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Today I am grateful for:
1. Good appointment at the chiropractor
2. I now have a plan
3. My foam roller
4. A call from a friend
5. The vegan zucchini cake I made actually tastes pretty good! 2 hours ago

SarabandWednesday 23rd July

Wednesday. At home. Just me, Harri and the sunshine. A day that didn’t unfold as I might have wished – it felt wasted. But perhaps I need the time to rebalance.

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • B has heard from Cl. So pleased
  • a meditative writing spell. It helped
  • stretching – lovely!
  • catch-up calls to R and Mum & Dad; quickest of calls to E. I’m feeling very out of the loop with my own family. That will pass
  • encouraging blood sugar results – very surprising considering the poor food choices over recent weeks
  • despite coming home early, withdrawn and closed in on himself, B seemed to relax as the evening wore on

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Chinese proverb8 hours ago

Collectorofcats Wednesday, July 23, 2014

:) We got a break from the heat. Even if more super hot weather will be arriving in a few days.
:) Manic day at work but I survived. I stayed busy.
:) My supervisor is finally back from vacation. He went to California and brought each of us a souviner. A little burlap bag of shells. I gave mine to Paige.
:) Garden time. We finally have baby cucumbers. They are one inch long. I tested a theory created by my granddaughter. She said strawberries taste the best when just picked and eaten right out of the garden. She’s right.
:) The invention of the microwave and frozen entrees. I often wonder how our ancestors got by without our modern conveniences. 8 hours ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~96. long day....but we made it?

1. watching a movie gift from my birthday.
2. cooking eggs that turned out wonderfully and having a breakfast (for lunch) fit for a queen. :)
3. for getting one big task done. thankful to God for it working out just in time. and the man was nice. odd, he seemed to look me over once and then really look at my face. but he was polite and nice really. I was wearing a good colour for me, but no makeup and goodness knows my hair was a mess. still. it was odd. but nice? I think? I wasn’t sure. but it didn’t feel bad. that wasn’t the sense I got like he wasn’t good in whatever it was he thought. there, did I write that to death enough? lol it was just unexpected is all.
4. that I did it and packed my first myself box. and it was good I think.
5. talking with the dear dear one. it’s like breathing again. we hadn’t talked in so long. I was so very very glad for some clear air and the connection of love over the phone. even if only for there not being conflict. that was air enough. :) it was good.

all for now, so off-kilter and can’t hopefully get tooooo more. I hope. so here goes,
- AFTC12 hours ago

Kimber~ 20 months ago

songwineGratitude on 7/23/14

I am grateful:
1. for a dry, beautiful, neutral smelling carpet
2. for excellent, responsive service
3. for a reasonable price
4. for having the money to pay for it
5. for being able to sleep in my recliner
6. for a home
7. for a sunny day
8. for the wisdom
9. for infinite energy
10. for unconditional love 1 day ago

SarabandTuesday 22nd July

Tuesday. After today I have just one further day at work over the following 10 days. A pleasing prospect :-)

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • waking refreshed, clear-headed and unencumbered
  • this sharp, fresh, foggy, morning
  • the sunshine which broke through very quickly as expected
  • another calm day at work – quietly busy
  • a long chat with B: seems like the impact of all that’s gone on is beginning to hit him, plus today is Cl’s birthday and she has thus far not responded to any texts, calls or emails since leaving us. Happy to be supportive and patient even if I felt the burdens of the past month clambering back on board…
  • the letter B wrote to Cl last night. It is beautiful. I’m grateful that he chose to give me a copy. I shall keep it safely. There may come a day when he might need to be reminded of how he felt when he wrote those words :-)
  • sleep

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens1 day ago

Collectorofcats Tuesday, July 22, 2014

:) Times like this that I actually enjoy working in refrigeration.
:) I brought Paige home for the night. She always has ways to cheer Grandpa up.
:) Free swim at the city pool.
:) Ice cream for dessert.
:) Watched Finding Carter. Interesting and fresh. Possibly contraversal for some.
:) Finding out I can cheer myself on PopClogs! I learn something new about this site each time I visit it.
I am now posting duplicate entries for this goal on PopClogs.1 day ago

Collectorofcats Monday, July 21, 2014

:) As it is now set in stone (sort of) that 43 Things will no longer be viable, I’m grateful for Pop clogs being here.
:) Air conditioning. Summer is back with a vengeance. Hot and sticky.
:) George had his 3rd chemo treatment. He also underwent a ct scan. He says he feels okay.
:) Staying hydrated.
:) Watched Major Crimes.

I am now posting duplicate entries for this goal on PopClogs.1 day ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~96. in short....

1. to be going to bed hopefully sooner than later.
2. for being able to do more.
3. for not having the fear overtake me.
4. the counselor being kind when I felt off-kilter midway through.
5. cheering up my best friend. by accident. i just called. :)
6. getting up early. and making it all day.
7. getting my hands on the piano but not much to speak off. kept it to playing while lunch warmed up. so i didn’t overdo. played Moon River. :)
8. that my other sister called me back. so nice to get her voicemail.
9. the warmth of today.
10. my webcam working.
11. being able to turn a cooking flop into something tasty because a brief friend had kindly made me the dish I tried to revamp mine into.
12. eating more.
13. doing a lot I guess. I forgot this was all in today.
14. a friend is trying to come visit this weekend!!! and she might spend the night!!! have prayed all the planning and plans go well. but it’s exciting. hope it all works. hence praying .
15. the new background in the counselors office. nice. peaceful. I like it. :)

off to bed now and hoping for ‘normal’ somehow,
- Aftc 1 day ago

Optionally_Mine22nd July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Waking with the alarm on a brand new day and kitty kins snoozing adorably at the bottom of my bed.

2~ Routinely falling into routine with coffee motivation.
3~ A favourite top.
4~ A beautiful day.
5~ Straight to the office.

6~ Getting things done with colleagues by my side taking some time for a mid morning break.

7~ My afternoon tribe.
8~ Meeting up with my daughter for a grocery shop.

9~ Buying the last two storage boxes in a style I can get excited about for future planning in my bedroom and progress on the clutter.

10~ Kitty Kins welcome and a coffee sit down.

11~ My daughter went up the shop to buy milk .. after the grocery shop I did I can’t believe milk never entered my mind .. my daughter doesn’t mind going anywhere except when it comes to the local shops.

12~ Playing laser chase with kitty kins brightened up everyone’s evening. 1 day ago

Optionally_Mine21st July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Waking with a bang .. Hello Monday.
2~ Coffee get up and go.

3~ An easy journey to an appointment for a later start arriving early enough for a Starbucks.

4~ Seeing my two clients finding their way just in the nick of time.
5~ Verification of documents and the meaning of their potential.
6~ Onto the office for some catch up time lunch included.

7~ Time to collect my manager heading on out to a house meeting which brought my day to an earlier finish on an easy route to home.

8~ Improvised cooking trying something new.

9~ Pamper ‘me’ time with tender loving hair care around an evening of light hearted entertainment and Lodgerly conversation.

10~ Checking in to late to dwell on endings and what it means for me. 1 day ago

Optionally_Mine20th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Sunday morning sleep-in.

2~ Coffee loving peace on a wave of Lodgerly and Kitty Kins good mornings.

3~ Planning my day with 43Things.
4~ A phone call from my daughter ~ A visit from my son.

5~ The top female vocalists singing musically from my TV .. Adele was Number One.

6~ Bootcamp cleaning.

7~ A neighbourly knock .. Kitty Kins was okay when he tried to escape and slipped between flights.

8~ Making use and making the best of what was already there.
9~ Catching a movie .. Love and Other Drugs with key lime ice cream. 1 day ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherSun. 7/20/14 and Mon. 7/21/14

1. I did something about it
2. SOMA for chocolate without taking pictures of it
3. Finally, the slathering of antique oil upon old sanded wood
4. A trip to the lost and found
5. Attentions, affections

1. A huddle of ballerinas figuring out life
2. Attentions, affections
3. Would you like me to solve your problem?
4. Studies
5. Drawing and painting apace 2 days ago

songwineGratitude on 7/22/14

I am grateful:
1. for my years at 43 Things
2. for this goal
3. for ease of walking
4. for sunny days
5. for regular guitar practice sessions of an hour 2 days ago

SarabandMonday 21st July

Monday. A restless night. The silence after B had left was deep and delicious. Still feeling quietly reflective and that’s ok.

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • another warm July Monday, with lower humidity than of late
  • a quiet uneventful day at work. Especially welcome when I’m supervising
  • a wittering evening; much-welcomed
  • the wisdom, insight and compassion of much-loved friends
  • time. And space

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” – Marilyn vos Savant2 days ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 95!!!!!

Can you believe it? 95 days already?! :)
This might be choppy as I’m trying out a new device.

1. Pjs that match and are new! They even match my robe. It’s really nice.

2. More peace I guess than before.
3. That my page is my own space. I’ve naught to feel but bold and free when I write. And that’s that.
4. That someone called me back finally.
5. For wearing what I wanted anyway.
6. Telling my other sister about this place, though I didn’t
name it. And what she said. It really helped for when I came to the site then and saw the well-written posted notice. However it is that I feel, I feel okay about feeling that way, and I’m thankful to God for having her say that before. It was a good thing.
7. Taking my nailpolish off.
8. going to sleep now after getting the chance to write. :)
9. That I’m going to have the chance to likely get to 100 entries/days for this goal!!! 2 days ago

sue820 16 months ago

sue820I haven't made entries every day, but 214 entries ain't shabby.

It’s about 7 months of daily entries over a 2 year period of time, so I’m calling this goal completed. 2 days ago

sue820July 21, 2014

I am grateful for:
1. Advance notification that this site is closing.
2. An opportunity to export the files. I was going to print everything, but over the last 6 years, it would be 240 pages.
3. A wonderful community.
4. The chance to encourage others and be encouraged in turn.
5. Having done so many things that I would not have done otherwise had I not been a member of this community. No regrets at all. 2 days ago

greeneyedgypsyMonday July 21 2014

Good morning 43 things! As I start this new day I am so very grateful for:

1. My yoga students. My class had 13 people in it! Not bad for a super humid Sunday! It was definitely not the best class I have ever taught – I got thrown off when I first started teaching due to a student coming in late and disrupting everyone else. I was nervous. But … I got through it! Its normal to have off classes once in a while :)

2. As I work on my own sadhana practice I have noticed some real changes in my self. I am more patient, more likely to let stupid arguments go, tune into my kids, be kind and honest. Its actually really wonderful.

3. Dinner at a new family friend’s house. My second time meeting MC. Her kids are sweet and she was lovely too. She doesn’t have much money but does very well by her kids and it is such an excellent reminder that love is what is most important.

4. While standing on her back porch, evening, kids laughing and my spouse helping with dinner, big old trees and the smell of healthy food – I had the most amazing feeling of calm and peace come over me. I spend so much time doing that it was so sweet just to be.

5. A yoga friend is coming over this morning for tea and a chat. Looking forward to it!! 3 days ago

Collectorofcats Sunday, July 20.2014

:) A relaxing morning with George and Paige.
:) Replaced a broken panel out of our garage door. Easier said then done but we did it.
:) A shopping trip complete with a nice Sunday drive. George enjoyed getting out of the house and seeing how much the local farmers’ corn has grown.
:) George has been watching numerous shows on PBS and discovered a ‘new’ British sitcom called Vicious. We watched it last night followed by previous episodes he has already previously recorded on our DVR. LMAO.
:) The combination of bacon and tomato. Probably why I am not a vegetarian. 3 days ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 94. wow :) 94 days!

relief some. pain others. here’s the day:
July 20, 2014 wow the 20th already….

answers to prayer. specific.
someone to talk to. unexpected.
getting to talk about God because He was in my life, and it being okay and not rejected. I’ve wanted that but couldn’t do it. He did.

relief. huge relief!! I can stay. for longer than expected. it’s not official, but it practically is. God still has to show where I move to next, but this is a huge good thing. I was not doing great otherwise and couldn’t handle it.

resting. turns out I was ready then for an unplanned company.
being me. :) because I could be. :) fun. :)
birthday gifts.
my bedsheets.
that I get to go to bed soon.
that the help today was in a better heart spirit and did okay.
that I got the message of all things, in time, that she was coming early. that would have likely been BAD otherwise.

need to rest my hands more. they’re hurting a lot more lately. :/ but then I’ve done a lot more too.
- Aftc 3 days ago

SarabandSunday 20th July

Sunday. Cl has gone. She leaves for NZ on Wednesday so it is unlikely we will have a repeat of her previous attempts to leave. My overriding sense as she left was one of relief. I don’t feel good about that.

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • for B. This has made us stronger
  • for the open conversation we had once he got back from dropping Cl. It has helped me
  • for dissecting the weighty emotions I had accumulated over the past few days. Now I am just left with residual sadness and that is ok
  • for the softest, gentlest of days: coming together, talking a little, drifting away. Quiet. Easy. Peaceful. Reflective.
  • for sitting together outside as the day waned; discussing possibilities for Cl, for us; watching the swifts and the clouds, and when darkness fell properly – watching the bats
  • togetherness

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell3 days ago

SarabandSaturday 19th July

Saturday. Work. I am glad to be working, partly to give B & Cl a final day together and partly because I’m angry – seriously so. I don’t want to feel angry but I can’t shake it. I feel frustrated and voiceless. This is a challenging day when it comes to appreciating the good. That makes it all the more important to seek out that good…

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • work was busier than we’d expected. I welcome the distraction
  • B’s happiness and appreciation – even if right now I don’t feel I deserve the latter
  • a brief period sitting outside listening to the thunder rumble before the rain came
  • the knowledge that tomorrow we get our lives back – even though I feel dreadful for thinking that way
  • sleep

Don’t worry about losing your way. If you do, pain will remind you to find your path again. Joy will let you know when you are back on it. – Martha Beck3 days ago

Collectorofcats Saturday, July 19, 2014

:) Yard sales. I didn’t find much but enjoyed conversing with people.
:) Bucket sale at Orschelns. I managed to find some apparel for myself, George and even some back-to-school clothes for Paige.
:) Sharing our good fortune of ripe tomatoes with the neighbors.
:) Took Paige to the city pool in the afternoon where she practiced and showed off what she has learned in her swimming lessons.
:) Got caught up on laundry and other weekend chores. 4 days ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherSat. 7/19/14

1. fifteen years of sous chef et cetera
2. seeing bait at fifty paces
3. having a bathroom clean enough to write an advert for one night only open-door tiger specials
4. a lovely – and to me extravagant – celebratory dinner
5. attentions, affections 4 days ago


Today I am grateful for:
1. Everyone home safe from vacation
2. Lots of play time with little Grand Dude
3. Some relaxing time
4. Nice dinner out
5. Surprise note from a friend 4 days ago

greeneyedgypsySunday July 20th 2014

This morning I am grateful for:

1. Getting so much done yesterday. Cleaned out mine and my son’s closet. We are getting rid of some things and putting some things away until winter. Felt good to tackle something that has been bothering me for a while.

2. That I remembered to be both kind and truthful and had a really excellent little heart to heart with my spouse about the kids needing to see him a little more. Not this fault – been very busy with his father in the hospital.

3. A full fridge. Went grocery shopping and didn’t overspend but we have a ton of gorgeous fruits and veggies and an amazing week of meals planned! How lucky we are to even own a fridge and to be able to eat so well!

4. Alone time with my little man. Spouse and baby went to bed at 7:30 pm last night! I was able to snuggle with my son, watch the Lorax, have some laughs and read some good books together. Love my little monkey!

5. Teaching yoga today! I am back to teaching my Sunday class and as of August I will be teaching on Monday nights too! I am so passionate about my teaching and get so excited to see my students, get on my mat and move! I love what I do! 4 days ago

SarabandFriday 18th July

Friday. More rain, more sparkling sunshine

Joys, grats and happiness:

  • deep sleep despite the storms (both inward and out)
  • waking naturally – very late. Waking to an empty house. Knowing my strength and equilibrium are replenished
  • silence and solitude. Blissful
  • getting a few things done as the temperatures soared
  • collecting Cl, meeting her mother, interesting to see them together
  • chats through the evening. Cl is leaving us on Sunday morning. She has retracted everything she’s said about her maternal family. It doesn’t surprise me.
  • sleep

    “In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” – Charlie Brown, Peanuts4 days ago

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