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This is not easy to do. I’ve been enjoying excess lately, probably to make up for the feelings of loneliness and lack inside me due to the end of my relationship. Probably not an uncommon thing. I’ve been eating to excess, shopping to excess (by my high standards, at least), definitely shirking my housework to excess, and generally not taking care of myself quite as much as I should be.

But maybe I’m being moderate after all. Maybe I’ve become so frugal (stingy?) with compassion for myself that I’ve forgotten how to relax. Maybe I’m being excessively hard on myself, in fact.

Like I said, this isn’t easy to do…. 6 years ago

GalateaMy progress

I’ve been doing pretty good about moderation in what I eat – my diet is going fabulously, I’d say. I feel good and I’m about half way to my goal. I still have cravings for fattier foods, but I do my best to ignore them or control my hunger with foods that are better for me. Low-fat chocolate soymilk and yogurt are wonderful.

I’ve been practicing moderation in sound as well, trying to cut back on automatically turning the radio on the moment I turn on the car. Sometimes it’s nice to just ride in silence, and sometimes I need those moments of peace between work and home.

@Andrea: I don’t think I belive that moderation is a matter of being “wired” for it. In my experience it just takes practice, and small steps to start. I’m not an expert, but I think everyone can benefit from learning how to control their urges rather than letting their urges control them. Are there particular areas of your life that you’re trying to moderate? 7 years ago

AndreaNot good

Is it possible that some people are just not wired for moderation? It seems that I’m unable to control my urge for more. Sigh… 7 years ago

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