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Clean the basement


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joie de vivresince I'm leaving

Most of this is done; the rest will be accomplished through packing. 4 months ago

joie de vivre 11 months ago

joie de vivreProgress

Got all the housewares now sorted and put into boxes or shelves. Vacuumed the carpet in that area.

My daughter made me go through photos. I did this for a long time, looking at (and culling) old photos, mostly in the Before Kids pile, photos of mostly the 1980s. I found an old letter to my now husband about how apprehensive I was about our upcoming wedding stuffed in an envelope of photos from that time period. Then, lots of photos of my elder daughter when she was an infant, in the early 90s.

This was really emotionally exhausting. After a while, I just had to stop. 6 months ago

joie de vivreYesterday afternoon

I started in on the basement relatively late in the day, because I wanted to enlist my daughter’s help.

We moved around some furniture. Every time furniture got moved, carpet under it got thoroughly vacuumed. I saw some big dead spiders.

The cabinets I bought at IKEA 15 years ago are very heavy pressboard and really not in good shape. I moved one right up against the wall, and then shoved the huge tomato-red steelcase filing cabinet against it, so it would stay square. Then decluttered the contents, such that remaining items are: the big purple spread my husband’s high school girlfriend crocheted for him (and can not be discarded); linens from the 1930s from China that I need to figure out what to do with; air mattresses for guests/emergencies; and a few spare throws and blankets for really cold nights and those guests/emergencies.

The other big IKEA cabinet stayed in place. It has grandmother’s beaded flapper dress, my wedding dress, my grandfather’s black silk and wool-lined Mongolian coat – these sorts of items that I can’t quite get rid of, but what am I keeping them for?

Then I moved the big brown cubby cabinet and shoved it against the wall. All the housewares that are in the basement got all taken out for review.

One set are things that I used only rarely, but want to keep: the turkey roaster, the juicer, probably the dehydrator.

Then there’s items that my parents gave me when I helped them move out of their condo a year and a half ago, that I am retaining, to give to my daughters when they establish a new household – probably to my elder daughter when she graduates from college a year from now. These are things like a complete set of dishes, various pots and pans – she has already taken a number of these items away already.

Then there’s some really nice stuff that my parents gave me from when they moved that I am not sure what to do with: crystal shot glasses, enameled plates from some place in central Europe (Czech Republic?), etc., that maybe my daughters will take, because I don’t think I’m keeping them.

Then, there was several boxes of things that belonged to my grandmother, that probably were passed on to my dad after she died in the early ‘80s. These were subsequently wrapped in newspaper and boxed up when my parents sold their suburban home and moved to their condo, in 1997. When my parents moved out of that condo fifteen years later, those items were still in the same box, wrapped in those same newspapers – I could tell by the dates on the papers. The bulk of this collection: fine champagne glasses and wine goblets that she received for her wedding. The etching on the rim matches the pattern of the china she got for her wedding, which I use on special occasions. It’s nearly burdensome to receive this, because the glass is so thin on these, you know you’ll break them if you use them. But not to use them – what good do they do sitting in newspapers? Ach.

I was in the process of sorting through putting all these items away in the cubbies, when I pulled out two orange burlap wall hangings that my mom had up on her wall in their old condo. When they were on the wall of the condo, they collected an enormous amount of dust. I had rolled them up and directly put them in a bag. I unfurled them in our basement, and all that dust flew up into the air.

Inhaling the dust did not immediately affect me. But I began to have difficulty breathing. I came upstairs and googled “shortness of breath” because this is not something I really know much about. Then I called the consulting nurse. I was on the phone with the consulting nurse and after telling her how difficult it was for me to breathe (and she could hear me gasping on the phone), and then, after telling her I was really dizzy and I didn’t think I could be upright any more, she said in this adamant voice, “You need to hang up right now and call 9-1-1”.

So I called 9-1-1. I also tried to call out for my husband, but he was as usual in his office tucked in the complete opposite side of the house, and my daughter was still in that basement room, sorting through old photos.

The nice paramedics came. They took all my vitals, determined that I was Going to Live, and said they’d take me to the hospital if I wanted. They also fetched my husband from the basement. Based on my conversation with everyone, I decided not to go to the ER. I just took a hot bath, and went to bed early.

I’m still really tired. I am not going to do anything extra-strenuous today. The basement and all its housewares still strewn around the room can wait. 6 months ago

joie de vivreAll the old monitors and computers

Taken to AtWork! for recycling. 6 months ago

joie de vivreNext

I could feel myself sliding into depression, and one of the best ways to deal with it is to keep busy. I have two major foci: cycling and housewifery. Since I’m riding this afternoon, it meant the morning would be taken up with housework.

So, I headed to the basement, because, hey, it’s on my 43things list, and none of the FLYlady stuff was ringing my bells.

What I did this round:
  1. Threw away financial stuff that was more than seven years old.
  2. Put all my husband’s papers in his office. I really never have any reason to go in there any more, so let’s have all his papers stored in there.
  3. Consolidated a box of the kids’ old school artwork
  4. Grouped old photos and pictures to go through another day
  5. Vacuumed – so much dust that I had to empty the canister again. 6 months ago

joie de vivreMidway point

I know if you look at the picture it looks nearly done, but that’s just because I shoved everything to the walls that still needs to be dealt with.

I’ve been also doing intermediary vacuuming, just because the carpet was so incredibly disgustingly dirty and dusty. I had to empty out the canister twice today – in other words, the room has already generated as much dust to be vacuumed up, as the whole house would in a typical weekly vacuuming run. 6 months ago

joie de vivreHow bad? How bad could it be?

Pretty bad 6 months ago

joie de vivreStarting today, at 3:00 PM.

right? 6 months ago

sisterk8 11 months ago

sherryvarga 12 months ago

actresspb 14 months ago

kerfuffled 2 years ago

GlowyRoach 19 months ago

annasartin 5 years ago

CaptainBooshi 23 months ago

jackie2559Set up shelves

Bought the shelves. Need to decide how many more or what other types of storage I might need 1 year ago

jackie2559 1 year ago

vbondola 1 year ago

kerfuffledI've already started on this but was too chicken to declare it until I could be sure I could do it

It’s kind of cheating I guess to declare it after I start; kind of like writing things on a to do list that you’ve already done but I need all the sense of accomplishment I can get right now.

OVERVIEW: The basement was a disgusting mess and had not been cleaned or even utilized for years. It had a lot of dead worms and insects all around the perimeter of the floor, a large part of the ceiling was destroyed from a minor bathroom flood, leaking pipes, and other bad water problems, there was a layer of dirt and other yuckiness on every surface and just junk and garbage everywhere. There was also a real stinky stench and cat urine randomly deposited throughout the area and it was really damp and humid.

I was going to not even do this, it was so overwhelming and disgusting that it just seemed impossible, and even when I started I still wanted to give up many times over the last few weeks. It wasn’t until I made a serious dent and saw that the basement could really be usable and nice again that I really committed.

That was a long intro and I’m too pooped to write of the progress I made so that’s for tomorrow’s entry. 2 years ago

alyssamoe 2 years ago

Mag8118 2 years ago

pinecoveyumi 3 years ago

WilliEverGetDoneOne step at a time

The basement is about 1400 square feet. The section I MUST work on is about 120 square feet. When cleaning the main level, I put EVERYTHING I didn’t want anymore in that section of the basement with a desire to have a garage sale, sell it online or donate it by the end of summer. Gotta figure out a plan of action to get stuff sorted, priced and out the door. Suggestions welcome! 3 years ago

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