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spend less time discussing life on the 'Net and more time actually doing all the things I envision.

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I’m actually on the ‘net right now. So it’s kind of ironic, no?

Maybe I should contemplate what I’m trying to hide from when I’m in front of the computer. How did I survive BEFORE I got the internet? 5 years ago


It feels good to actually be able to cross this one off!!! 7 years ago


no hope, no hope, no hope
http://meshotelioma.blogspot.com/ 8 years ago

StephanieGoal re-opened and completed

Well this ia an ongoing goal so it can never truly be completed but 43things is now a tool and no longer an addiction. I’m now spending less time talking about doing things and more time actually doing things. This is progress and progress makes me happy. 8 years ago

StephanieScrew it

I give up. I’ve cut way down since last month. My time online isn’t a complete waste. There is a lot of positive interaction.. blah, blah blah. 8 years ago

StephanieGot it

So 30 minutes a day fooling around online. If I can stick with this a month I can consider this goal accomplished. 8 years ago

StephanieTime flies while your online

I have made ZERO progress on this goal. In fact I’ve gotten worse; much worse. I don’t even realize how much time is passing. So I’m on my way out to do some Christmas shopping. While I’m out, I’m getting an egg timer maybe this will help. 8 years ago

StephanieWell I cheated yesterday

A few hours later I got back online, checking comments and etc. Today I’ve been on about 45 minutes. Oh how time flies. Well, better go. 8 years ago

StephanieI gotta cut down

In highschool I got hooked on the video game Tetris. I had to limit the number of games I played each day. I just discovered this site like a week ago. Before that I was online maybe 30 -45 minutes a day. I know it was less than an hour. So I’ve got to do it again. No more than 30 minutes a day.
Starting now. 8 years ago

MoldybreadForums and such.

I really spend to much time discussing on this computer, and not enough time discussing in real life. I need to get out there and embrace everything, dance in the streets, scream in movie theatres, i need to spend less time on the net, and do things i wish to do. 8 years ago

6_months2_30I'm so addicted

to a couple boards. It really has become my social life during the work day as I’m not really friends with alot of people at work.

any advice is appreciated…how did you curb your addiction?? 8 years ago

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