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sbailey71 13 months ago


Make the most of my weekends because my weeks have started to just pass by so quickly. I hope to get into a routine of studying by the end of the month. I have so much to cover yet and failure just is not an option. 2 years ago


made a book of brilliance…its helping me concentrate and also study for a fixed time everyday 2 years ago


- Look at the syllabus for both papers
- Go over what has been covered in class
- Read the relevant chapters in the textbooks
- Attempt practise questions 2 years ago

angelablaze 2 years ago

HeerenLo..xThe earlier I start

the less stressed I will be! :) 2 years ago

Claudine Alvarez 2 years ago

HeerenLo..xTo do list


Register for exams

Decide which exams I want to do 2/3

Get letter

Print out F1 notes

Sort notes

Complete F1 revision

Revisit E1

Start Managerial Lectures (October)2 years ago

HeerenLo..xThis went really well

and then I slip back into old habits and do not do any work for ages as soon as I find something in my studies that is difficult to get my head round! I need to put a bit more effort in tonight and then tomorrow because I feel so bad when I do not do enough work! Exam entry closes on September the 22nd so that should motivate me to get into a good revision pattern, or so I hope. 2 years ago

HeerenLo..xI so

need to stop disrupting my routine of revision because I just find it so difficult to get back into. I worked 6 days last week and I’m not feeling 100% well today. Yesterday was party day and now I am shattered. I did not get anything done Saturday after work, yesterday and it looks like I won’t get much done today. Maybe I will feel differently after a sleep though. 2 years ago

HeerenLo..xI feel more motivated to revise since...

looking for jobs for people who have fully qualified.Obviously I know I have a lot of work to do, but whenever I feel unmotivated I will remind myself of how much I could be potentially earning when I have finished studying.

Now I know what needs to be done and when by so I just need to keep on track and I should be on my way to passing my exams. 2 years ago

AshieBear 2 years ago

AshieBearI feel ready

I’ve tidied up my room and gotten more organized lately. I also discovered Microsoft’s OneNote. I love it. Having all of my notes and other things in one place is really going to help when I start university next month. 2 years ago

HeerenLo..xI am finding it so...

difficult to get into a good study routine.. I really want to start enjoy studying but at the moment it just feels like a chore. 2 years ago

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