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mignonthankful for 43 things

spent a lot of time here, made some web friends, was supported a lot!
thank you everybody.
sad that 43 will no longer be around.
is anything similar anywhere? does anyone know sth?
all the best and farewell! 4 months ago

37ThingsIn37thYearGot a little booklet instead

Not doing this electronically, as I want to do this before bed and I am trying to limit my electronics after 9. 14 months ago

mignonat the moment I am grateful for

  • that I went through the summer without getting hurt
  • that I started a new job and have a lot of positive feedback already
  • all my plants were still alive after an extreme hot and dry summer (had them on a drain system which is mad for indoors only
  • I have more time for me now
  • I do not have to travel anymore unless I want to
  • meeting wonderful people in my job
  • feeling very well in my apartment
  • taking good care of myself
  • feeling free
  • having met two freinds I know since over 20 years and feel connected
  • starting yoga in October (together with a friend)
  • my mom is all fit and healthy 15 months ago

37ThingsIn37thYearWhat I am grateful for this week - Sept 16th through 22nd

1. Common curiosity about Alexa Perron
2. My bright walking shoes
3. Smirks
4. Kids on trampolines
5. Kitties with souls
6. Getting good ideas for a front porch 15 months ago

37ThingsIn37thYearWhat I am grateful for this week - Week of Sept 9 through 15

Week of Monday, Sept 9th:

1. E telling me that she thought I should have been promoted
2. B’s support
3. Days that go fast
4. My husband
5. Delicious steak
6. Wine on Tuesdays
7. Manager tools
8. Dr. Z
9. Mom being happier at work
10. Little Alchemy
11. Thinking ahead and planning for the site trip
12. Weekends
13. Deciding to give Kevin Underhill a call
14. my iPad mini
15. lucid dreams
16. our neighbours
17. girls in science programs
18. chewy cookies
19. not having to host Thanksgiving
20. brutally strong massage therapists
21. “begin again”
22. putting relaxing on the to-do list
23. re-committing to good habits
24. sunshine
25. “ladies that lunch”
26. my writing skills
27. the competition
28. having career choices
29. skyping with Mom
30. meditation 15 months ago

37ThingsIn37thYear37 things I'm grateful for this week

Week of September 2 through 8th:

1. J coming to visit
2. Having the maturity to put myself on the line
3. C’s support for me to get my back back
4. Our beautiful house
5. Manager Tools podcasts
6. This great sunny weather
7. Not giving up
8. Carl Jung 15 months ago

37ThingsIn37thYearWrite down 37 things I'm grateful for every week.

I’ll give myself a head start for the Week of August 26th:

1. This site!
2. Getting the projects completed during the staycation
3. Not eating when bored
4. My Mom
5. A husband that listens
6. Career options
7. Getting into ketosis! 16 months ago


I’m grateful for my parents, right now.
My dad’s mom is in the hospital, after a fall and serious brain trauma, she’s not in good shape. She’s had so much bleeding in her brain, her body is shutting down, and there’s nothing more doctors can do. She’s in the hospice center of the hospital, and now we just have to wait.
While it’s hard for me to lose my grandma, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is for my dad to lose his mother. But while he wept last night, and I held him, it hit me just how painful it must be for him. And for a minute I totally completely empathized with how he must feel. And I felt so bad.. But also so thankful. For my parents. As much as I say I don’t like them sometimes, I’ll always love them. And I’m glad they’re still around for me.

Also, I’m grateful for new life. My cousin got married last weekend and, while I didn’t necessarily approve of who he was marrying, it was a beautiful ceremony. And, there’s nothing I can do anyway, because she’s also carrying his baby and my 2nd-cousin-to-be. I am sincerely happy that he’s happy, and that’s all that really matters. The wedding was.. so beautiful. He played some songs that were close to the heart and it was really a tear jerker. Definitely nice to reflect on it when I’m getting down about my grandma. Plus, I’m excited for the child to be born. It’s going to come into a family full of so much love! :D

21 months ago

onthelake81 22 months ago

iramos 23 months ago

Tronie 23 months ago

marymoonshine 2 years ago


Christmas everyone!
today I am thankful for:
  • driving home for chrsitmas to my mum packed with really nice presents
  • spent a wonderful evening with a friend, watching the Rat Pack Las Vegas Show in Vienna (loved it!)and we had free tickets!
  • just had vegan apple pancakes, which were very good!
  • am having a cold but am thinking I am over the worst part, already.
  • got the key for the January work apartment, already, and am happy that I have an affordable place to stay.
  • I like my tax-man so much more than the lady I used to hire to help me: I am not so much dreading doing the taxes, anymore!
  • came closer to my nephew and his girlfriend, they are moving close to me, which is great!
  • a bit of snow outside, today!
  • will have a vegan shepherds pie for christmas with my mum (I like it a lot that the joins me!) 1 year ago

mignonthanks for:

  • I finished almost everything I wanted to do (unloved tasks) for this year
  • even got myself a new drivers license (had to get up really early and get in a loong line with hundred other people, which sucked)
  • start to feel myself more again
  • got all my christmas cards ready and they are really beautiful this year, with a removable postcard from my hometown.
  • the gingerbread house I bulit with my friend an her little son is still standing and smelling wonderful!
  • I have a wonderful job offer for autumn, again (touring a little) and if I am lucky it will be Australia and Japan, this time. (keep fingers crossed!)
  • I will be spending xhristmas with my mom (she got a divorce from a man I disliked, this year)
  • will cook vegan for mom and me at x-mas
  • snowing in Salzburg, meaning we can do all the fun stuff (riding the sledge,...)
  • feels good to know that I have enough work in the new year (I am my own small company – freelancer_ so that is always an issue for me)
  • had a weird dream (dropped my iPad by accident on someones head) and waking up and knowing it is not true!
  • found a beautiful calender and got one for me and my friend 2 years ago


So much to be grateful for.
Wonderful, beautiful, educational, painful, fun, grueling, fucking awesome Brecken Floor Tour workshop this past weekend.
My new beautiful and sexy camera which I’m so extremely grateful for.
Most of my favorite people now all in one house.
Kitten snuggles.
My little iPod shuffle, it’s so wonderful and awesome.
The holiday feelings of nostalgia.
Chocolate, always chocolate.
Being sick, so I can appreciate taste and smell soooo much more.
My new hoop.
World Hoop Day spirit. Lydia getting into hooping and creating new moves.
2 years ago


  • my new friend, everytime we meet: warm and joyful!
  • I have just one more week to work, this year and then I am on holidays until Jan.7th!
  • a “friend” who got on my nervs for months proposed that we don´t see each other any more (I have trouble giving up on people I like, and would have listened to her crap for a much longer time)
  • I turn out to be a knitting machine, that fills me with joy and pride
  • doing Katie Byrons work more often and feel fine.
  • my little operation went well
  • my official tax letter came back: no changes necessary
  • got a videobeam pretty cheap and can have film evenings with friends!
  • will spend christmas with mommy again!
  • so much looking forward to all my time off! 2 years ago

marymoonshinegive thanks

I’m going to use my 43things account as a gratitude journal from now on… 2 years ago


This year, I am thankful for… so many things.
My amazing friends who have taught me so much, especially this year. And are always looking out for me.
For music. My most favorite thing in the whole world.
My wonderful Xbox 360 so that I may play Skyrim whenever I want, how long I want.
For knowledge I truly feel privileged to have. And for having the ability to share that knowledge with other people my age, hoping to en-better the next generation, even though I know I can’t do it all.
For hooping. Very thankful for hooping. It’s the best things I’ve got going for me right now, and it will never ever let me down. Additionally, all the people I’ve met through hooping.
And most importantly; chocolate. Because who knows where’s I’d be without it.

2 years ago

mignonmerci beaucoup!

  • I have everything I need and more
  • I got a special friend who is preparing Nikolo bags (filled with sweets and goodies) for homeless people or people in need.and I help him and will send a box of six goodie bags out today.
  • I am having a new tv series I really like
  • met my new friend (since summer) this sunday, we went to the biggest cemetary in vienna and had wonderful talks- we made plans: will bake a gingerbread house with her little son!
  • I have a little boy in my life now who loves to receive postcards and I am traveling a lot and will keep his mailbox happy
  • my collleague and friend came back from the burnout clinic and seems to feel better
  • I started to knit a scarf (I am soo bad at knitting! always was) but I am trying anyway!
  • almost looking forward to christmas! yay! 2 years ago

mignonthis week

i finally over.
It was a very good week. I got so many things done that I dreaded for a long time.
yesterday I had a cervical polyp removed and now I feel like all I needed to do is done.
I am waiting for my tax to be done by my new taxman nad then I am all set for the winter! 2 years ago


  • my plants: always a pleasure to look at
  • new bike saddle (old one got stolen: new one much more comfy!
  • finally finished all my tax work for 2011 (and sorted most of 2012, too!)
  • met my coach and had some wonderful ideas
  • going to Sweden and Berlin, next year!
  • mom is healthy and happy and enjoying herself in a spa with her best friend!
  • my brother has re-connected with his girlfriend (she is adorable)
  • my former apt. sub-renters cleared out their garbage from my storage in the cellar (finally: after two years!) 2 years ago

mignonthankful for

  • so much work, I can choose from
  • an apartment in the middle of the old part of the city in a walking distance to most of the beautiful spots in my city
  • a new friend
  • getting done a lot of things in this week that have been sitting on my chest forever
  • having got a family gift that will grant my financial well being for a lifetime
  • my cactus collection is growing and prospering
  • living mostly vegan
  • a nice guy who I met half a year ago called and asked me out
  • my swedish stove
  • having everything I need 2 years ago

FindingMyNameOh, 43Things how I've neglected you so

I haven’t written in forever.
I’m so sorry, future self, you’re probably frustrated and wanting to know what’s going on in my life. Welp, I suppose we shall play another game up catch-up

I didn’t have internet for a little over a month, that’s the main reason why I haven’t been writing. However, I have the internet again and I’ve honestly just forgotten about 43Things because I’ve been catching up on everything else. I should really put this higher on my priorities, but it’s been a very beneficial website for me.

Anypoop, I have so much to be grateful for. Especially right now.

It’s been a LONG time since I wrote my last entry and a lot has happened since then.
Lucas and Autumn moved back into Terri’s which I am really grateful for because I missed having Lucas around.

Halloween was super fun. Terri and I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland (me) and The Queen of Hearts (her.) How cute, right? And our costumes turned out really nicely. Also, we’ve decided if we ever perform together, we’re going to take on the personas of Alice and The Queen. Which is a awesome, because I’m so in love with the Alice in Wonderland story and now I get to think about being Alice on more occasions than just Halloween! :D

I’m very grateful for getting around to finishing the first part of my story, Barely Breathing and finally having a clear direction of where I want to take it.

Also, during the time I didn’t have internet I spent a lot of time palying video games, and beat Pokemon HeartGold (however, I’ve yet to catch all the pokemon due to the fact that I started playing Skyrim) I also beat Skyrim’s main questline. (which was the first Elder Scrolls game I’ve played) And I really liked those games.

Okay, here’s the big news, guys,
Next weekend I’m going a hoop workshop with Anah Reichenbach!!! The Godmother of hooping! Then, in December I’m planning on going to Brecken’s workshop! The ninja of hooping (along with Tiana, who is also a ninja of hooping. It’s awesome that they’re so close)
Ahhhhhhhhhh! :D!!!

It was so miraculous. I wasn’t gonna go because I don’t have enough money, but one of the big hoopers that lives here in indy said there was a woman who was going to go Anah, but she is pregnant and put on bed rest, so she wanted to gift her ticket to someone, and I guess left it up to my friend to find the right person to give it to! And she chose me :D Wow!! And Terri has her ticket and it’s all worked out and It’s gonna be the bomb! And not only am I going to her workshop, but we’re also partying with her Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be WICKED!

Also, I’m going to an underground hoop party this weekend. I’m totally using this as a practice opportunity, haha.
Ugh, so wonderful!! 2 years ago

kaleidoscopelady 2 years ago

kaleidoscopeladymarking it done

I just haven’t been using this. I’m not sure why I feel so averse to do so.

I certainly feel gratitude every single day. Maybe I feel redundant saying how grateful I am for my children, family and hoops when, in fact, the gratitude overflows every breathing moment.

Something about finding stories or occurrences/events in which to be grateful feels superficial as well.

Anyway, not for lack of gratitude, I’m taking this dusty goal off for now. Maybe I’ll find another way to express… 2 years ago


My sweet cuddly babies. It was rough being away from them all weekend and it felt quite nice to be squished between them again. ha.

I have been eating good, tasty, healthy and hearty meals this week and not feeling guilty about it. I have been eating my fill and very moderate with sweets. I do feel strong, young, healthy and normal. I’m not as disgusted with myself this week and I am so very grateful for that!

The weather is cooler. There hasn’t been a lot of rain but there has been some and the break in temperature is a sweet relief. Things are turning somewhat green again….and speaking of I’m grateful for the yummy swiss chard that graced my lunch table this morning from the garden.

Took the kids for a long and somewhat strenuous, for me, walk today. I pulled the wagon many blocks to and from the grocery. I haven’t done that in a while. It felt really good.

Sweet, inspirational, wise words and ideas that trickle to my ears from all corners of the universe when I am ready to hear and absorb. So grateful for so many beautiful souls. 2 years ago

FindingMyNameNature, I thank thee

Friday night Kortney hit up Terri and I saying she felt like having a random late-night hoop jam. We, being the night owls we are, were of course both totally down. So Kortney picked me up and we had a good 2 hour jam at Terri’s. Love those guys.

On Saturday, Terri and I went to the conservatory at Garfield park. I’d never been to Garfield Park before, nor had I been to a conservatory. Oh. My. Tacos. It was sooo lovely. Granted, it was small, but the beauty was immense. So many magnificent flowers and trees. I really felt like I was in a jungle. Also, there were little ponds with lily pads and koi fish. And itty bitty waterfalls, streming down big rock hills. (Well, as big as a rock hill can get in an indoor conservatory.) It was so peaceful.. I couldn’t believe how a small bit of nature could make me feel so at ease. I can’t explain how much I truly loved it. It was lovely and I cannot wait to go back. We also had my two little cousins with us (5 and 2) And they had a great time! They marveled at everything and really loved the fish. It was super cute watching them get super excited about it. Terri was proud that her children had a love for nature, hehe.

Afterwords, she and I hooped in the Sunken Garden for a while. Which was also really pretty. It was super elegant; felt like dancing in the backyard of a castle somewhere, ha. The kids enjoyed running in all the space. It was fun taking my new hoop out for the first time too.

Sunday I had fun helping Terri put together an Italian themed Sunday dinner. She’s been making a big dinner every Sunday. Katie, Nick and I usually come. Frank is always there, and of course, Lucas, Autumn and Damen are there. Sometimes we invite other people. Kortney came a couple weekends ago, which was cool.

Then on Monday Katie, Nick and I went to the downtown library. I had never been there before.. it was so amazing!! I loved it! Not only was the new addition beautiful, abundant, high tech, quiet, but also, the old building is all fiction!! And the old building is really cool and historic looking, it’s so cool!
I got a couple books on unexplained phenomena around the world which I’m really liking so far. There were soooo many books and just not enough time to look at them all. I cannot wait to get back and get some good fiction stories!!

All I want to do now is go to the conservatory, sit on a bench near a pond and read my books. 2 years ago


my spirits are lifting.

Even though the school situation is overwhelming and somewhat stressful, I welcome it as a distraction out of my own head.

Feeling comfortable in my woman-ness today, that gift comes and goes as well.

resonating with some workable strategies to keep my spirits up and myself strong when i do feel overwhelmed….

an interview tomorrow, here’s to feeling confident. 2 years ago


I am thankful for

  • the invitation to a garden party in upper Austria (I will see friends I havent seen in a long time)
  • my quiet summer
  • I am having enough of everythng
  • meeting quite many people on the street when I go shopping or ride my bike, that makes me feel good
  • box of new clothes arrived yesterday incl. a new fav.pullover finely knitted
  • made apricot jam yesterday (I love doing that and having a treasure like that for the winter 2 years ago

FindingMyNameThank you, universe.

For you always send me answers when I need them, although, that isn’t always when I want them, I believe it’s better that way.

I got a tattoo about 3 weeks ago, I’m extremely grateful for it and love it with all my heart. It’s a heartagram, which is a symbol for the band, H.I.M. Lead singer Ville Valo said that the heartagram represents a kind of ying-yan sign. It stands for love and death. While that does apply to it, mostly for me, it represents music. What it’s gotten me through and all the musicians I’ve let soothe my soul thus far and those that will help me later on down the road.

I’m grateful for Nick moving in with us. I really really like having Katie around all the time. I also like the kittens living here so when I’m feeling down I can go and rub my face all over them and feel a lot better.

I’m grateful that Katie and Nick are moving out this month. I mean.. sort of. I actually really really hate that their leaving and want them to stay home, because they are almost my only friends, my best friends in any case. But that’s selfish of me. I’m happy for them, that they get to move out. (I’d love to move out) Plus, it’ll be awesome to go visit them sometimes. And they will be a lot happier. So, for them, I am grateful.

Overall, I’m extremely grateful for those around me. Enough said.

2 years ago

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