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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.

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~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 4:

1. for looking good enough instead of great so I could go out and shop! would not have had time otherwise.
2. for God knowing. closure. the right gift. something fun for me, and a prayer that it will encourage in the future me as well.
3. for maybe this pain in my heart going away someday. i heard the word, just the word, and the pain came back. but at least it’s not there all the time like earlier this week when that made it happen. sigh. one day.
4. going out b/c my bf encouraged me to.
5. because she is awesome and cares about me.
6. because i can make her laugh and she thought i was really funny and fun today. :)
7. for being able to be hot enough to sweat. instead of so cold.
8. for going w/o makeup and jewelry and knowing it was ok.
9. two doctors being nice and God letting it go ok.
10. celebrating Easter some way.
11. realizing the reminders of how simple kindness and smiles make a difference and i used to do that more. 1 hour ago

Optionally_Mine17th April 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Waking to another fabulously beautiful day.
2~ Smell the coffee .. drink .. repeat.
3~ An easy journey with reading highlights.
4~ Little brown bags and blue ones for that matter.
5~ Event organising .. the pride of my clients.
6~ Colleague support and negotiations.
7~ £20 and a box of After Eights came my way today.
8~ Getting done what I wanted to get done come the end of the day.
9~ Taking the journey .. Grocery shopping for me.

10~ A phone call from a friend.
11~ A little cat’s company.
12~ Redcurrants and extra big cookies.

13~ My son’s most hated eyesore is no longer in my hallway or anywhere else in the house .. yes finally.

14~ 43things .. and the beginnings of a long weekend. 5 hours ago

chester1955Thursday pre-Easter gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A great 20/20/20 at the gym. 20 mins run, 20 mins Stairmaster and 20 min bike. Feeling fantastic!
  • A fun game of Fast and Furious with Douglas. He loves playing fetch the ball.
  • Sales! I desperately need new winter clothes. I have gone from a size 20+ to a size 12 over the past year and this winter I literally have NO winter clothes that fit. I got a really nice long sleeved top to start off the winter wardrobe at 20% off. Thank you thank you.
  • A parking place at the train station. Every day I ask and every day the Universe provides. Thank you thank you.
  • Looking forward to the long break over Easter. I have plans to garden, read, study, go out for dinner with friends, study, relax, study and generally get a few things in order. Yaaaay :-) 8 hours ago

МилаApril 17th

1. Food. I got to my Russian class at 9:30 and went through two more things in the same room, leaving at 3pm. This class…we’re more family than class..there’s cheesy facebook updates and what not. I started eating when I got there and stopped when I left. It was so great. I love food and my Russian friends haha.

2. I ran into a girl from high school. Which is a weird feeling. I almost had the same “high school” feeling I did, which was, wow I’m a nerd nobody likes me, but it was nice talking to her for a minute. It just shows how much life has changed for the better! (and how much high school sucks!)

3. I’m at home. With wine. And ice cream. In pjs that have flamingo’s with hats and scarves. This is a dream.

4. I am no longer in a rush to get any work done.

5. But it’s all over in ten days and I can’t wait! 8 hours ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~3rd day

1. friends notes. God did that in time.
2. my bf’s prayers all day long and love.
3. that the jerk doctor wasn’t as bad as he has been.
4. that i got to go somewhere i hadn’t been in years. by myself. and i looked good. :)
5. that i tried to not stress the rest of the day after allll i’d been through.

still beat. still have a pain on and off from the trauma of earlier this week. that is not good and a new low to have happened from the emotional crap of stress i’ve been trying to break free from since for so long. why does it have to be in layers? i don’t know. it’s like a chain that you break free of one link or a few but the closer you get back to the situation or relationship the shorter chain is still there and grabs at you to trap you back if it can. no i can only whisper it. :(

but it counts that after all this, for now,

i’m here. still on this planet.
waving hello lol – always free to choose

edit: 7. a friend calling to check on me. laughing. caring. living. and having someone safer in the midst of circumstances here, to say good night to. 12 hours ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherWed. 4/16/14

1. persistence (I did not throw out a favourite moth-holed iphone-pink cashmere cardigan, but found online tutorials that teach all manner of repair)
2. more paperwork done
3. purloin
4. middle of the night poems
5. attentions, affections 12 hours ago

besidequietwatersWednesday 04.16.2014

I was grateful for:

1. sleeping well
2. morning coffee
3. restarting my yoga practice
4. noticeable ab sculpting progress
5. a credit card charge being reversed 13 hours ago

TeenyBeanApril 16, 2014

1. For allowing myself a slow morning instead of rushing.
2. For quality time with my dad. Every spring we go to a baseball game together, just the two of us.
3. For better weather at the baseball game than I was anticipating. I didn’t get cold even once, thankfully.
4. For quiet time at the coffee shop to catch up on emails and enjoy a latte. Oh, and my new issue of Backpacker magazine too!
5. For motivation around the house. I started cleaning out my pantry and was able to throw out some expired items as well as find items to donate. 14 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting the day with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – Going for a long run.

3. – Getting to take a long nap.

4. – Pizza for dinner.

5. – A good night at work. 14 hours ago

dragonfly35Tuesday and Wednesday gratitudes

I was so very grateful:
  1. For lovely classes
  2. That the schedule worked out well
  3. For pausing for lunch and groceries in the midst of a busy day
  4. For being able to laugh at myself
  5. For good company at work

Thank you.

I was so very grateful:
  1. For not having to rush the tests
  2. For a surprise birthday cake while doing some contract work
  3. For my new Tom’s sandals
  4. For a pregnancy-safe version of Viparita Karani
  5. For bed at the end of a long day

Thank you. 14 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting the day with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – A productive workday.

3. – Homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

4. – A good time at my meditation class.

5. – Buying a cool jigsaw puzzle at a coffee shop. 14 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Sleeping in a bit.

2. – Going for a long walk.

3. – Having a mostly lazy day.

4. – A good workout at my martial arts class.

5. – Getting a VPN setup for my internet. 14 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting the day off with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – Going for a long hike and scouting out some crappie fishing sites.

3. – Getting my bees installed into their beehives.

4. – A great workout at my martial arts class.

5. – Cinnabon. 14 hours ago

julettaskeyWednesday ~ 4.16.14

~ a productive day at the circus (work)
~ laughter
~ granting wishes for a little one who is sick, being part of an organization is beyond words for me. so soul fulfilling
~ taking much needed me time
~ trying to understand 14 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting my day off with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – Getting the computer modules completed for my on the job training.

3. – Chinese food for dinner.

4. – Getting some groceries.

5. – Watching a few more episodes of the Walking Dead. 15 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Getting to sleep in a bit.

2. – Getting the foundations for the beehives leveled out, the hives setup, sugar syrup made, wax foundations installed in the frames, and pollen paddies made.

3. – Meeting some cool new people at the Indiana Beekeepers Association. I helped them unload 250,000 bees.

4. – Getting my honeybees home safely!

5. – Starting to get caught up on the Walking Dead. 15 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Sleeping in a bit.

2. – Starting the day with meditation and sun salutation.

3. – A good afternoon at work. First day went smoothly.

4. – Mexican food for dinner.

5. – Getting a new growler of beer. 16 hours ago

letterboxerThursday April 17

So grateful for 43t to help me stay motivated. Don’t know where I’d be without it and all of you.

Paint. Amazing what paint can do to make a home look clean and new! Got most of my touch ups done yesterday, going to finish today!

Repairs. The Garage door guy is my hero! So grateful that the door works again! Especially with all the rain/snow we had this week!

Internet. I’m learning Swedish online, which still amazes me. I lived overseas many years ago and nothing like this was even a possibility (yep, I’m sounding like an old lady now, but a very grateful one!!)

Grab and go healthy breakfast: hard cooked egg, banana, coffee.

On your mark, get set, go! Hope you all have a great and productive day everybody! 16 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting the day with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – The orientation for my new job going well.

3. – Panda Express.

4. – A good workout at my martial arts class.

5. – Falling asleep listening to the rain on the metal roof of my house. 17 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Sleeping in just a little bit.

2. – Getting the mulch finished.

3. – Sitting under a tree during a rainstorm.

4. – Skyline chili.

5. – A good time at my meditation class. 17 hours ago


I was grateful for…

1. – Starting the day off with meditation and sun salutations.

2. – Getting to help a friend pour a concrete sidewalk.

3. – Good Chinese food for dinner.

4. – A good time at my Masonic lodge meeting.

5. – Getting to spend some time with a friend on her birthday. 17 hours ago

SarabandWednesday 16th April

Wednesday. Never tire of these sunny starts to the day. The forecast suggests we will see a change in a day or two so this morning is especially appreciated :)

Today’s gratitudes:

  • the sense of freedom evoked by the prospect of 3 days at home
  • long catch-up chats with E & R and an unexpected chat on the phone with little E
  • a wonderful solo walk under brilliant blue skies with the warmth and freshness of a perfect spring day
  • a heavy weariness as evening approached – and the satisfaction of knowing it followed a productive day
  • taking a few minutes to sit outside (on our new patio!), drinking in the warm evening sun and sipping a glass of wine, followed by a warm soak to ease the aches and pains :) 21 hours ago

smileyfaceWednesday 4.16.14

1. Not having a morning patient but being able to keep busy the whole time
2. Afternoon patient was a delight :) a wonderful old man who I wanted to just talk to the whole time.
3. Being able to just crack jokes and laugh with perfect strangers
4. A strange nap where I woke up thinking it was 8 in the morning rather than 8 at night. We all got some good entertainment out of the confusion!
5. Listening to classical music while studying and working out. Strangely good combo 23 hours ago

h.g.happinessWednesday 7:36 p.m.

This evening I am grateful for

1) getting everything almost done for Open House tomorrow… the students are so cute… they are like, “Man..I’m tired…we’ve been working so hard!” ;)

2) Bikram Yoga class….it’s 90 minutes long but while I’m there it only feels like 10 minutes…it also feels like how you feel when you are in labor… the concentration part…I love it!

3) talking with my MB this evening… I love her dearly

4) This Website That talks about the different poses in Bikram and the benefits to all the different body parts ~ I love that you are massaging your organs and squeezing toxins from your body!!! OH YEAH!!!

5) my beautiful students & my principal and colleagues, and my friends from all walks of life, and my family too… I feel blessed to have such awesome people in my life…. 1 day ago

sweetnamApril 16, 2014

♥ Last day of school! Yippee!
♥ The day started off cold, but later in the early evening I went to pick up some dry food for my cat with R and the weather was cool but beautiful!
♥ R and I stopped by at a cafe after picking up food from the vet and we enjoyed a gluten free brownie and ice cream with a nutella latte
♥ I feel positive
♥ I am loved 1 day ago

МилаApril 16

1. Teacher had extended the paper due date; but today he told me and another graduating girl (if we get an incomplete, we can’t graduate) that he would just give us A’s and let us finish it over the summer. It’s nice, because obviously we’re doing our work. Sometimes research papers need time, you know? Super grateful for that, because I don’t want to turn in something shitty and embarrassing.

2. Our class got a cookie cake for our teachers. The dude didn’t do a good job, the “spasibo” is off center, but that’s my only probably with it. I’m just glad it’s not entirely unacceptable.

3. A long shower

4. Saw best friend today, got coffee

5. It’s. almost. over. 1 day ago

Optionally_Mine16th April 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ The beginnings of a beautiful new day.
2~ Coffee get up and go.
3~ Perfectly timed buses straight to the office.
4~ ‘I’ll do it’ .. meeting a colleague on the way.
5~ A team meeting with my colleagues.
6~ My clients attended the course for a second day plus one more.
7~ IT support .. repeat later on.
8~ Taking a client home and seeing a couple more.

9~ The little birdie successfully retrieving what looked like a tomato from the black bag dumped on the kerb.

10~ A surveyor whose been running round in circles too.
11~ Being proactive.

12~ Time for a home and no kitty kins was more tempted by the windows outside.

13~ Time to sit still .. eat my favourite comfort food .. watch a little light-hearted TV.

14~ Pamper ‘me’ time with tender loving hair care.
15~ Messages with my kids .. making plans for the long weekend.

16~ The dishes are done .. the kitchen is clean .. my plants are looking healthy.

17~ Lodgerly conversation and curious friends. 1 day ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Heartfelt thanks and gratefulness for:
  • A great workout at the gym. It’s nearly a year since I did the 12WBT and I am feeling and looking fantastic :-)
  • A parking space at the train station, only 2 spots away from the gate. The Universe is so generous
  • Coaching Triad application has been sent in and I am now waiting for placement.
  • Bills all up to date.
  • A good night’s sleep. 1 day ago

Rs:) naanuApril 16

God thank u..
  • for positivity.. I felt helpful..
  • lady in d train.. So much curious abt me.. 1st I avoided.. But when I spoke with her I felt relieved..that there r ppl who can let go of bad traditions
  • other ppl opposing her but I spoke taking her side n I myself felt light hearted.. :)
  • came here to bdl..
  • some things got done.. V. Fast.. Thank for that.. Help from ppl..
  • money thank u thank u … To spend..
  • positivity
  • talks with mum n dad.. 1 day ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherTues. 4/15/14

1. a class with Ballet Bob in which hamstrings were discovered
2. ribs, afterward
3. attentions, affections
4. finding vintage suitcases in the attic – all the better to store letters and sketches on serviettes
5. learning to be a bit tactical 1 day ago

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