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KatchooMost important thing...

Is to become more organized in dealing with my humungous caseload. Right now I’m overwhelmed and very scattershot; I need to have more of a routine for contacting victims on one end (initiation) and closing out cases on the other. I’m good at getting things done when there are definite leads and getting better at ruthlessly closing out cases when there is nothing workable…it’s those ones that fall into the grey area in between where maybe something might come up that I’m bad at.

And I have a sea of paper on my desk that I have to get under control.

This is a really important goal for me but I need to spend some time thinking about how to break it into smaller steps and clean up the mess as the work keeps flying at me at the same time. If I can get a handle on this, I will love my job soooo much more. This is probably my number 1 source of stress right now. 6 years ago

KatchooAnother class...

I am currently taking Basic Investigations, which is the 2-week “intro” course for detectives/investigators given at the state police academy.

Today was day 2 and I’m already cringing at how many things I’ve overlooked or failed to document correctly in the cases I’ve done so far. Very humbling. But I’m also itching to get back to work and start doing it better… 6 years ago

KatchooIt's been hard lately....

We’ve had a manpower shortage at work, everyone has been swamped and there’s been Waaaaaay too much politics going on among the upper brass, with our unit in the crossfire and our alleged leader clueless, nervous and making wild “innovations” that were just draining people and driving everyone nuts.

The majors were switched around this week and I’m cautiously optimistic that we can start pulling together again. We still have way too much to do but I get to specialize again (one of the “innovations” was to have all detectives handling all kinds of cases, with the zone of the city the crime occurred in being the only determinant—you handled anything and everything in your zone, from violent felonies down to hit and run accidents and everything in between. Ugh.)

So that’s part of the reason I’ve had a low profile here lately—I’ve almost literally been doing nothing but working, sleeping, working again and collapsing during any time off and trying to spend some time with my dogs and sweetie if I had a minute. Everything else has been on hold.

I’m just praying the light i’m seeing in the tunnel right now is the other side, not a train! 6 years ago

KatchooOne step along the way...

I’m heading to Mississippi for a week of training in interviews and interrogations (insert rubber hose/phone book joke here). Seriously, believe it or not this regional training school has one of the best classes in the country. Downside: it’s in um, Mississippi.

But I’m soooo looking forward to this class! See you all next week! 7 years ago

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