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My Favorite Things

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TangerineRoseGuitars and other instruments

This year I have really opened up to the idea of making music, rather than just listening to it 5 years ago


One of my talented cousins gave me this hand sculpture for my 16th Birthday. It sits on my bedside table 5 years ago

TangerineRoseSilk scarves

I have a bit of a collection of silk scarves. I wasn’t a scarf wearer before, but now I love them, so much! The ones I own were handwoven in Laos and Cambodia, been produced ethically and sustainably,using all natural dyes, from flowers etc. I love their beauty and the story behind them 5 years ago


I always thought expensive label sunglasses were a bit of a joke, until a friend convinced me to make this purchase.
I spent too much on these, and I do own other cheaper sunglasses that do the job and look good. But I have several reasons why they make it to my favourite things list. These oversize frames are so comfortable on, really block out the sun, I dig the gold detail, and their ultra expensiveness has taught me to be more respectful and careful with my belongings. And there is definitely a difference in quality compared to my cheap sunglasses. 5 years ago


I have some Buddhas and a couple of crosses on display at home. A nod to both sides of the family. This is a close up of a cross that is on the wall. I love the detail 5 years ago


I love the detail on my carved decorative table. Had it delivered just before my trip, so it is still new, and very special. 5 years ago


My green ring was designed by my jeweller friend. The specks in the stone are beautiful. The pale pink ring I purchased on my holiday in the States, from a lovely antique shop.
Found this holiday action pic featuring my rings 5 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleSir Ed

I was lucky enough to win a signed first day cover from the first conqueror of Mt Everest. I framed the envelope & it looks great. 7 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleBBQ

I love my hooded BBQ

My special dish is rotisserie prime beef, on a low heat for about 5 hours with a special marinade. 7 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleCallaway golf clubs

I truly love my golf clubs.

Call me shallow, but buying them was right up there as one of the best moments in my life! 7 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleSwanndri

I love my swannie. I’ve had it for over 20 years and it keeps getting better.

My son bought himself a Swanndri earlier this year for when he goes farming. I felt real proud! 7 years ago


*Spiral staircases 7 years ago

civilisedMagicmore watery stuff

*Rainbows that form in the spray of a sprinkler/hose
*Watching fish swim 7 years ago

civilisedMagicnoise and silence

*wood fires
*the sound of water
*thunder storms 7 years ago


... are amazing places. I could sit and look at them for hours. When I was on Jeju Island I went to a beach where all the rockpools were swarming with tiny, beautiful hermit crabs of all different colours. So cool. 7 years ago


*snow on the ground
*snow on rooftops
*snow on trees
*snow on park benches 7 years ago

civilisedMagicwarm drowsiness

*Hot showers
*Warm bed
*Drifting to sleep 7 years ago


*fountain pens
*blank paper
*handwriting 7 years ago


*solitude 7 years ago


*Coffee and cake with my mum
*Crisp, cold days with blueblue skies
*Fish & Chips 7 years ago


*Clean sheets
*Chai latte
*Outdoor showers
*Wooden boats 7 years ago


*writing on foggy glass 7 years ago

civilisedMagicintricate light

*These words: intricate, irksome and inexplicable
*Waking up on a Saturday morning
*Letters and parcels addressed to me
*My morning cup of tea
*Light through coloured glass 7 years ago

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