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d1990 2 months ago


I’ve been swimming once or twice a week for the last 7-8 weeks now and becoming a member of the pool has certainly helped me keep up the habit. Also, I have a couple of swimming-related goals on the go at the moment – namely, to learn to swim underwater, and I will probably add a goal to improve my front-crawl. I am happy with my progress on this :) 5 years ago


I am now a member at the local swimming pool, so I aim to get a lot of swimming done in the next month :) I’ve put on a few pounds recently, which isn’t causing me to lose any sleep or get paranoid (after all, a glass of water can add a pound). I have been eating more heartily recently and I want to just trim that off a little and get generally fitter by being more active. Swimming is a great way to do this, I think, and I love being in the water :)

I can’t wait to go back to the water park though :) Local pool is fine but I’ve become a bit of a flume junkie… :P 5 years ago


I went swimming last weekend and had an amazing time – I went to a water park nearby and got hooked on the flumes :) It’s quite expensive to go there every week, so this week I went to the local swimming pool, where I resumed my underwater swimming practice. I had to relearn some stuff but I soon picked up where I left off and I’m looking forward to going back next week :) It’s been two weeks running now, so if I can do it for another six, then I’ll mark this as done :) 5 years ago

ZijueBack again :)

I went swimming again last night and thoroughly enjoyed it – I forgot my goggles but spent a good amount of time getting used to having my head under water, so all was not lost :) I am learning how to go against my usual attempts to keep myself afloat and propel myself downwards so I can touch the bottom of the deep end with my feet (I’m only 5 foot 1 by the way!). I was quite pleased with my efforts considering I can’t open my eyes under water yet :) 6 years ago

ZijueMissed a week...

...but I still had the intention to go, and I’m feeling very much motivated to continue with this goal. Sometimes these things don’t go entirely to plan, but seeing as I didn’t miss it through lack of intention but through other circumstances, I feel that this goal is still going strong – I should be going again this week so I’m really looking forward to it :) 6 years ago

ZijueWeek 2

I had a good hour and a half at the swimming pool today and really enjoyed myself, as I learned some new skills :) My swimming is not bad, but not great either. I can swim the main strokes but not that well and I can’t dive or swim with my head under the water. This hasn’t stopped me from enjoying swimming in my limited capacity, but it would be nice to push this barrier out of the way a little :)

Today I practised getting used to having my head under the water, holding my breath, and trying not to drown in the process :) I have now managed to do a star float, a mushroom float and can touch the bottom of the pool a couple of metres away from the shallow end! Not the most exciting things ever, but for me, a reasonable achievement in one session, I think :)

I can’t wait until next week! :) 6 years ago

ZijueWeek 1

I finally got round to starting this goal properly, which I’m really pleased with :) I went to the pool for about an hour or so and did 16 lengths in total. I’m not a very good swimmer but I really enjoy it and would like to set myself challenges in the future to give me something to aim for :) 6 years ago


Tomorrow is the start of my routinely swim, so no more excuses – I will be doing this every week from tomorrow on. As I’m not doing this on my own, it’ll be harder to miss it – it’s always easier to keep on track with a goal when you aren’t on your own, as you feel that you’d be letting each other down if you gave up. 6 years ago


My weekly routine is now all set up, so I’m going to be going swimming on the same day every week to make sure that I stick with it :) This will start from next week and hopefully, I’ll be able to mark this one as complete when I’ve successfully gone several weeks without missing one :) I will mark my progress on here and see how it goes :) 6 years ago


I haven’t gone swimming at all this week, so I’m a little disappointed. I’m trying to get a bit more routine in my life, so that I actually do the things I’d like to do. If I sort this routine out soon, I may stand some chance of completing this goal! :) 6 years ago

ZijueIt's a start

I went swimming last week and I plan on going one evening during this week – unfortunately, a day hasn’t been set for going swimming, but I’ll sort that out before next week and then stick to it. I find it easier to stick to a routine than to rely on my motivation (or lack thereof) to actually do these things on the spur of the moment. I thoroughly enjoy swimming so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go more often than I have really. 6 years ago

Raiveran 4 months ago

markfrost2 15 months ago

naykid 16 months ago

Quinn 2 years ago

patrick phelan 5 years ago


I got a hotel pool membership in June & used it a lot at the beginning but of course it has petered off since then. If I could make it once a week I’d be happy 2 years ago

Angelina 2 years ago

sizzzzleJelly park

Swimming twice a week. Generally Sunday’s & Tuesday’s 2 years ago

Baluka 2 years ago

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