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JustJürgenDecluttered my

desk. Lovely place when it’s tidy. 6 years ago

JustJürgenChristmas stuff ....

not even a christmas tree has entered our house. 6 years ago

JustJürgenThis weekend

time to clean some things up and be equipped for next weeks duties. 6 years ago

JustJürgenso many

smaller and larger errands to be done. 6 years ago

JustJürgenhave to clean my

desk again – but my system of filing this school year is much more effective than last year’s. 6 years ago

JustJürgenAnd start documenting better -

immediately. 6 years ago

JustJürgenthrow away

more of stuff, instantly. 6 years ago

JustJürgenwill start

piling off bit by bit tomorrow 6 years ago


my desk is still a mess.
So are the folders from last school year.
But my bookshelves present themselves in a new order.. 6 years ago


I have just organized my computer files for the next school year – with all the classes I will have (10 altogether) 6 years ago

JustJürgenwill have

on my list
1. make the tax declaration
2. sort out school piles
3. tidy up my office
4. make room for the new school year
5. have all my folders ready for the new school year
6. plus all my classes are planned 6 years ago

JustJürgenMuch to be

done during my holidays – there are so many piles to be sorted – and my computer needs revamping. 6 years ago

JustJürgenI am looking forward to

Sunday – a day without any external duties – so maybe I can clean my desk 6 years ago

JustJürgenI have reduced the number of folders

on my desk – only 4 left. And they are clearly arranged. 7 years ago


the records of two of my classes – I have to add entries that reach back till October 2006…. 7 years ago

JustJürgenhave a

clean desk at least once a day. 7 years ago


a lot of emails to get things going. 7 years ago


...I need to get some gradings done…
then I will tidy my desk
and then….
Fall asleep. 7 years ago

JustJürgenFirst thing

always is:
get an overview of all my errands.

But this is the beginning of problems sometimes.
I don’t wanna have an overview, for fear of becoming overwhelmed. 7 years ago


my chaos. 7 years ago


my desk and the landscape around it. 7 years ago

JustJürgenThis weekend

I will have to work hard.
Question: whwt will be my reward.
The feeling of having accomplished my goals?
Something else – a nice dinner on Sunday with the family? 7 years ago

JustJürgenOne left-over pile

+ a new one. 7 years ago

JustJürgenFinished two piles of grading

and the last will be finished tonight. 7 years ago

JustJürgenOne pile

of gradings done.
There are two more. 7 years ago


the income tax-thing (2005) – Yeah!!
Will have to keep this routine till Sunday night! 7 years ago

JustJürgenAt least:

some folders have been ordered and marked and I have applied of systematic description and documentation. 7 years ago

JustJürgenthat is:

get all the grading done,
get my office cleaned,
the courses prepared,
all the tests prepared,
the files sorted out and filed into Leitz-Ordner. 7 years ago

JustJürgenThe mess has become

And I have found two things – a letter and a CD that I had missed.
Relief! 7 years ago

JustJürgenMy desk is a mess.

More so my head – the interior part.
Is there a connection between the two?
They are both mine. So. 7 years ago

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