bought new bras and socks, and even purchased a pair of navy slacks for under $8
-I bought an electric knife although I believe that most electric appliances such as these are silly, clutter and just gather dust. I’ll try it out the next time I bake bread, which is why I purchased it to begin with.
-we arrived safely at the shopping mecca and got home safely as well. Not really a given, because we had pockets of fog going north and then again going back south. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. J’s car is getting fixed this week. He’s been unhappy about it for months, going back and forth about whether or not it’s even worth fixing or wanting to get a different car. He finally decided just to fix it, and it’s nice not having it hang over our heads any longer. It’ll be done Wednesday!
2. My book club is meeting today.
3. My friends are participating in an urban scavenger hunt for charity, and I was able to contribute to their team.
4. Raspberry strudels.
5. A few more days of 43T. I’ve appreciated having the extra time to plan accordingly. I hated the time during the “rumors”. It just felt so gloomy and dark around here. At least now when we talk about post-43T, it’s based on fact.
6. Reflecting back on what initially drew me to 43T and finding a place that’s working for me to keep track of my goals. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. My church community. For so long I looked for a place to enrich my faith, and I feel so blessed to have finally found one.
2. The finish of summer school! Now just a couple more weeks before the crazy, hectic, impossible fall begins. :/
3. My husband. He continues to surprise me in our compatibility and our partnership, and for that I am evermore grateful.
4. The Chipotle burrito bowl I had for lunch.
5. Validation I’m receiving lately. It’s needed. 4 months ago

grandmonsterFriday's five

I’m grateful:

-I went to K’s house after she had a pipe spring a leak. I couldn’t do much, and I was able to be helpful by being there.
-later, I went to see Mum and we got some grocery shopping done
-I finally got to Jazzercise
-my hub was home when my refrigerated medicine arrived, even though I wasn’t home
-I started a loaf of bread in the morning and then baked it in the evening 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. It being Friday!
2. My summer classes are officially over!
3. The cashier at the lunch line heard me say it’s celebration time, and she paid for my lunch1 Awwwww!
4. Good karma.
5. Great coworkers.
6. Blue the office mascot (aka black lab mix puppy) came to visit, and slept right by my chair a lot of the day.
7. My husband.
8. An old dress that still fits and still gets comments. It was fun to dress up today.
9. Feeling good. 4 months ago

sort77Gratitudes: 8/08/14

Its hitting me pretty hard that this will be the last few entries I can make here. I’m going to do my best to keep my chin up and transition gratefully into this new reality

I’m grateful for catching myself procrastinating and turning things around

I’m grateful for the amazing soundtrack I have for my life. I’m grateful for musicians

I’m grateful for work and the ability to have the lifestyle I have

I’m grateful for the amazing teachers I have and have had. Its because of 43T that I’ve found some of them. I’m very grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the smell of society garlic and freshly cut grass wafting in through the window.

I’m grateful for my dogs.

I’m grateful for my husband, my family and friends.

I’m grateful for the little amusements I find throughout the day.

I’m grateful… 4 months ago

grandmonsterThursday's five

I’m grateful:

-I finally went to Lowes and asked questions about a cement patch and purchased the necessary stuff
-I’m far enough into making the blanket for my great-grandson-to-be that I’m pleased with what it looks like and the process of making it
-I got to spend time with my closest friend for 45 minutes. We’re both so busy, we haven’t had time for each other lately
-my hub is working with his friend to help his friend’s hoarder wife clear out their garage. I may get over there to assist, or maybe not. I’m grateful he’s doing it.
-I’m still nursing my sore throat, which I suspect is sinus problems resulting from my return to the Ohio River Valley after a week away. Why my body rejoices when I leave, and is saddened by my return is beyond my scope of understanding. However, with a few days of sinus medication I hope to be back to normal. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Love and partnership.
2. Great friends.
3. Miniature people in progress (aka kids).
4. The path I’ve been on. There have been some hard parts I wouldn’t want to have to go through again, but it all led me to right here right now, and for that I have to be grateful.
5. Fun in the park.
6. Laughter. 4 months ago

grandmonsterWednesday's five

I’m grateful:
-I stayed home today. I’ve developed a sore throat and I apparently needed rest
-the gas company came and did some work on the line
-when I finally felt better I was able to do a few things around the house
-my bff and I talked. She worked late and might come over tomorrow
-I was able to finish off a book I’d started a week ago that was put aside for awhile. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Getting the guts to face the phone at work. [That sounds a lot lamer than it should, and it’s not the normal phone phobia.]
2. Feeling productive. Sort of.
3. The new series Married At First Sight. Those couples are braver than I ever could be. The discourse it has created is enthralling.
4. My husband finally deciding what to do about his car. It’s been a long time, and no input from me no matter what angle I swung at it was helping him decide. And now he has, and it will get fixed next week, and we don’t have to go car shopping.
5. Our ladies’ lunch group is fully reuniting tomorrow after a long summer of different people having different things going on at different times. Exciting! 4 months ago

sort77Gratitudes: 8/6/14

I’m feeling sad again that I wont have this place soon to write my scattered gratitudes. There are many fewer voices here than when I first started posting on this goal but its always been a source of comfort, especially in hard times. Still I will post until the end. So here we are, today I’m grateful for

-remembering my dreams, even if just fragments. What an amazing things this is. Its a nightly second life.

-A delivery of compost yesterday. It was great and timely. I planned on making the trip to pick it up today so when I got a call that it was being delivered on its own, I was more then pleased.

-a chance to see if my ammended soil will improve the state of my sorry looking garden. I’m sure that it will.

-A renewed goal to unplug more. I waste waste so much daylight with my aimless internet wanderings, this has to change.

-and again, I’ve been so grateful to this community through the years. It really makes one remember to not take things for granted. Nothing is forever. ::sigh:: 4 months ago

grandmonsterTuesday's five

I’m grateful:

-I’ve finally gotten over the long drive home which took us until 3 AM Sunday. It’s taken me 2 days to feel somewhat normal again.
-I got to see my mother.
-My new friend, K, came by unexpectedly and I was so glad to see her
-that the heavy lifting (of furniture) in the last 2 days is mostly over. The big furniture in the living room and dining room is in place. There are a lot of smaller items that need to be put back or donated. I’m looking at everything critically before I make up my mind whether or not we keep it, and if we keep it if it will go back to its original place. My hub wants to leave the front hall open, where in the past few years we’ve had it blocked off so that we had a foyer and a back area where I’d store things like vacuums, plastic bags, and various items. If we are to keep it open, I’ll need to find new places for these items or rid myself of them. Each item, requires me to think about where it will go.
-I decided that I no longer want to wear shorts, so I pulled all of them out of my bureau except one pair I want for painting. I think this officially makes me an old bag. I do, still plan to wear capris. 4 months ago


It is a lot quieter around here….

Today I am grateful for:
1. My church ladies.
2. Coworkers who make me laugh and keep me on my feet.
3. Running into friends in the tunnel beneath Main St. Super-fun!
4. Carrot ginger soup.
5. Oreo Klondikes. Yes, you read that correctly.
6. My husband.
7. My home.
8. My car.
9. My life.
10. My family. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. My husband.
2. The encouragement I receive to apply for the internship with the governor’s office.
3. Teresa Caputo and her gift to hear from souls passed. Her validation that pets have souls, too. Saying hello and “Love you!” once more to the kitty upon hearing that. Hearing J call from the next room, “Love you, wife! Love you, Opus!” It brings such cheer to my heart.
4. Knowing my mom stays near. Taking small courage from that when I really miss her, too.
5. My church community. I feel seen, heard, and loved. I return the feeling as often as I can.
6. We have a new interim pastor, and she’s been so warm and gracious. It’s obvious she has done her homework to know who’s who, and she’s interested in learning more. I appreciate that curious energy right off the bat.
7. A restful weekend, and still getting my homework done when I was supposed to.
8. Beauty in the world, through nature, through humanity, through art, through love. 4 months ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Time with friends.
2. Shelter from the rain when we decided to have our picnic in the park…
3. The foresight to bring enough blankets. Everyone was mostly warm.
4. Yummy, yummy yumminess.
5. Being treated to ice cream afterwards.
6. The sun peeking back out.
7. Gratitude that pervades my life. 4 months ago

grandmonsterSaturday's five

I’m grateful:

-I’m just about finished getting the cars/house/us ready for our long trip tomorrow as we leave home and take 4 of our grandchildren to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean.
-my hub has handled getting the paper stopped, the arrangements to pick up the RV from his sis, and the camp site reserved
-my friend K is going to come by and cut flowers for me from the garden so that someone will enjoy them during our week away
-my son called this morning even if I was barely up. I needed to know that my oldest granddaughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
-my granddaughter called me later to let me know about the diagnosis and prognosis. She is in the second trimester of pregnancy and can’t have chemo. She will be having a thyroidectomy very soon. I think it has been caught quickly enough and my fingers will be crossed as I drive to the beach tomorrow. 4 months ago

grandmonsterFriday's five

I’m grateful:

-for time with my mother. We did shopping and I did chores around her home that will help her in the week I’m on vacation
-I got to Jazzercise twice
-for being able to sit and crochet. With the house in disorder while the floors were being done, I never could just sit in an easy chair in the living room. I did get a lot of reading done, though.
-that since we can’t put the furniture on the newly completed living room and dining room floors, I’ve had the opportunity to see things I no longer need/want in my home and I will be decluttering even more when we return from our vacation.
-I caught up on some of the DVR shows by sitting in our hall and watching our living room TV. That was definitely out of our norm.
-K is my friend 4 months ago

grandmonsterThursday's five

I’m grateful:

-I got to see my friend, Ann whom I haven’t seen in more than a year
-The last coat is on the last 2 rooms and now my floors are finished and beautiful
-I heard from my son via text
-my mother is doing well
-I’ve been asked to reason out a friend’s problem which requires me to think like the adjudicator I was before I retired. I think I’ve worked it out and it is all typed out for argument purposes. 4 months ago

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