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learn to be happy being single

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I was happy for two weeks of the two months when I was single so I suppose I can mark this off as being completed. I know two months is not enough time to get over a bad break up but I met someone new who I really like. I’m hardly gonna run the other way. Things happen when you least expect it. 7 years ago


How can anyone be happy being single? Its rubbish. You have to take responsibility for yourself and have no one else to blame when things go wrong. I hate it. 7 years ago


If I wasn’t so scared of being alone i’d have ended my last relationship myself. I never want to hang on to a relationship which is past its sell by date again because of the fear of being alone.

And why do I always compare myself to my mum who was married at 21? Who gets married that young nowadays? She was lucky and my mum and dad are still very happy together but how rare is that? I believe the later in life you get married the more comfortable with your own character you will be and the more chance it has of lasting. 7 years ago

TangueraI need some strength

I need to be strong…once I felt so strong. When I was younger I feel like I was so carefree. Yes I had my issues but I moved around the world on my own just trying out new experiences, I took some stupid risks but had so many good times and learned so many lessons.

But then I let myself get sucked into a conventional life, I found a long-term boyfriend who I hoped to marry and got a sensible job to match his. I felt ready to settle down. I knew I was losing some of the qualities I used to have which I loved about myself, which made me different but I didn’t care as I was settling into I comfortable, happy life. Or so I thought.

In the end the decision was made for me, I never got the chance to properly settle down as he decided he was bored with it. So again I find myself starting again. I always thought i’d be married by this age and starting to think about kids. By the age I am now my mum already had 3 kids. Life doesn’t always go to plan. 7 years ago


As they say, there is no point in expecting someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself.

You are only ready to start a relationship when your life is full enough that you don’t need one. 7 years ago

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