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Lose Weight and Get Healthy

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jessiepetrova 1 week ago

younis123In one week i have lost 5 pounds ;)

It’s only been one week since I started the program & have have already lost 5 pounds. I had tried everything, from exhausting exercises to strict dieting. Nothing seemed to work. I am extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting do soon. I recommend this program to all those who are tired of achieving little to, no results. This program really works!

for more information click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRbpi6Uv-0It 3 weeks ago

younis123 3 weeks ago

PancemasterWell, that escalated quickly...

All I have to say is,

10 cupcakes on Super Bowl Sunday

I feel soooooooooooooooo…. shameful for that.

I went ham on those cupcakes. THEY DIDN’T STAND A CHANCE.

I’ve really got to go work out :( 2 months ago


1. Get asthma under control
2. Control allergies
3. Begin a regular exercise regimen
4. Cut back on soda and carbonated beverages
5. Be in control of my emotions
6. Take my medications regularly

Once I can wrangle my own health, I’ll feel better. The weight will come off if it’s meant to. I’m going to the gym to cope with stress and help with my asthma. If I lose weight or trim down in the process, that’s great. But I think the thing I have to work on right now is getting over the number that expresses my mass and feel comfortable in my own skin again. 2 months ago

dkm1952 2 months ago

peritarosada 3 months ago

Alex Perry 3 months ago

user1406 3 months ago

annabelle199213i really want to do this!

how many calories should women eat per day? 4 months ago

annabelle199213 4 months ago

Lissa Coffey 4 months ago

Eve 5 months ago


Welp, guess how many times I’ve been to the gym since my last post. Once. And it’s like, my first month payment is up soon, and I’m sick. I feel like my life is sabotaging me.

I have so many things I want to do, and it seems like all I’m capable of doing with them is talking about how much I want them. It’s so frustrating.

Just gotta… rassle up some money for this next month, and MAKE time to go. MAKE time to formulate a workout plan. Put in effort to eat healthier, drink more water, etc… 5 months ago


I got a membership. What have I done. Now I HAVE to exercise!

Apparently my weight has gotten to a critical mass at 280. Yes, I’m a nice and plump 280. And even though it’s just a number, it just kills my self-esteem. It’s the heaviest I’ve ever been.

People in my life have tried to tell me that I have a weight issue, various times in my life and recently. But know what? There’s no easy way to tell someone. But there are terrible ways to go about doing it.

And if you think the person doesn’t know they’re overweight, you must think they’re dumb. THEY KNOW. You’re pointing out the obvious.

But while there are people in my life that want me to lose weight for reason 1 or reason 2, I will do it on my watch. On my schedule. For me. Not for you. Not because you want me to. So stop wanting me to, and start just supporting me through it. Maybe stop enabling me. 5 months ago

Lizziebuzz 6 months ago

Annette White 6 months ago


y 7 months ago

maishaddad123 7 months ago

Chris Salum 7 months ago

Merlin 7 months ago

lildrummergirl5 8 months ago

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aquajcbd 9 months ago

Mikey Wolf 10 months ago

sabinnnna 11 months ago

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