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Diane WallsWhat to do with Mom's things..

The move allowed me to declutter and rethink keeping items that I clearly have no place to store any more..but did bring to my new house. I did inherit some things from Mom. Memories are hard to toss out. Finding a new place for Mom’s items is the new goal. I will take items to family reunion in August. Hopefully Mom’s special things will be shared with cousins and other family members who loved her as well. It will be difficult..but I rather people who will use them take what they want and let her memory live on. I have the few items that meant most to me..A wall hanging..a…her Bible. 6 months ago

Diane WallsDecluttering is always easier when one is moving.. Purge! Purge! Purge!

I will be moving into a new house in a week. It’s somewhat exciting! It’s great to purge and get rid of those old things that we do not use or need. Also, I am anxious about redecorating and finding a new style and I plan to go “Banana’s” using Pinterest DIY projects to help me in my attempt to stay organized.

As far a decluttering…This week should be a great help! 7 months ago

Diane Walls15 minute walk-through and pickup 2 X a Day

I really hate things on my counters and on the floor. Rather than go bonkers or throw the towel in…I found that I can set the oven alarm clock for 15 minute twice a day and do a quick and effective tidy and clean-up.

I have a wicker basket for things I might question as to whether they need to stay or “go Bye-Bye”. If I do not use those items within a month..they are OUT OF HERE!

The goal is to make this a daily plan every day until it is a habit. The house will look neater and I will begin to toss out and declutter items I do not need. 7 months ago

Diane Walls 7 months ago

EndrinaDecluttering 15 minutes a day...

When I grew up…no, let’s start over. I am a rather messy person. Not left over food and garbage, but my things – they tend to…find new places to wait for me. I’m cool with it, and I (mostly) always know where I can find what I need (not including my keys). That being said, it’s not like our place is overly chaotic or untidy – my crafts bench on the other hand…
People round me do not appreciate my lack of organization. And here is when I get to the “when I grew up”-part. My father would either order me to tidy, or he would just randomly tidy stuff out of his way, placing things in crazy places. And that is exactly what my partner does, too! Kind of freaky…(they also say “damn” in he exactly same way…) And it still drives me crazy when others tidy my mess. Creating chaos in my chaos is not cool!
For the moment (and the last 2 months) our place is rather chaotic, due to a move to our new house. We’re gradually unpacking, finding new systems. I always place stuff in the stairs, so that when I go up or down I take something with me. Never go empty-handed!
And when I get my sewing room installed I’m planning to keep that a lot more tidy, as well. 16 months ago

sovietteLifestyle change?

I like to do things in big chunks. I’m not very motivated to do things when I can’t see the end. However, being super busy leads to everything getting too cluttered. I’m going to try out decluttering for 15 minutes a day (I haven’t decided if I should do so when I get home from work or before work) and see if it keeps my house cleaner and me happier. 20 months ago

soviette 20 months ago

aisa_basia 4 years ago

gaiagranolarangerWorking on the closets

Organized and cleaned the closet under the stairs before Christmas. Now, I am working on my clothes closet, bookcase and craft drawers. I don’t feel like I can tackle the entirety of any of these 3, but can definitely make some progress.

Tonight I spent about 1/2 hour. Closet is neater but only slightly less full. Got rid of lots of solo socks. About a half dozen books came off the shelf, and pulled a camera and high school dissection kit out of the craft drawer. Will take some thought to decide how to get rid of the camera; cost a lot when I bought it “used” back in the day, but a quick look on eBay tells me they’re almost worthless today. ... Good lesson there!

Corollary goals:
- Make a donation of items to Good Will, keeping track of all donated items for next year’s taxes.
- Organize the photos that had been stashed under the stairs. 23 months ago

kitart 5 years ago

Mme DelacroixUntitled

today washed stains out of clothes, cleaned the sink and helped the hubby tidy the kitchen. also picked up needed (and not needed) items from kijiji. washed two loads of laundry and one is nearly all put away. 2 years ago

Winter2012Goals 2 years ago

theshygal 2 years ago

supersinger425 2 years ago

aisa_basiaLaundry room organization

I cleaned/wipe/removed the lint from both the washer and dryer in the laundry room today.

*Clean/wipe the stainless steel clothes dryer rack
*Swept the floor, then vacuum afterward.
*Reorganized all the laundry detergents, stain removal stuff, etc..
*Reorganized the “pharmacy” cabinets (ie. sundry items, personal care, and few small kitchen appliances)
*Line dry all the floor carpet
*Left the laundry door ajar to let in some fresh air and good energy cleansing.

Feeling a little better as one of the much neglected corner/area of the house looks organized and pleasant to the eye.

I plan to pain the laundry room next. Most likely a very refreshing or bright color as the room is really cramp and dingy looking. 2 years ago

aisa_basiaThe organized kitchen

I picked up this book in the library a couple weeks ago. Reading it, gave me aspiration to declutter my most unorganized place in my home, the kitchen.

I declutter, purged, and re-organized all part of the kitchen, except for a deep clean of the fridge. A soda pop in the top freezer last week and I didn’t have the chance to fully clean it out yet.

Did make-over for the spice drawers, the top pantry, bottom lazy Susan, lower pantry, and the silver ware drawers.

Swap out the coffee station and dry good jars to the kitchen island instead. Certainly more than 15 minutes decluttering but it felt really good. Just hope I keep the momentum to De-clutter other part of the home. 2 years ago

aisa_basiaDecluttering dirt?

If dirty, negative energy are considered as “clutter” than I am proud to say I did de-cluttered at-least 15 minutes yesterday by washing my car.

I’ve been meaning to wash my car for weeks (been on my to do list, transfer into new one too many times). As you see, I finished my job assignment 4 weeks by now. Not working and having no incoming income gave me no reason to be driving my car, causing me to spend money on gas.

Instead, I bicycle to almost everywhere (ie. library, grocery store, school, etc..) to keep my gas expense down and a boost to my sedative unemployment life and exercise routine.

I finally suck it up and hand wash my car and it felt like a thousand pounds have lift up my shoulder. Although I don’t anticipate in driving the car immediately, but in hand washing the car did feel a bit better as all that construction dirt from the neighbor is wash off. The bonus is that I also wash the patio furniture set and horse down the dirt on the BBQ cover. I think I am going to put up the newly purchase outdoor umbrella to the outdoor bistro set and light up the BBQ for a summer’s grill soon. Al fresco dinning, here I come…...ah…........ 2 years ago


Got the car repaired, so it’s back to normal! Yay. 2 years ago


the tax forms – yay! These particular ones have been hanging over me for too many years. I got in before the deadline and should get a good chunk of change back in due course.

Faxed the expenditure forms but was told I have to wait a few months until after the baby is born to get them resubmitted and processed. Annoying but we will get reimbursed eventually. 2 years ago

pixiedustieMarching on

March has seen significant progress on this front!

Paperwork: Threw away about 5 large bags of shredded paperwork. Went through the filing cabinet and sorted out 2/3 of it, getting rid of loads of stuff. Only a few more file folders to go.

Storage cupboard:
Went through the whole cupboard, bought boxes to store different types of stuff, created large pile in garage of boxes, books, clothes, stuff, to give away or throw away.

Went through garage and organized most of the stuff that needs to be sorted out/given away. Only a couple of boxes left.

Put aside 2 bags of clothes to give away to charity. Organized all the clothes that still fit me and those that won’t until after the baby!

Completed a couple of important forms at work; got a new computer and transferred the files over; working on 3 important pieces of paperwork that will be good for our finances – will complete them this week.

Made lists of what needs to be done every month for next several months! 2 years ago

pixiedustieProgress today

- Went through and got rid of all receipts
- Completed FHSA form
- Completed CC form 2 years ago

raychill777 2 years ago

pixiedustieSunday 12 Feb

Yes, 1 hr: Went through the 3 piles of papers in the bedroom, sorted into piles and am ready to file away. 2 years ago

TnT 2 years ago

Endrina 3 years ago

RowdyRomanticdeclutter for 15 minutes everyday

This should be so easy ….why it always seems so hard is a mystery. 3 years ago

RowdyRomantic 3 years ago

pixiedustieOctober 2011

Mon Oct 3rd:
Put away all the clothes; did the washing (1.5 hours)

Wed Oct 12th:
Cleaned kitchen, living room, back room (2 hours) 3 years ago

pixiedustieSeptember 2011

Mon Sept 12th:
Did 30 minutes, went through 3 boxes of stuff. :)

Fri Sept 16th:
I’ve got into the habit of making sure the kitchen and sitting room are spotless before I go to bed. It makes it much nicer to get up and face the house the next morning. :)

Sun Sept 18th (1-2 hours):
Cleaned the cooker, it’s now sparkling.
Cleaned the bathroom. 3 years ago

gaiagranolarangerOkay, it's time to do another yard sale ...

We were really serious about this goal about a year ago, trying to get rid of stuff before and during the move. The next step was to put to beautiful use some saved “odds & ends” from the building project. Just this month I finished the last major project – using spare luever doors and rough cut cedar to build a cabinet for the sauna, and topping it with a shelf covered with three leftover 12×12” tiles. The only major pile of salvaged goods remaining that has a future purpose here is some tongue & groove pine paneling that I’d like to use to panel the inside of a garden shed I hope to afford to build next summer.

So, all that feels good. But, that means it is time to sell the remaining stuff that is still under the woodshed roof. Not only is the stuff not needed here, the wood shed IS needed: for WOOD! D has begun cutting up the wood for next year, piling it BESIDE the woodshed! We’re hoping to have a yard sale or two in Sept!!! 3 years ago

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