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get over my ex's

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dasmadrigalI've found somebody really great: myself and hopefully someone else!

This goal is accomplished. I forgave him in my heart- and I’m ready to move on to someone even better who will love me for everything that I am- and learn to appreciate me.

I’ve also met this really great guy and hopefully we work out. I’m happy and over myself and most thankfully, him/them (my ex’s)!! 6 years ago

dasmadrigalwriting poetry

i’ve been writing out some lyrical poetry and some songs. it’s almost a meditation form for me and it definitely helps me heal.

i am a weakened soul because i prize love so much. i think i wallow too much in it. writing gives me a release from everything. then i can just express and not question the source of it. i can just express. 6 years ago

dasmadrigalthis is so much harder than i anticipated

it’s been five years… how can i just get over it? 6 years ago

dasmadrigalthat song by s club 7

...just seems to roll through my head a lot. that song that you never had a dream come true until the day you met that special person.

i’ll admit. it’s been five years. and i’m still missing that someone. i’m still dreaming about that someone.

but i have a life to live. and i have to know that if someone really feels that way about me, that’s when it’s love. 6 years ago

dasmadrigalSo I guess you have to forgive in order to forget

I forgave somebody who told me he didn’t love me and that it was only intimate attraction, and primal sex- when four years later he told me he did love me and got scared.

There was so much pain in my life because of some of the cruel and cold things he said to me. But I’m a Christian. And I know that the right thing to do is forgive him.

Forgiveness isn’t a get-out-of-jail free card- it’s a promise to not bring up the past. To let this boy I loved and cared for deeply- to let him know that I forgive him, it makes me feel better. And maybe I can start to heal now, too, after what he did.

It wasn’t easy to forgive him. I wrote out the half-page letter, and let it sit for awhile before I finally sent it via the internet. But there’s this saying about forgiveness, and about how “nobody rents space in my head.” And now, nobody does. 6 years ago

dasmadrigalOpts for happier times

Okay, I know this sounds stupid, but when I’m sad, I’ve realized that though I miss my exes, that I can still have a good time as a person. And that as a person, I am whole and complete by myself. So when I move forward, I don’t regress with thoughts in my mind like what is so and so doing; I have to stop caring about what other people are doing, and focus on my own P’s and Q’s- and my own personal happiness.

And I think it’s working! 6 years ago

dasmadrigalLetting People Go

It’s hard to let people go- but I have to remind myself that we all need to grow in our own ways. And I need to believe that things happen for a reason. So though today I missed my ex- I had a friend help me realize that though I miss my ex, I would not be happy with my ex. 6 years ago

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