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emrezorlutramp of eden

ı dont know maybe who knows just you are enough for me always stand up me .or hold on my hand . 3 years ago

Chances are...Random Thoughts


I like shoes a lot. I have tiny feet so it is FUN to go shoe shopping. BUT, right now my ANKLE is enormous. The doctors don’t know what is wrong. I haven’t been able to wear anything other than gym shoes for three weeks. This is making me sad.

Angelina Jolie

I think Angelina Jolie is not attractive. People LOVE her and think she is gorgeous. I think she is weird looking.


I have NO musical ability.
I can’t keep beat. (It is sad.)
However, I like music. A lot. I wouldn’t say I was passionate about it or anything like that, but I do like music a lot. 7 years ago

cafegroundzeroHow am I to determine the worth of promoting or publicizing my self? Or my art?

If I could tell you about my poetry, my writing, without telling you too much about my own “private” self, I would do so. The trick is to find the boundaries between these areas.

Some of my poetry is posted on www.allpoetry.com
Some of it right here, under topics having to do with poetry.
Other poetry is posted at substanza.com, gaypoetry.com, even at http://www.disabledperson.com/POems/poems.asp 7 years ago

Chances are...And some more info...

I love to paint. But I don’t think I am very good.
I wrote a dating/sex column for a year and a half—it was a lot of fun. I really should write more, but I procrastinate and I am lazy.
I totally adore a guy named Matt…. 7 years ago

Chances are...Who is Leener 123?

I am currently 25, and other than my four years of college (in northern WI) I have lived in the greater Cincinnati area.

I have a cat. She is white, very furry and sweeter than I will ever be.
I hate to clean.
I am scared of clowns and fear bridges and going to the dentist.
I am excellent at procrastinating.
I prefer baths over showers.
I wish I could tie a cherry stem in a knot without using my hands.
I am a cancer with a scorpio rising.
I cannot watch movies about wars; I cry the entire time.
I hate the thought of death, and I am in love with a man who is a mortician.
I despise peppers, raw onions and the thought of meat makes me cringe, yet I am not a vegetarian.
I write about dating, sex, relationships and what it is like to be a young woman.
I think I am funny.

I am currently procrastinating. 7 years ago

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