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lalasilk 5 months ago

el mon track

about 15% done.
wondering how i’m going to keep this word/day rate going. 5 months ago

el mnational novel writing month

begin 11/1
end 11/30
goal: 50k words
plan: now

1-2-3 go! 6 months ago

Olivesnow 7 months ago

jefrr 10 months ago

cas28 12 months ago

elliel 7 years ago

GQkudzuNot exactly NaNoWriMo

I wanted to write in November, but I actually only got 1500 words completed. However, one of my resolutions was to write for 30 minutes each weekday morning, which I’ve done faithfully. This morning, I passed the 10,000 word mark. I’m 1/8 of the way there and still feeling very positive about the characters and flow.

I noticed this morning, too, that I have three goals about writing, so I’m going to streamline. I’ll give up on this one, mark “Start writing again” as complete and leave “Finish my novel” on my list. 15 months ago

thecarouselandi 15 months ago

Pooja0993 15 months ago


homericgeek 17 months ago

Rudiano Bambino

Rudiano Bambino 19 months ago

Daska 17 months ago

PepperyJasmine 17 months ago

Epic SunshineThere is a Nano group write here, near

today. I want to drop in, meet someone else doing this. 17 months ago

Epic SunshineToday:

Summary notes will be fleshed out. I hope to get another big session or two done!

Then I will turn to Ratty and whisper quietly I love you. She is my muse and needs to hear this as much as I need to say it. 17 months ago

Epic Sunshinebig write

20 pages single space. I didn’t do the word count. It’s a BUNCH. I’m really in training now. Dedicated, disciplined, singly focused. 17 months ago

flying irishman 17 months ago

Epic SunshineI'm dedicating muhself to _discipline._

Nano really is all about the discipline of sitting down and writing. But it’s no good if the rest of life is undisciplined and Nano is the only theme.

For the next month I will get up and writewritewrite, before, during and after breakfast.

I vow then to walk walk walk, at lest two miles, hard core, and then to shower and find her, all before the crack of noon.

I vow too accomplish one solid, meaningful home repair, fix, step-of-progress each day, to increase my income, and to eat and rest appropriately so that the long term well being is strengthened rather than diminished. Finally, I vow that my commit is complete, in all, especially to her, that I will use Nano to further us as well as continue us. 17 months ago

Epic SunshineIt begins.

I’ve a plan, a muse, a purpose. There is no try, there is only do. 17 months ago

pinkspaceship 18 months ago

lexlaw 18 months ago

GQkudzuFirst draft by December 1?

I’ve begun keeping a novel journal about some ideas I’ve had—character descriptions, scenes, chapter lay-outs and so forth. I’m setting the goal of having a good roadmap in place by November 1 so that I can get a first draft on paper during National Novel Writing Month. 19 months ago

GQkudzu 19 months ago

AlmostSilent 2 years ago

dragondivine 2 years ago

Alphahuman 2 years ago

MsCami 2 years ago

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