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write down all my dreams when I wake up


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past few dreams two vague
one lucid
last night just a little weird soorry for no descriptions i’ll start back just been busy with school 7 years ago

Glauraiousdream 9

last night i dreamed there was this huge party that everything had to be perfect for and after the party was a football game i was all dressed up in this pretty dress and anna and cat were dressed up too cat dyed her hair dark blue and idk how but she dyed my hair hot pink and i didnt know there was this huge table we all ate at and were called up for some reason and there were really horrible bathrooms there grandma was in my dream too i found a red ipod in the bathroom stall but figuered it was broken and didnt pick it up however later i think it was a teacher was so proud of himself for finding this ipod and kept it there was also this food stand that anna me and cat waiting in line for i think it was for cinnabon anyway she asked us what drink we wanted and for some reason theyd always mix two flavors at this place we wanted orange soda mixed with something else i think it was grape soda but they only had bananna soda and shes like i could mix those two but the yeasts in the bananna soda wouldnt like it so we were like can we just try a sample of it and she gave us one and all of these little bus popped up dead it was so gross yeah and thats basicall the end of it gah i dont want to go back to school i have to start GYMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM eeeew that’ll be so bad and i wont know anyone and im scared to death and idk if i’ll still be in ap world aaand if i am idk how im goign to get outt 7 years ago

Glauraiousdream 8

Last night I dreamed that marcela just showed up back from texas at my house that was a fun surprise then there was this war in the house with all my friends and they were throwing knives at each other and hiding and throwing anything trying to actually hurt each other i got this necklace with a shell on the end and when you put your ear in the shell you could hear music however there was a snail inside the shelll and that snail freaked me out because it crawled out of the shell and i couldnt find it to kill it and it had a face and everything which reallly scared me anyway thats about all i can remember 7 years ago

Glauraiousdream 7

sorrryyy i have two dreams to write yesterdays dream was crazy weird but i wont be able to write it right cause i dont remember all of it something to do with fake dolphins we all thought were real and this boy that i liked turned evil and was mean he also told by bf that i liked him instead it was weiiiiiird
anyway next dream 8 last night
i dreammed there was some kind of party and i was at this place …. mmk i cant remember it but ill tell you two parts i do remember this asian girl i met her in the dream had this art program on the computer thatt was really awesome and it made landscapes in pointlism super fast if you were good at it and she was another part of my dream was my cousins i think or just my sister and some friends went to this huge junk store and i got these black capris that i really liked but were all messed up and it was reallly gross in there anway thats aboout all i can remember 7 years ago

GlauraiousDream 6

I dreamed this huge hurricane came and i could feel the wind sucking me away and i couldnt close the car door with all my might and i thought we (my family and the world) were alll going to die but eventually it did go down and we lost my mom cause she was asleep upstairs while everyone else was somewhere else trying to keep alive 7 years ago

GlauraiousDream 5

I’m so excited last night will was in my dream =]
He came back after being away for so long I ran up and hugged him he was sitting down i remember looking at his face and there was a scar on his hand i think he had left mmovies and stuff in his room that wasnt really his room when he had left and i watched them also in my dream i was going to go to germany with adam and i had to get everything all ready to go but i was so late getting downstairs and there was something about eating idk hmmm anyway will seemed healthy he just went on some kind of adventure but i never thought hed come back.
this dream can symbolize a bunch of things one i miss my brother so much and wish he’d come back two maybe how i want to get away annas leaving for chicago today hmmm idk what else i hope my dreams get a bit less hazy soon 7 years ago

GlauraiousDream 4

Vague dream tonight
one part about a huge ap test i was about to take and scared to death b/c i didnt know anything on it and one part about… gah i cant remember but it didnt have anything to do with school. yesterday was a very busy day 7 years ago

GlauraiousDream 3

Happy New year again!!! I just woke up. Kinda dreary but readddddy for a new year thrilled actually!
Alright I had another dream about college. I had really hard classes even my art class was hard and Ms.Adkins was one of my teachers again. There was also a part with this weird pet thing someone got me that stayed alive for six weeks but it was like a toy but alive weird lol and bres brother gave it to me i think anyway durring class like the second day of school the first day was so hard and i failed at everything the second day i decided to try harder to do well. I did try harder but broke down in my class and ran outside in the middle of it crying when a called me outside the class room i sobbed and was terrified that the teacher would come and get mad or kick me out of the class ms adkins came out and i was like please i just need to get a new schedule and see my i didnt want her to make me go back inside but she surprised me
she was like, “yes, yes you do need to see your counciler to get in harder classes.” Or she said something to that affect however it sounded hopeful in my dream and in real life ms. adkinds can be considered my hardest teacher (honors lit) but most inspirational she always pushes everyone to their limits and hopefully to their best. (but usuallly not me its a big class and im too afraid of her to face her but i know she means well.) 8 years ago

GlauraiousDream 2

%{color:blue}Last dream of this year
I dreamed i was at this hotel place spending winter break there but some parts looked very similar to my house like the front entry at one point i was in this shop place trying to find christmas presents for my grandma and i wanted this ring but my mom wouldnt let me get it because it was too expensive i saw cat in the place but she didnt seem herself and i think it was either me and anna or me and aunt doodie or me and mmy mom who accidently destroyed the store’s arrangement like all the shelves on wheels the store got really mad and kicked us out
another part of my dream we were driving on the highway to get back to the hotel super fast and we almost ran into this wall but made it. then the last part of my dream me anna and cat were at the hotel place trying to jump from the balcony to the light fixture with a tampoline under the light just in case we fell. i dont think i made it but it wasnt too wise anyway this dream seems random but i am going to decode it with my magical powers. kkkkkaaaaaa zam! hm okay the light thing was prolly because yesterday when i was on a walk with a i saw a light fixture like the one in the dream through someones lit house umm a hotel was prolly because i thought it was weird we didnt go somewhere this holiday break trampoline i dont get but it was the same old small one that we used to have but threw it out like a year or so ago(twas broken an old)the ring could have been that i had to give a back his ring (it spins i had it for a week while he was away) i kinda miss it lol thus maybe i wanted a new one but this one was different maybe i just liked the ring in the dream idk anywhooooo im done oh yeah i saw someother people trying to reach the goal of taking a photo each day for a year to represent their life. This is a really cool goal and i got a camera for xmas soo maybe i will give it a try with the new year =] i’ll think about it somemore% 8 years ago

Glauraious 8:43am 12/30/2006 Dream 1

Id like to discover the patterns if any of what i dream and relate them to if anything what i did the day before or what happens today. anyway i might as well start right now.
Last night i dreamed my boyfriend left me after school when he went to see some kind of play i was in oh we were also at this new school and it was my first year of college most of my old teachers from 10th grade were there though anyway i couldnt find him afterwards and mom said she saw him doing drugs with his friends i was furious that he had started again and immediately decided to break up with him it. It was later when i finally found him like after school till 8ish or 9 i was looking. but he didnt look like himself at all at first i thought he was a stranger and i think he thought i was one too b/c i yelled out his name from far away and he turned around and was like, “yes?” so i thought the stranger just had the same name as him but his face was different he was taller and he had this huge thing of hair he described to me as “hermit hair” (i dont know where that came from lol) i was so mad at him for leaving then doing drugs but i woke up before i could dump him. OHHH WELLL. that was interesting
I think it relates to him coming home today after a week and me getting a new hair cut which i dont like that much but john says it looks the same just a little shorter. It also relates to me being nervous and scared of next semester starting i was really stressed out in my dream from all the school work i was getting, Im also scared if i dont pull up my grades i wont ever make it to college. and perhaps im scared A will start drugs again but he would never do that so maybe im scared of meeting his friends on new years eve. anyway all and all that was not a good dream because i felt like he abandoned me 8 years ago

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