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cook with a cast iron skillet

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fatwhitechickSeasoning is an ongoing process!

I had great difficulty in learning how to cook with cast iron, due to my idea that seasoning was done before cooking. I also had give up on my idea of “low fat” cooking.

Once I became more liberal with using oil, the cast iron worked very well. I find it best to use a metal spatula, a nylon spatula just doesn’t work as well.

I love the fact that my cast iron pans cook so evenly, and they are easy to clean. If something sticks, I use either a single edged razor blade, or even better, the top of a pull-tab cat food or sardine can. This sharp metal blade lets me scrape off stuck food without scrubbing away all of the seasoning. And if I overheat the pan, and burn off the seasoning, then I will often deep fry tortilla chips in order to reestablish the seasoning.

I am glad that I no longer need to replace my non-stick skillet every few years! I expect that I will never need to replace my cast iron pans! 4 years ago

DoctorTeethFinally! Sub-Par Steak!

So I pulled the cast-iron pan out of the cupboard yesterday afternoon, seasoned it, and got it ready for dinner. I was planning on making butterflied sirloin with blue cheese in the middle, so I made our favourite blue cheese potato salad and some steamed asparagus to go along with it. And then, ten minutes before dinner time, I started cooking the steak.

Basically, it’s cook 3 minutes on one side, 3 minutes on the other, and 3 minutes to rest. Now the book said “Don’t be afraid of smoke. Smoke is normal.” So when it really started smoking at 2m10s, I thought not much of it. But I should have, because it was decidedly more charred than I was expecting. I did it a little closer to 2m30s on the other side, and that worked better. So overall, I’d say the steak was 3 stars out of 5 in quality: it was good, but a little overdone in parts. Then again, nothing exploded the first time I used the pan, so I think I can now go forward and make different things with it in the hope that I will be more successful in the future. Which was kind of the point! 5 years ago

DoctorTeethI fear the pan

I got a cast-iron skillet as a wedding present – something that I particularly insisted on adding to the registry – but I haven’t cooked anything with it yet. I’m just so worried that I’m not going to “feed” it properly or that I’m going to ruin the pan or whatever I cook it in. I think I need a support group. Either that or a book all about cast-iron cookware, or maybe just some good advice. In any event: this will happen by our anniversary. It’s just ridiculous, being scared of a pan. 5 years ago

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