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I learnt several self-help techniques that make you instantly feel and live better. On top of that they’re reliable and do not require too much effort or time.

I also started reading a book on the American health care system and how it could be improved by taking other countries as an example. Inspiring read so far! I wish more people would read it and realise that a big change is necessary to improve the American health care system. Being reluctant to it is awful and makes so many people’s lives more difficult and shorter than necessary. 20 months ago


I overheard a girl say this in class today ‘Don’t Belgians speak a language that sounds like Spanish? It sounds like Spanish to me’
Whether she was referring to French or Flemish, I have no idea.
Then she asked her friend ‘Is Belgium in Germany?’ REALLY?!!!?

This, my dear friends, is something that is hard for me to tolerate. I could understand this ignorance in a child or in a person not able to learn about these things. But if you live in Europe, study English at University level, so had quite a few years of general education you should know things like that. Sorry if it makes me sound like an ass but I just had to say it. Also, she’s not the only one I heard making a comment like that. One of my friends thought Sweden and Switzerland were the same country. Am I being too strict here? I think reading the news is enough to learn these kinds of things. 20 months ago

scratched_n_dented 22 months ago

amayanaNew Goal

Yes, I am lucky enough to be at university. And yes, I am unlucky enough to be at university. Lucky because it’s a great opportunity and I get to learn things. Unlucky because a university education nowadays isn’t as valuable as it used to be.

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue because I catch myself thinking that I wish I could have gone to a better university. I even think to myself that I wish I would have had enough money to study in the US because I feel like their education, though costly, is more thorough than here in the UK. I truly believe that with paying so much, UK students should have the right to have more classes… I pay an incredible amount of money to go to class 4 times a week for about 2hrs. I’m aware that our lecturers want us to spend time doing research and independent study, whatever that means! Of course we are allowed to sit in classes or take more classes than we should but then the work load gets too much. I prefer someone guiding me through my studies. Someone who encourages me to study for a short exam so I don’t forget my stuff by the end of the semester. And I guess I made the wrong choice with studying in the UK.

Moreover, I realised that there are so many interesting things in the world. So many interesting stories. The best thing is that we are given great opportunities to learn about them. There are a plethora of books and ebooks out there. Many prestigious universities, like Yale, have agreed to make some of their lectures open to the public and that’s revolutionary and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

So I started watching these Introduction of Psychology videos, covering different areas of Psychology. I watched the Introduction of the course itself and the first ‘real’ lecture which was on the brain. I learnt so much today, it makes me happy. I even took notes and hope I can test myself in a way so I won’t forget! I finally know what exactly a neuron is and how it works. That it consists of 3 parts and that we have a whole lot of them. I know what a cortex is and I know that body and mind are an entity and can’t be separated from one another. There is more stuff I learnt and I’m glad I’m doing it. I think it will fulfil an important purpose in my life and 1 day it will come in useful 22 months ago

amayana 22 months ago

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murrrrryyy 2 years ago

ann20 2 years ago


nudge_the_curmudgeon1 way I've educated myself so far: Ignorance on the Vietnam War

The first is that I started to read “Lies my Teacher told me”. I forgot the author’s name. It’s so interesting how I picked up the book, and went straight(Well, I did read the intro) to the chapter on the Vietnam War. For some reason, most young people have no real knowledge on the Vietnam War. Many are ignorant and know very little about this gruesome war(and its effects on American culture and politics to this day), and I found it strange that most U.S. textbooks promote this ignorance by touching very little on the topic. In my schooling, we didn’t even go that far, primarily stopping at the Cold War. It turns out that my schooling was not the exception, but a rule!

Well, the chapter I read was less about what happened in the Vietnam War, but why so many students know so little. One of the reasons why was what I experienced: very little time. There is such an intent focus on specific events in U.S. history(i.e. the world wars, civil war,etc.) that teachers end up not getting that far. Another is that textbook publishers choose not to focus on it; most U.S textbooks have a high patriotic theme, with the U.S. being the “good guy” and the “leader”. Vietnam turns that image of America on its head, being one of the few instances where Americans questioned their government. The role that the U.S. played was controversial then and now, and to teach this can be pretty dicey. Another argument is that it was the “recent past”, meaning that there are a lot that are still alive who remember it, so there’s no need to focus on it verses, let’s say,World War 1.

Listen here! I’m a big advocate of learning about the past. I’m not a history professor or major, just a regular citizen who knows how valuable knowledge of the past can be. It doesn’t matter if you were a “hawk” or a “dove”, these are students who will go out into the world, and will not have a full understanding on current politics, world policies, or current social climate in this country. Which is a shame, and is a danger.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is dangerous. 2 years ago

nudge_the_curmudgeonReading is fundamental!- A book once a month.

Now, when I mean I want to read at least once a month, I don’t mean just any book. I want to read books that deal with non-fiction, specifically American politics and history. I also would like to read fiction books, but that would be a source of entertainment. I really would like to learn more about these topics. 2 years ago

kevinpusey 2 years ago

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My 15 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with diffused large b-cell lymphoma. They have removed 10 inches of intestine and placed his port to begin chemotherapy on Monday. Prayers are greatly appreciated from anyone willing! Thank you all! 3 years ago

abailey1990 3 years ago

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