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Solving Riddles

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NeoSnakeTime to go

Must … solve 6 years ago


This sucks and I suck at it. 6 years ago

Pete BraniganLevel 47

Keeping on going!!!! 6 years ago

Pete BraniganLevel 39

Damn, this is hard…but I’m loving it!!!!! 6 years ago

LestatEmpireLevel 80

This level requires me to go back to all the previous pages and look for girls. Quote: “Only all those chicks can help you now!” 6 years ago


I think I’m going to cry. My browser or whatnot won’t let me get past Level 76. I went through all the sublevels and reached the last one. Had to change something in the address bar, and I know what the u/p are. But do I use capitals where necessary? Non-capitals? All lower-case? cries Error 401 and 404 pops up. 6 years ago


Now up to Level 72. I had to call up a friend who is a wiz with audio manipulation though. I need a rest. 6 years ago


Now on Level 45. 6 years ago


I got up to Level 32. Now I’m stuck. That’s why I’m here. 6 years ago

Pete BraniganLevel 16

On level 16 now….please NO SPOILERS6 years ago

Pete BraniganLevel 14 -- Stalled

Haven’t worked on it in a couple of days, but I am hooked! 6 years ago


I’ve sort of given up on this, because of homework and assessments. But I will finish this damn game, dammit. 6 years ago

Pete BraniganOn Level 9

Level’s 1 – 8 were HARD…9 is no different…

I think I am going to try to get through one level a day…

I love this game! 6 years ago


Too much computer knowledge required for this. Takes up waaaaay too much time. Maybe in a hundred years I’ll try this. 6 years ago


Why did I choose to do this?? Honestly, my mind does not have the capacity to cope with those riddles. I-am-slowly-going-insane.

Stuck on level 7, and I only got past 6 by cheating, anyway. Pfft. 6 years ago

LestatEmpireOh boy

School’s started again, so I might be able to squeeze in an hour/day for NotPron. Then I’ll just fail this year. 7 years ago


i started the puzzle an hour ago after seeing it on this site im on level 6 now i think but struggling to under stand how alt and anogram can be combined…. guess i need to do more research on alt or relax and see if its simpler than i think it is….. just a break would do ha x 7 years ago

josiah668A new drug

Today I got snowed in and didn’t have work. Instead, I spent nine hours getting addicted to Notpron. I made it as far as level 16 before my friend and I decided to call it quits. And I’m still thinking about it. What the hell do they mean by invert? I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.

Whatta game. 7 years ago

Geo58Help stuck on level 4

Hello: I just started solving this and now I am at level 4, It says on the hint page: Found the stuff in the dark, What could it be? Well, there’s all sort of things in this room and nothing seems to work, can anyone guide me out of level 4? 7 years ago

Frunobulax19Be careful....

When you get to lvl. -34 you must pay a 1 Euro fee. But after that, it is all worth it! 7 years ago

crispycrispinA question

Im looking for a good site wich dosnt spoil strait away one that explains how and maby clues would be good can anyone help me please 7 years ago

insane4evaA question

Can someone PLEASE help me on the username and password for level 4??? 8 years ago

wieboldThe right place to lose time and possibly your mind...

Whoever did this riddle-game – he/she is a genius!

I love the sometimes twisted logic in the riddles – however, right now i’m stuck on level 24 (of ca. 160) – seems I’m to dumb (grin).

Anyone with a bit of IQ and who likes a challenge, try notpron! 8 years ago


I finally made it!! WOOHOO!! 8 years ago


how do u get past 8? It’s something about a song…? 8 years ago

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