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run an 8 minute mile

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SimplicityInTheLBC 2 months ago


Ayla 22 months ago

youreadisease 9 months ago

yuzufruit 9 months ago


3 months ago my average mile time was in the high 14 minute range. Yesterday I completed a mile in 10:18. Much of an improvement, if you ask me! Super proud of myself and can’t wait to keep training to reach my goal! 10 months ago

Thomas Ryan 16 months ago

Lea 13 months ago

OrganizedBunny 2 years ago

Thomas Ryan8:13

Down to 8:13 tonight. 16 months ago

Thomas RyanChocolate.

I’m slowly realizing that having just a bite of chocolate about an hour before the run really helps. 16 months ago

Thomas Ryan8:25

Down to 8:25 tonight. 16 months ago

Thomas Ryan8:50

I just clocked-in at 8.50, completing my goal of running a 9 minute mile. Now, it’s time for 8… 16 months ago

bentag65 17 months ago

AylaNew Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds

Slowly inching my way closer. Not sure if I’ll complete this goal by summers end. But I’ll definitely have it by new years. 20 months ago

AylaJust broke the 10 minute mark

And I’m slowly inching my way to a 9:30 minute mile. I’d like to have this goal completed before the summer is over. 22 months ago

user25998 22 months ago

Nickx2906 22 months ago

mlarmaladeStrategy Switch

I have a tentative date with a running buddy to work on miles outside. I usually run on the treadmill, but recently I’ve been finding it boring and even more difficult than it should be. (I rarely run better than a 10 minute mile on the treadmill, although I know I can easily do a 9 minute.) Besides, the weather’s so nice lately, the only thing keeping me back from going outside is feeling awkward about exercising in public. We plan to run mornings before our 8 AM class a few days a week, at our school’s track. One of the advantages to this is that I know a few good 3-mile routes from the high school, as compared to me running alone in my neighborhood which would involve running the same boring mile 3 times (I’m not really allowed to leave the neighborhood on foot, as my parents don’t want me running on a major road.) 22 months ago

mlarmaladeFitness Testing

Had to run a mile in gym today, I got a 9:08. Not bad, considering how lax I’ve been about running lately. I know I should be pushing for a better time, but I’m kinda stuck on being proud of how much I’ve improved over the past year, fitness-wise. (Completely inflexible to being able to touch my toes easily; not being able to run a half mile to, at one point, running 3 in like, 28.5 minutes; being embarrassingly stereotypical in that I could do about 10 pushups to being able to do 30 now.)
Surprisingly, I didn’t mind running outside that much. Usually I run on a treadmill, but maybe I should switch when the weather’s nice. 23 months ago

asydnes 1 year ago

CreativeHeart 1 year ago

mmanning43thingsThis is a stretch for me

I set 10 as a goal, and shot through it. 8 will not be as easy. This will take actual working towards. I did an unimpressive 5K of mixed run/walk today, after not running since last July. I call that a good start and get going on this. 2 years ago

mmanning43things 2 years ago

rockinrollprincess 2 years ago

stephpv 2 years ago

user9335 2 years ago


lifetime best. 2 years ago

brittanymae04 2 years ago

anchorfailure 2 years ago

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