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ClocksDeclaringI couldn't NOT take this picture.

I love clouds!

And it’s just fuckin’ gorgeous out today, man. 1 month ago

ClocksDeclaringBecause in smoggier areas--

You can’t find a sky this simple and pretty at the same time. :) 3 months ago


My mum and the pups hanging out watching Skyfall in the living room. :B 4 months ago


The cupcake shop in town. They do different flavors everyday, so it’s fun to just wander in randomly and see what they have. :3

Plus… It’s cupcakes. And they’re YUMMY. 5 months ago

Amy A#11 - Via the Boy's POV

This one my son snapped on an excursion with the girl while she was showing him around after he moved here. This is “Arizona falls” a man made feature near one of the local schools and an area that we consider “close to home.” 5 months ago

Amy A#10 - On the Way

home from an interview further up north in Scottsdale (walking to the bus stop), I saw this on the edge of the sidewalk. So, having managed to remember to put my camera in my backpack, I snapped a photo! 5 months ago


My mom has been getting work done on the house for awhile, and this is one of the new things. Before it was all pictures of the family across the wall, and the wall itself was more of an off white color. Now it’s a more simple idea with birds, and a light brown/tan color. Not sure where the photos are going yet… :)

Found it all at Hobby Lobby (minus the little wiener dog in the corner). 6 months ago

ClocksDeclaringNature at its simplest~

Poor little egg must have fell from the nest. D:

I would have picked it up to return it, especially since it was in one piece, but apparently after you touch them birds don’t want their eggs after that…

Wh-why mummy bird? That’s terrible. 3; 8 months ago


My mom collects masks. :3 She also has a large, wooden Aztec calendar on the wall of the living room. It’s very intricate and pretty. 9 months ago

ClocksDeclaringThis is me being smart-


Taking pictures while driving down the bypass on the way home from work… I do that (a lot) when I think the sky/clouds look pretty.

I’ve got problems. 10 months ago

ClocksDeclaringEnter at your own risk!

I have this hanging in the doorway of my bedroom. :3

It’s been hiding and collecting dust since I got it years ago, and finally I got the idea to use it as a ‘door’ for my room. I think it looks kinda cool. :D

Edit:: Trying to do this from my phone is stupid. Ha-ha. So hopefully I’ll eventually get the picture to attach…
Attached, but now sideways, ha~ 17 months ago

Collectorofcats View of the city municipal pool (12/43)

Taken in mid summer. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats Water tower (11/43)

One of two in town. This one is located on the northwest edge of town. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats Local City Park Play Area (10/43)

They have an older play area down the street that is fenced in. These are the more updated play equipment that in spite of being newer are still showing their age. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats Railroad Crossing (9/43)

The main entrance into town features a railroad crossing and an electronic sign. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats View of My street (8/43)

from my porch looking toward the north. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats Our Next Door Neighbor's House (7/43)

As viewed from my backyard. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats Photo taken from a side street (6/43)

On Thursday, the annual festival began with an auction of hams made by kids in either FFA or 4 H. The grandstand is set up here for contests and performances put on during the three days of the festival. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats Main Street Looking South (5/43)

The festivities were in full swing last night during the annual fall festival in town. This is a view of what it looks like from one end of the street looking South. The ferris wheel is at the farthest end of Main Street but can still be seen from this viewpoint if you look hard enough and know what to look for. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats Ferris Wheel (4/43)

I took this photo of the ferris wheel on Wednesday while the carnival was being set up for the annual fall festival in town. I believe they set up the ferris wheel in the same spot every year. It was at this same location last year. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats The Old "Hall" or Castle (3/43)

This old building has seen a lot of action over the years since it was built in the early 1920s. It has been a meeting hall for various organizations, a restaurant, a youth center as well as sat empty and neglected as often. Currently, it is being revived as a antique mall and flea shop by it’s newest owner. 1 year ago

Tony, the Bald Eagle 6 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleFantail in Main Street

One of Upper Hutt’s main street sculptures 2 years ago

Collectorofcats The choo-choo train at the city kiddie park (2/43)

It isn’t often the this train remains idle. Usually it becomes the center of attention at the city park just down the street where I now live. 2 years ago

Collectorofcats I'm thinking of beginning over on this goal (Picture 1/43)

I didn’t really post very many picture before I moved and I’m thinking there are lots of interesting things to photograph in my new town of residence. I’m starting with this photo. It is the Kansas City Southern Roundhouse (although it isn’t actually round) at the intersection of Front Street and Main Street in Slater, Missouri. 2 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleMy favourite coffee shop - Shine

Shine has a barista that makes consistently great coffee 2 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleOriental Parade

The bay looks amazing as the fountain spots the water straight up which is unusual given Wellington’s windy reputation. 2 years ago

uccellettaFalun, Sweden

Skiing tracks ON the lake. 2 years ago

uccellettaNear my mother's home in Bavaria

Also home to me … 2 years ago

Tony, the Bald EagleOur local church

St Johns is lit at night which makes it interesting 2 years ago

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