Dear 43 Things Users,

10 years after introducing 43 Things to the world, we have decided we have met our last goal: completing the incredible experience that has been 43 Things. Please join us in giving one last cheer to all the folks who have shared their goals with the world, as well as all the people who have worked at The Robot Co-op to build this incredible website. We won a Webby Award, published a book, and brought happiness to a lot of people.

Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

It has been a long ride (one of our original goals was to "build a company that lasts at least 2 years” - we beat that one!) While we wish the site could live on, it has suffered from a number of challenges - changes in how people use the site, the advertising industry, and how search engines view the site. We wish the outcome was different – but we’ve always been realistic about when our goals are met and when they aren't.

As of today, you will be able to download your goals and entries. See more about that on the FAQ page. Thanks for 10 great years of goal-setting and achieving.

- The Robots.

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Geo58July 11, 2009 Hundreds of Photos

Anne found this5 years ago

Geo58July 11, 2009 Anne found my link to hundreds of photos yea!

Hundreds of Photos on One entry Anne found on July 11, 20095 years ago


Most of all, it’s helped me from having things to live for, to live up to and to reach out to. Whenever I’m bored I check my list to see if there’s anything I want to work on.
It’s helped me to get organized a little and seeing all those different goals helps me figure out myself; what I want to do, who I am etc.
All the help, support and tips from other people is great too.
Seeing new goals, things you never would’ve thought of yourself, is great too. I learned a lot here. :) 6 years ago

new_startTime and time again...

I have seen how almost anything is ‘normal’ to at least someone… and that has been SO helpful to me!

And the support and encouragement is just incredible.

I am not really one for online social networking… Facebook and Myspace are just not for me. But the flexibiliy 43things allows is just perfect! 6 years ago

sort7743things has made my life so much better

In so many ways it is hard to try and sit down now and list them all. On Jan 1st of this year, I found this website for the first time. I remember it quite well. I was searching for several things on google and this site kept popping up randomly in the top listings. I don’t know if I believe in fate per se, but I am grateful that the listing kept reappearing and wouldn’t be ignored.

As I began taking a look at the website I found several entries on things the I’ve always said I wanted to do. After reading through some posts, It finally dawned on me that I was the only thing keeping me from accomplishing my goals: My lack of focus, my procrastination, and more. So on the first day of what would be my 30th year, I felt it was time to make a decision to make positive changes in my life. Since joining this website I’ve:

seen my friends more and made time out to foster my great relationships.

explored my city like a tourist.

donated time and blood to good causes.

but most of all felt as though I’m working toward something. In the cliched rat race of life I was finally able to identify things in my life that enriched my experience here, rather then held me back. And for this and so many other reason I am so grateful for 43things. 7 years ago

Jess. Dream.((Ripped from another goal, but seemed to fit this one better. Enjoy.))

It feels good to get back on 43things…this site has become such a huge part of me that I feel just a little happier getting a chance to get back on. I’m still waaaay behind on cheers, comments, and reading people’s entries, but I’m working on catching up. Just being on this site, though, reading some of the entries and comments, and laying eyes on my “things” feels great!! Looove this site and the people on it!

A break for which I was unprepared really made me apreciate this site and view how it really has changed my life for the better. Just because I couldn’t log my process on my “things” or receive encouragement from anybody doesn’t mean that I stopped doing them. I was leaving pennies, working at soccer, reading books on my “must read” list, and trying to be the happiest person that I knew every day.

This site has made me a better person; I really believe that. It has taught me to prioritize what I want to do, encourage people, do things that I never thought possible, learn who I really am underneath it all, smile unconditionally, and I have met some of the most incredible people.

I look forward to years more of blogging on this site, adding to my list, and encouraging/chatting with people whom I have learned to love.

<3 7 years ago

A fish with many finsfinding my beloved, making me a better person...

The list goes on.

I am glad that I have a very organized journal like this. I can really track my goals, my accomplishments and perhaps my ideal life. 7 years ago

KasiaHow has 43t changed me?

So far I have done 146 things, given 788 cheers, received 422 cheers, given up on 25 things, got 4 wonderful subscribers (although I don’t really know who they are) and lost 27 pounds.
Important goals that I have achieved thank to 43Things (chronologically):
1. I started reading books. I don’t know if I read 50 books this year but I read like crazy every minute of my free time. I try.
2. I went to my first rock concert. It was quite a great experience but everybody smoked so much that I almost suffocated. Nevertheless, the aesthetical aspect beat it all.
3. I’ve read books by: Sartre, Sade, Nietzsche. I became more interested in philosophy. I’ve bought another book by Nietzsche and Pascal.
4. I put my foot down and went to the high school I wanted, not the one my parents wanted me to. So far I’m really happy I am here. I showed that my own choices are good.
5. I stopped drinking soda.
6. I passed the CAE exam. I would have done it anyway, but I felt that I had to do this to write an entry that I did. I couldn’t let myself down. I couldn’t click “I give up”. I don’t do that. So often.
7. I tried to write a novel. It turned out terrible but now I know that if I want, I can make myself do something for a longer time. So what that I didn’t finish. Maybe I’ll start over another time.
8. I passed Physics although I’m a total noob about it. I mean, I can’t concentrate at the subject. It’s worse than history…
9. I went to Kraków (the town I always wanted to visit) and Radom (my home town).
10. I’ve lost 27 lbs and I’m still losing. If there was no 43T, I don’t know if I would decide to change my life so diametrically. Now I can track every single change in my weight. And be happy with it.
11. I came back home from school about 10 kilometers on foot. I don’t think I would do this if I didn’t sent myself a deadline on this. I did that and now I know I can walk long distances.

This is the shortest summary of my goals. But on my list there still are goals that I added on the first day of my visit here and I still haven’t achieved them. What is it?
1. Read the Bible. – I started but haven’t finished. I have an old Bible, which has small letters and thin pages. I need to buy a new one, easier to read and then proceed.
2. Read the Kalevala – I don’t really know where to find it.
3. Read Mein Kampf – I ain’t willing. But maybe someday. It’s good to know why it all happened.
4. Study computer science AND Set up my own business – Well, I’m in high school now.
5. take a photo of myself laying on a desk standing under the photo of Marcin Świetlicki at my school – I don’t know actually why I haven’t done it yet. I forget all the time to bring a camera with me to school. I’ll do it in September.

The only thing that lets me down is that I didn’t sustain the pressure and gave up on “find love”. But maybe, one day, I will try again… 7 years ago

fanfan samaAujourd'hui, j'écris en français

43things est depuis longtemps pour moi, une sorte de carnet secret. J’y raconte ma vie, surtout ma vie sentimentale. Quand je vais bien, quand je vais moins bien. j’écris tout, je sais que des gens vont regarder mes petits mots.

messages à la mer, déclarations d’amour, tout, tout, j’ai vraiment tout écris depuis 2 ans.

Aujourd’hui, c’est une phase bien noir de ma vie qui recommence. Comme quand on se fait plaquer. Impossible de réagir, sortir la tête de l’eau, c’est ce qu’il faut faire, dès maintenant. Enfin, j’aimerai bien. Une machine à remonter le temps, ou à l’avancer je ne sais pas ce qu’il me faut.
RECULER dans le temps, pour prouver l’amour que je lui porte et lui faire comprendre qu’elle est importante pour moi.
AVANCER dans le temps, pour que ma peine disparaisse.

arggggg, je ne sais pas quoi faire. elle me manque tant. 7 years ago


This website lets me see my progress. It reminds me that yes, I am sucessful at what I do, and I find now that I’m not getting down on myself as much as I would about failure – or fear of. 7 years ago

christimarieWhat to say about 43 Things...

Chatting with myself and others here on 43Things has been beneficial in so many ways that it’s hard to streamline all of it into a coherent post. First, my list here became a sort of tracking device for me, for all of the things I always think about doing, but never get around to. Whether it’s been something rather tedious like getting my driver’s license renewed, or all-encompassing but difficult to define and measure hopes and aspirations, like appreciating my husband more or finding work that I love , putting it in print made me accountable for those hopes, dreams and goals. I’ve only been on 43T since late last year, but writing, musing and reflecting about what I want to do with my life has helped me to be a better, more rounded person. More importantly, it has put me in touch with a community of goodwilled, kindhearted strangers, who rove the halls of 43T, like me, simply looking to pat someone on the back or offer a word of encouragement. Popping onto 43T everyday and finding nuggets of compassion or support has been a wonderful experience for me, and has definitely changed me for the better :) 7 years ago

MonotremeNot gonna happen

I just never got around to this. Either I have evolved into a worse person, or I just can’t seem to find the time. Or both. 7 years ago


This site has been a source of much encouragement and strength for me. In times of desperation or depression, I’ve clicked around to read the entries of those who are in a simliar dilema, and the power of this can not be overestimated. The poignant writing of some users has brought me to tears. 43 things is not simply a website, it is an online community in which we edge on and challenge one another whilst providing support when required. In today’s fast-paced world of schedules and appointments, obligations and responsibility, often a timely reminder is needed for us to consider goals in every facet of our lives and make time for the things that truly matter. For me, 43 things has been that reminder. 7 years ago

naughtyminx7843 Ways...

43 Ways in Which 43 Things Has Changed My Life and helped Me to Evolve Into a Better Person

1. Everyday I question what I am doing towards meeting my goals.

2. Setting and working towards my goals means I am reflective and focussed on what is truly important to me.

3. Ordering my goals allows me to consider my priorities and allocate my time appropriately.

4. I feel an immense sense of achievement when I step closer to meeting a goal or get to click ‘I have done this’.

5. I am bursting with gratitude. Even in my darkest moments I appreciate hot running water or the giggles of my children.

6. I notice small things that might have slipped me by otherwise, such as a smile between an elderly couple or the beauty in a landscape.

7. I know I am not alone. I only have to read others entries to realise my struggles have worldwide companionship.

8. As I share my hard times I also have the pleasure and pride of sharing my achievements.

9. 43T has enabled me to make friendships all over the world.

10. As a result I have insights into international daily life that broaden my understanding of life outside of England.

11. I receive untold support and love from my 43T friends that touches and moves me in a way I thought could not be achieved online.

12. I have been given many extremely wise and useful pieces of advice that have impacted my life on a daily basis from the tea I drink to the way I challenge my own distorted thinking.

13. I have realised that sometimes I have advice worth sharing and so I share it.

14. I love receiving cheers. I feel pride and recognition when I receive them.

15. I love giving cheers. In giving them to others I can mark my support for their goals, words and actions.

16. I have been inspired by others achievements and commitments to meeting goals to work harder myself.

17. I have received invitations and ideas for goals that I would never have tried otherwise.

18. I have discovered new things such as Postsecret that I never would have stumbled upon without 43T.

19. As a result I have posted four secrets that have unburdened me of angst that I have carried for years.

20. I also then took my sister and her girlfriend to the Postsecret exhibition which I feel enhanced and deepened our relationships.

21. I have shared both 43T and discoveries I have made here with family, friends and colleagues.

22. I value my time deeply and try to use it efficiently. Although I spend a lot of time on 43T I feel it has resulted in the rest of my day being spent more productively.

23. I spend more time with my children and focus on the quality of that time. As a result I feel we are all happier in our relationships.

24. I have rediscovered the commitment, love and joy I have for my marriage.

25. I have donated a large amount of clothing and household items to charity.

26. Even though I have not yet adopted it as a goal ‘Leave a smaller ecological footprint’ seems to be ever present in my mind whenever I go to throw something away, thus I am recycling more.

27. I am much more proactive. Instead of daydreaming about the things I want to do, I am setting them down in black and white and taking action to achieve them.

28. My levels of motivation are far higher than they have been before due to being accountable to others.

29. I am focussed on the future whilst also living in the moment.

30. I am reading again.

31. By identifying 43 things I like about my job I have realised there are many advantages to my chosen career and I feel more settled at work.

32. I am consciously driving within the speed limit at all times and therefore posing less of a risk to life and limb than I have done previously.

33. I am registered on the organ donation register so that I might be able to help someone else live when I die.

34. I have sought help from the appropriate professionals where I have needed to. Often it would be easier to run away but accountability and support have stopped me doing that.

35. I have begun to practice yoga and it has without a doubt changed my life profoundly. I am calmer, happier and have a greater sense of peace in my life (and I am more flexible too)!

36. I am living with more honesty and integrity than ever before.

37. I am learning who I am and who I want to be as well as letting go of the parts I don’t want or need anymore.

38. I have realised that I do actually like myself. It has taken a lot of changes for me to be able to say that with conviction and consequently my self-esteem has started to recover.

39. I like feeling part of a team with a common goal. I never feel alone.

40. I enjoy supporting my friends, family and colleagues in my real life to identify and work towards their goals too.

41.The continual support and love from fellow 43T-ers and the absence of negativity or abuse has restored my faith in humankind.

42. I am touched by the strength of my fellow 43T-ers and given hope in their ability to overcome adversities.

43. I feel a part of a amazingly warm like-minded community where we are companionably striving towards improving ourselves and changing our lives whilst having fun and enjoying love, support and laughter along the way! 7 years ago

Sir AaronPost-It Notes For The Soul

43 Things weaved its way into my life when I was frustrated with being stuck in a small town going to a rinky-dink community college to pass the time. It helped me remember that there was still a big exciting world out there full of exciting and dynamic people doing daring and even downright silly things.

43 Things soothed my adventorous yearnings and helped keep my writing sword sharp and unrusted.

A Jolly Good Cheerie-Ho to the Robots and all the people of 43 Things. I would also like to thank my agent and Tom Stoppard since f#@&ng Gwyneth Paltrow never did. 7 years ago

lobthe people on 43T

have encouraged me with the goals I already had and inspired to try new things by seeing their goals. Okay… no long entry… but lots of encouragement and inspiration!

THANKS to all the wonderful people on 43T who have encouraged and inspired me here. Hope I can do the same in return. 7 years ago

KevinSo far...

This site has focused my goals and reminded me of all the others who care and are trying too. i really like not being alone in things. Good luck everyone! 7 years ago


It’s always a surprise to me when people write comments on my posts. Even on blogs which my friends know about no-one ever does. One of the things which has always bothered me is a feeling of inferiority, that no-one would ever be interested in anything I thought or said. Even though now I theoretically know that isn’t true, part of me still believes it, and all the lovely things people on 43T have said help me to shut that bad little voice up a bit more :) 7 years ago

ChuqI'm a better person

I have found this site to be extemely useful for a handful of reasons. I wish many people happy birthday, I have met new friends, and I help answer many questions that people have about the many many things that I’ve already completed.

I’ve asked a few questions in the past, this one comes to mind, and I’ve gotten many helpful answers. I hope that at least one person has found my answers to be informative, and I also hope that I’ve inspired some people to complete some of the goals that they’ve got. I know that I’ve been inspired to get SCUBA certified because of this site.

I’ve also learned to respect different opinions and how to better conduct myself in comments and entries that are open for all the internet to see. 7 years ago

RuChanging Room

Next month it will be 1 year since I stumbled across this site (googling PostSecret). Every one of the 100+ goals I’ve completed (so far) is checked “worth doing”.

I’ve seen improvements in every area of my life: personal relationships, health, happiness, creative inspiration, organization, self-esteem, habits, productivity, fun and plain old-fashioned Getting Shit Done.

Some Things have been “I’ve always wanted to do that” huge. Some were trivial. Some were necessary, some were fun, and some were emotionally draining. Once they were persistently in front of me; at the forefront of my mind, the steps required to accomplish them (rather than procrastinating or forgetting) were easier to take.

The people here are amazing. Like little life coaches & spot-therapists for each other. Even if it’s fleeting. Even if it’s just the right cheer at the right time. There is encouragement, inspiration, motivation and support flourishing here. Cheers all around!

This site is addictive in the best way. It differs in that you don’t just futz about wasting time, you actually DO something. Even if you’re just cruising around cheering people, you’re still pulling focus to your goals and dreams.

It feels as if things fall more easily into place now. Like I’ve somehow hit the defrag button on my life. I used to have a million things I needed (or wanted) to do running through my mind like so many winged monkeys screeching at me. I can’t believe how many of these things I’ve overcome or let go – done something about, silenced.

Now there are at most… 43. And as long as I continue plugging away, there will always be another space for another thing; more room for change.

Beautiful. Cheers again, people. (That means you). 7 years ago

~ John Lee ~Blank Pages

Again and again I am discovering all the blank pages that need to be filled.

The first several chapters are full and are quite interesting.

The rest is unwritten.

Discovering the posibilities, planning plotlines.

What an opportunity! 7 years ago

fanfan sama43T

with 43T, I :
- met a mexican girl,
- successed to play ice hockey
- am happy 7 years ago

Elderbear is subverting the dominant paradigm.It was good to reflect on

And wonderful to get cheered for. I’ll probably reflect on it again. But I need the goal slot for now! I’m marking this done. 7 years ago

~ John Lee ~Ten Fingers

Somehow since writing here often I have learned how to type with all ten fingers without looking down.

Small benefit but what the heck. 7 years ago


This site has allowed me to do things in front of strangers that I never would have done in front of others. State my feelings. Although I talk to my wife and infant son, it is different when expressing oneself to friends. This site has allowed me to open up in a way that is totally different and very freeing. The love and support that this site and the people on it have shown is remarkable. Thank you robots for this wonderful site!!! 7 years ago

QuinnWell I've been thinking about this entry for a while...

...I haven’t really known what to write. I don’t think 43 Things has necessarily made me a better person or changed my life, but it has been a huge resource of support, and I have truly seen how kind and thoughtful human beings can be. The sheer number of people trying to cheer each other on as we all try to really achieve something in life is inspiring, as are many of the people I have met here. Thank you to everybody who has made my experience here so far a great one! 7 years ago

ShutterhoneyMy time at 43 things has been relatively short

but it has helped me sort some crucial things out and keeps me psyched about accomplishing goals. I stumbled across this site while looking for haircut photos and ended up leading a writing group on a 43 things mission…several people are still around from that. I would say 43 things has helped me personally and professionally. It has been a very positive place for me so far and I haven’t come across some of the negativity that was rampant at the previous web site I was frequenting. Maybe it is here but thankfully I haven’t encountered it. What I like about 43 things is the diversity of people here and the variety of ways you can use the site….as a support board, a gallery, a guide for personal development…

Thanks for the invitation and opportunity to reflect. 7 years ago

Geo58You will only see this if you subscribe...

The comment is too big for zeitgest so here is the link on my web page

Updated Photo File for all my friends on 43 things7 years ago

Geo58An updated photo file for 2011!

Note: I took a file from Todd Schoonover and added it to this file because he had some great pictures already posted and think it will create a larger effect on this one here.

Remember, if your image is not here yet, it’s because I haven’t posted it from the 45-50 pages of entries I have received in 2011! So don’t worry, your avatar will be here shortly. Thank you all for making this experiences a wonderful and remarkable one.

PS I am taking special requests if anyone is really impatient ha ha.

Update: If you want to be added to the collage just send me a note or a comment and I will add your j-peg file photo to the “43 thing Time Capsule.” If hope to have everyone pictured her, including all the ROBOTS! some time in the near future. Please pass the word and the file location around as you wish

If you would rather not then, you can let me know and I will not post your photo here.

(((((((Love 43 Things around the World)))))

Mc Huggs :) 7 years ago

Elderbear is subverting the dominant paradigm.I Don't Recall How I Found 43T

I think it was Stumble Upon that randomly dropped me here. At first, I randomly adopted goals that sounded good. Then I had 43 things. I could no longer add goals. That has caused me to get serious about what I want to do. I’ve been pretty religious about ordering goals in order of importance.


1. 43T has destroyed my sleep patterns. This is because of my competitive nature. And my desire to give away all my cheers. I had to drop that goal – it was literally killing me. 43T has played right into my addictive, obsessive nature. On that account, it’s a VERY BAD THING. I’m also getting a certain amount of pleasure from ego strokes. I’m trading sleep (necessary for my health and well being) for lots of wonderful strokes from people I really have come to admire and care deeply about.

Granted, before 43T, I was staying up almost as late playing Diablo II or Startrek Armada II. Other addictive, isolative behaviors. So 43T has replaced another addiction. Sort of like smoking weed instead of drinking booze. The weed is biologically safer than the booze. But it has its own problems.

2. 43T has helped me to focus on doing what I want to do in life. My list of goals is pretty good. Many of them need tightening up. But I’ve been doing that. I’ve been tossing lower priority goals and prioritizing the behaviors I desire. Normally, I would have done this once or twice a year on a sheet of paper that I’d have misplaced a few weeks later after crossing off just a few in red ink. The 43T experience has been different. I’m actually achieving desired behaviors.

3. 43T has connected me to people who encourage me to do what I want/need to do. It’s a great support network. It also allows me to provide feedback and advice to others. To be of service, to encourage back. This is how communities work. I feel valued – and that’s a good thing.

4. I’m finding myself a member of a nascent electronic community (sociologists will argue about whether an electronic community is an oxymoron – my experience is that ultimately, it is). This is breaking down barriers and isolation that I’ve been stuck in for several years since my main community of support crashed and burned. I feel “a part of” again. And that’s good.

5. This place allows me to think deeply about random things. To share experience, strength, and hope. To sophisize. To write. It (y’all) brings out the part of me that needs to be expressed and exercised. You’re pumping up the muscles between my ears.

6. Behavioral health: other than the sleeping issue, the people on this site – especially NYCinephile and Aatmiya Yogini – have invited and encouraged me to do what I knew I should be doing, but put off because it was more comfortable not to. Being invested after spending lots of time and mental energy creating my electronic facade here, I have not choice but to follow through – and thus fill out my facade, my mask, with a real person. I become more and more of who I imagine myself to be, who you cheer me for being.

I say “facade,” not because I’m deliberately faking who I am, but because an online presence isn’t the real person – it’s just one facet of an individual – often much more idealized and/or experimental.

7. I am exercising. And it’s becoming quite regular. I haven’t had a regular exercise program since 2000. This is the longest I’ve gone without a regular exercise program. I’d not have done it on my own. But participation on this site, encouragement from the wonderful people who care for me, has gotten me off my ass, off the couch, and into action! This is a blessing beyond what words can write. I was dying before 43T. Now I have the hope of life.

8. Since I began regularly participating here, my SAD has gone into remission. I usually have a pretty tough time from early December through February. This timem, I haven’t.

9. This is a lot of fun. I’m practicing yoga with people from around the globe. I’ve discovered an artist who inspires me. I’ve found I’m getting great reviews of yoga DVDs. I’m reading inspirational stories. I’m getting cheers. I’m being appreciated.

Now this post has gotten so long I have no idea what I’ve already written. Thank-you Robot Co-op. 7 years ago

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