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Andy CiordiaWow.. How far you come and how far you have to go..

Looking at this list, it’s funny that Egg and I are the only ones who leveraged this. Two years ago. Wow. I’m an adept at basic sit and travel, my docks are sloppy but coming along. My head-down needs a lot of work.

Overall I think I’ll say this is learned but never mastered and now I’d like to make more granular goals within the disciplines.

If you find this, go for it. Freeflying has some real fun to it if you’re into more kinesthetic forms of flying. 3 years ago

egggetting there and sticking a sitfly

it’s awesome to finally feel like i have a basic sitfly position. many more attempts are needed to really get it. all i can say is that coaching is a very good thing. as in, if you’re learning a new discipline of flying, get a coach and get a coach early on. it’s amazing how much coaching made a difference for my RW flying. my only regret was that i didn’t get the coaching early on and i developed many a bad habit and have struggled to lose said habits. i’m determined to not let that happen with my freeflying! woohoo!! 6 years ago

Andy CiordiaBetter and Better

Did two solo FF’s this weekend in shorts and achieved stability and sit within moments. Wish I could stay in it out the door but I don’t have the feel for the hill on my back. I end up almost fully on my back and then having to push arms back legs down to regain it. Oh well. I’m starting to adjust to the sensations and am kinesthetically gaining the upperhand of right and wrong form. Next stop, turns, slides, and spins to head down. Wheee! 6 years ago

Andy CiordiaCall me the Tumbler

Four man exit, we forgot to cross grip so we basically did a two man exit hahaha. About 2k out we separated and began work. I was in shorts and I could not get into the sit. I’m better at it in my RW suit than shorts. I could stand easily but that wasn’t what we needed.

Clocked myself at 180mph hehe. We went 180’ from each other and tracked at 5k. Me being the fastest I pulled first.

Somewhere in the mix I got a good nosebleed. I looked AWESOME upon landing. Luckily it didn’t get on my rig.

I need a freefly suit or at least some pants. 6 years ago

eggwoohoo! totally different than belly flying!

jeff d. took me on my first freefly jump. we launched into a backfly and then i went into a sitfly. i maintained it for a few seconds, then went into a spin on my back. i found out i’m really good at spinning on my back, despite that fact that it’s not what you’re supposed to do in freeflying. :) oops. it’s a start, though. it’s definitely a different experience than relative work belly flying. i hope to get good at both disciplines. more coaching, more coaching and maybe even more tunnel time. :) 6 years ago


I have been skydiving since 1994, and in that time I’ve made 2 sitfly jumps. That is the total extent of my freeflying. Now that my 4-way RW team has decided to take a break, it’s time to learn something new! I know it will be fun and challenging, and will also improve my RW skills. I’m hoping I can exchange some mentoring, RW for freefly. 7 years ago

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