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take multivitamins daily for a whole month

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DanadanadanaNot bad...

15 days in a row so far… 6 years ago

DanadanadanaStarting again

Not multivitamins exactly, but I have some vitamins and probiotics from the naturopath and I’m supposed to be taking them every day with meals. I was good at taking them for the first week, but then Christmas stuff hit the fan…

So I’ll start again. 6 years ago


After the placebo effect wore off I didn’t feel any different :/ and they’re expensive little things for a so-called effect I can’t even see, meh. I’d rather eat food.

“I’m also not a “do XYZ daily” kinda person.” <—exactly, me neither :/ never mind eh :) 6 years ago

cbapIf you feel ill

Skip it immediately. I tried it. I believed in it. Then I read one too many articles by the New York Times author Michael Pollan.

Now I get that vitamins were always a bit too optimistic as a path to health. A great idea, but we’re just not advanced enough to make a food pill yet. Nutrition is a few hundred years behind where it needs to be.

You’re better off eating more local organic fruit and vegetables. 7 years ago

DanadanadanaAh forget it...

I’m just not a vitamin person. I’m also not a “do XYZ daily” kinda person.

It kind of loses it’s goal-worthiness if I change it to “Take a multivitamin once in a while”, doesn’t it? ;-) 7 years ago

rachelbrkeeasy-peasy lemon squeezy

I don’t feel any different, but I guess it’s good to know I’m doing something healthy. 7 years ago


March 15 – check!
March 16 – check!
March 17 – yep
March 18 – yep
” 19 – yes
” 20 – yes!
” 21 – (I can’t remember for sure, but I think so.)
” 22 – yes 7 years ago

DanadanadanaNeed to start again

If at first you don’t succeed (and at second and third) – try try again! 7 years ago


So I guess this is sort of a multivitamin, it’s a recharging complex I bought from Simonsons. It’s for hair growth, nail growth and skin replenishing. I took that almost everyday for a month, but I missed a few. To be honest. I guess I can’t consider that a whole month huh? I’ll just leave it on my 43 things. 7 years ago


Totally forgot for a couple weeks. Whups! 7 years ago


Have missed a few days this week, but overall I’m doing okay on this. 7 years ago

DanadanadanaFirst week

Done! A good start. 7 years ago


January 9 (today). 7 years ago


I tend not to eat very consistently from day to day… and so I decided to take multivitamins to kind of give my body a boost, back it up if you like :)

Well, I got my sister to teach me about different kinds of vitamins while we were in town :) in Superdrug, Boots and, where I bought them in the end, Savers! We were going to get them from Boots but the pills were large (literally, the actual pill itself was big) and I have trouble swallowing them as it is… :/ but yeah! :)

I got a tub of multivitamins and I’ve taken one every day since then :) I’ll have to think for a second to decide on when the first time was… I think it was December 27th! :) That’s FIVE multivitamins I’ve taken so far, FIVE! :) although… ::pats his body down tentatively:: I don’t feel very different… :/ but oh well, I’m simply doing it for the health benefits :)

By the way… is this worth it? :/ Is this the right thing to be doing / the right reason to be doing it?

Thanks :) 7 years ago

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