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songwineGratitude on 8/1/14

I am completely grateful:
1. for the picture of Sarah McLachlan on the cover of Shine On
2. for Steeleye Span
3. for a good night’s sleep in my bed
4. that yesterday was a better day for singing than the day before
5. that today will be better than yesterday 8 hours ago

SarabandThursday 31st July

Thursday. Woke early, feeling amazing! First time in a while that I’ve felt able to choose the Thich Nhat Hanh quote to add to my daily gratitudes :-)

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • waking to a glorious golden sunrise filling the house with warm, bright light; the uncut field across the road flushed and burnished; the barest whispers of molten mist clinging to the hedgerows. Such joy; such abundance; such thankfulness! Feeling vital and filled with energy; brimming with aliveness
  • Harri – much-loved puss – who seems especially affectionate today
  • baby green woodpeckers
  • the wildflowers still sprinkled along the verges – and 4 walks in 4 days
  • the sense of accomplishment from all that’s been achieved today

‘Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment.’ ~ Thich Nhat Hanh9 hours ago

Collectorofcats Thursday, July 31, 2014

:) My brother was admitted to the hospital overnight for observation but was released in the morning. He wouldn’t tell me why but assured me he is better.
:) The AC on G’s car is working fine after being worked on. We’ll be able to use his car now to go to his appointments which is more roomy and comfortable to ride in.
:)Our good friend S is finally having surgery on his knee after losing 30 pounds as recommended by his surgeon.
:) I’ve been going through my 43T entries and saving photos on my pc. Now I have a huge collection to repost on my PopClogs account. LOL
:) No work scheduled for the weekend. So far. 13 hours ago

songwineGratitude on 7/31/14

I am grateful:
1. for the carpet having dried nicely
2. for the ever reliable coffee maker
3. that the gig went well
4. the singers I was working with were able to sing the parts of the song well
5. that I was able to sing well 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

Hump Day, July 30, 2014

  • I was able to take the day of from work and take G to his appt. in Columbia. Everything went well.
  • One of the caretakers of Popclogs fixed my problem with my password and it has been reset. I am back on board.
  • G and I took the scenic route home from Columbia and I was able to get a few photos of barns and bridges.
  • We brought P home with us for the night. She is feeling much better although she’ll still be using eardrops and no swimming for the rest of the week.
  • Eating what we harvested out of our own garden for dinner. YUM1 day ago

SarabandWednesday 30th July

Wednesday. A strange, dream-laden night. A sluggish slow-to-wake up start to the morning. A day that improved as it went along :-)

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • lovely encouraging support from my walking group ladies. I shall get back to them soon! 3 walks from home in 3 days this week. Looking good…
  • breathing mindfully, feeling the impact of increased activity, knowing that’s a positive sign. Ongoing great blood sugar results – fantastic!
  • drinking in the sights and sounds of high summer in the English countryside: wide blue skies; golden fields – of ripened grain or bird-flecked stubble; dusty green trees; the drone of a light plane in an infinite sky; the mewing cries of a pair of birds of prey disturbed as I passed under the tree in which they sat; watching them fly low on strong wings; warm sunshine on my back; soughing breezes in the branches…
  • taking the plunge and starting a blog where I can save my gratitudes. I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages. I’ve finally set it up and am copying over the entries from here. So good to revisit these entries :-)
  • book club: always fun, it seemed particularly unruly lively this evening. In a good way!

‘When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.’ ~Marcus Aurelius1 day ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~ 3 months ago

Optionally_Mine30th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Waking to these ever lasting gorgeous summer days.
2~ My coffee morning routine.
3~ The long journey of ever so quick traveling.
4~ My morning clients with a little colleague distraction.
5~ Quality time.
6~ Homeward Bound.
7~ My daughter.
8~ Pamper ‘me’ time through the evening.

9~ My neighbours home .. Handing kitty kins back .. much as I love having their cat like a small child its nice to hand him back.

10~ Strawberries and a new perfume to indulge in. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Tuesday, July 19, 2014

It looks like Tuesday turn into a Monday but I prevailed and survived. First, I left my cell phone at home and I was suppose to meet my brother at our empty rental house. He didn’t show and I had to wait until I got home to call him. I also had a tough day at work followed by a tough evening at the keyboard. I kept having to reset my passwords on my emails and decided to set up a new email and use it for both 43t and popclogs. I then inadvertently logged out of my popclogs account and forgot the password and now cant log back on. I’m waiting for the popclogs team to answer my email and get me back on. If they cant, I’ll have to set up a new account and new email for it.

  • I’m grateful to G for being there for me. He spent his day folding and putting away the clean laundry and even did a washer load for me. He also eats my cooking without complaint.
  • I’m grateful for my grandkids. For N who has grown up to be a fine young, even if typical teenager. For P who is always full of smiles and hugs for both grandpa and me.
  • I’m grateful for R for needing me. No matter how old she gets, she still calls me mom.
  • I’m grateful for J. We’ve become each other’s sounding board the last few weeks.
  • I’m grateful for 43 things being there thru good times and bad these last 7 and 1/2 years I’ve been aboard. 2 days ago

SarabandTuesday 29th July

Tuesday. Just the one working day this week. I’m not complaining!

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • yesterday was perfect weather and last night was blissfully fresh. The downpours and thunderstorms didn’t reach us
  • work was relaxed and restful. W’s last day with us. I wish him well :-)
  • brisk, balmy breezes, wispy strands of cirrus and cumulus puffballs
  • another walk from home and 10,000+ steps notched up for the first time in weeks. I’m slowly getting there
  • a quick call from E
  • this quiet, gentle day in which little happened of note. Gratitude for the quiet nondescript days :-)

“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ― William Morris2 days ago

Optionally_Mine29th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ A later start to the day after an unsettled night.
2~ Coffee get up and go with a house full of good mornings.

3~ An easy journey with a beautiful memory of yesterday .. I saw a rainbow of colour across the evening sky and not a rain droplet on the ground .. simply amazing.

4~ A positive client meeting with colleague’s support.

5~ A phone call from my manager which resulted in a ‘yay, are you kidding me, woohoo’ big smiles.

6~ A need to fill up on calories with a McD’s led by the chocolate chip iced McFrappe a treat I decided I deserved.

7~ Colleague office time.
8~ My afternoon tribe.
9~ Getting caught up productively.

10~ A phone call from my daughter.
11~ Homeward bound with buses perfectly timed.

12~ My daughter cooked on a mellow evening with an email from my neighbours. 3 days ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherMon. 7/28/14

1. more what-was-once-art-but-is-now-dross has gone to the great detritus heap in the sky
2. attentions, affections
3. attentions, affections!
4. a friendly garden
5. determination 3 days ago

Collectorofcats Monday, July 28, 2014

:) Easy day at work which is unusual for a Monday.
:) P has another earache. This time in the left ear. I took her and R to the Dr. after work. There’ll be no more swimming this week. Grateful for the milder weather.
:) Finally getting enough tomatoes from our garden that we can have one or two a night and some to give away.
:) Talked with my brother on the phone. He is moving out of town but will only be 30 miles north of here. He is going to try to fix or replace our retaining wall on the rental house.
:) Watched Major Crimes. 3 days ago

Rs:) naanu29th july 2014

God today i m grateful for..

  • 43t old entries.. exporting..
  • money..
  • smiles.. less thinking..
  • walk in rain… missed cam.. but its lovely..
  • talks..
  • saw someone.. so many thoughts come.. but anyways… i dont want to know..
  • 43things… 3 days ago

SarabandMonday 28th July

Monday. An interesting night and a brand new week. Something feels different, not quite sure what

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • for this bright, fresh July Monday – I am not working today :-)
  • my fasting blood sugar continues to spiral downwards. So pleased. Just wish I knew why!
  • a quietly productive day – not pushing but making small steps forward
  • I walked – first time in so long. The harvest is cut and gathered; goldfinches – in the hedgerows, desiccated cow parsley heads and arum lily flowers – they say autumn to me yet here they are. Surely not yet?
  • a welcome early night: I’ve been up since 3 am

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson3 days ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~101..... for good measure :)

a day got through okay :) and how? prayer carried me or more aptly, prayer helped me rest in God’s arms carrying me. really.

1. that the high anxiety/stress and fearful situation I had to deal with – I prayed and God helped supply everything to handle it fine. Now I need to maintain my distance from this woman as in, not get so openly close again. We can work together, but I don’t have to allow her input and opinions into my life. AND I don’t have to open myself up to it either. I can be polite truly without being friendly I guess. Friendship is a different level of openness. and I don’t like the qualities there to open that up.

2. the thought that maybe I, myself need to just decide how I want to be in any situation, and who I am and choose to be or allow myself to be, and then let everyone ELSE change and deal with it. Decide on my professional self. so far, she, is a most limber acrobatic diplomat. but I tire of having to read and learn everyone else’s minute preferences and opinions. it’s too exhausting in times like this where I’m a bit more worn. ok worn period.

3. seeing an old-time (almost friend but not actually) hcp. the weird way we are alike and now nice that is. The ease of talking about things that would be stressful with most others. Personal details about life situations. The insight into very likely my reaction to S. and….she’s not even that kind of therapist! lol

4. realizing that everyone I interacted with today had a rough day. so anything I felt was flow-off from that and not personal.

5. two new visual memories – a. snapping your joints is often a tendon ‘snapping’ or sounding as it moves over the joint, not the joint moving. realizing that feel and even more cool? realizing that my soft, subtle initial instinct was to massage my muscles not pop my joints…. and that was the right diagnosis and treatment… to release the muscles. oh, i find this so fascinating. lol :)

6. for finding it fascinating again. i’d prayed God would help me be able to get back into the intellectual fun of health eventually after that washout or breakdown :( or something last year. anyway, and He is! it was fun. :)

7. so b from 5 above. second visual memory: repeat after me solemnly “the more you own, the more it owns you. and it’s true too.” lol

8. being able to cover the screen so I could enjoy the rest of the show besides the unexpected shockingness.

9. my sleek pants and how good they look. giggles :D never would wear them public, but it’s nice still.

10. sitting outside, feeling the wind, and forgetting the lists and worries and just choosing joy and being and remembering all the wonderfulness of living in this area. God answering my prayer I think slowly to not leave here bitter.

11. wearing shoes that lace up. couldn’t for month. still can’t lace them, but i could still manage to get them on. it helped with uneven flooring today too. :)

12. wearing what i could because the strength of my other sister’s confidence was mine inside today.

all 4 now,
- Aftc and… happy. :) 3 days ago

Optionally_Mine28th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Hello Monday.
2~ Finding fun in a systematic routine with a sense of satisfaction.
3~ An easy journey especially quick with the summer holiday impact.

4~ Early enough for a Mr Tom .. a bottle of water meeting my first client on the way back.

5~ Checking in on different clients from my Monday schedule.
6~ Time to hit the office for the latest news and a quick lunch.
7~ Meeting a client for a viewing swaying to the ‘yes’ decision.
8~ Back to the office for some catch up on the systems.
9~ Staying late with a colleague for company.

10~ Homeward bound.
11~ My daughter and kitty kins welcome.
12~ A surprise Thank You in the post.

13~ An evening of light entertainment and kitchen catch up following my daughter’s culinary efforts with a new stock pot. 3 days ago

Collectorofcats Sunday, July 27, 2014

:) Started out warm and sticky but as the day progressed, lower humidity moved in.
:) Our first cucumber out of our garden. Hooray!
:) Got 3 big loads of laundry done. Used 1/2 cup of vinegar along with my detergent on my load of smelly towels. It really works.
:) I took P home in the afternoon after taking her to the park.
:) G and I spent a quiet evening at home. 4 days ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherSat. 7/26/14 and Sun. 7/27/14

1. attentions, affections
2. art that became dross gets the boot to the abyss of non-existence
3. invitation to Sunday
4. roses for the night-stand
5. a little day’s end glass of Petalo

1. attentions, affections
2. high energy
3. a wonderfully long missive to read – no, not overly long!
4. SOMA’s dark chocolate, milk chocolate and strawberry gelato
5. yard sale coups 4 days ago

SarabandSunday 27th July

Sunday. Sunshine, crispness, calm…

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • last night’s early night has done us both good: tea in bed; a lie-in with another wonderful book and Harri – curled up cool as I read
  • birthday photos from yesterday :-)
  • the growing sense of community on popclogs. The ongoing developments making it ever easier to use the site effectively and efficiently. Wisdom and compassion shared. Happy to be straddling both communities for as long as it’s possible
  • B at his kindest; warm smiles, quiet happiness and this song drifting from his study….
    not just a coincidence I suspect…
  • we got the conservatory cleaned – a job I’ve been dreading. And it looks brilliant
    And B withstood my bad temper – which was, after all, a result of his procrastination ;-)
  • I didn’t scald myself
    despite being very foolish when experimenting with the new steam cleaner…
  • it’s been cooler today. Not cool but cooler – and very pleasant :)
  • having finally managed to source my original black cohosh supplement I’m feeling the benefits already…
  • a quiet evening, another early night

Where there is love there is life – Gandhi4 days ago

Optionally_Mine27th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Sunday morning sleep-in ~ Feeling caught up on sleep.
2~ Coffee Loving Peace with the fresh air of a beautiful day.
3~ Kitty Kins fed ~ Lodgerly good morning’s ~ 43Things check ins.
4~ Lana Del Rey on the stereo.
5~ Greaseless Kitchen clean ~ Fridge sort out.
6~ A walk out local ~ Bumping into a mum of time gone by.
7~ Cash in my purse ~ Money in the bank ~ Essentials and Treats.
8~ Pamper ‘me’ time with tender loving hair care.

9~ Using up the salad from my fridge with light hearted entertainment.

10~ A polished dressing table and an underwear sort out.
11~ Making loans on Kiva and finding the 43Things team.
12~ Heart radio in the background with pretty pink nails. 4 days ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~100th Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Jubilee!!!" :) lol

<3 for getting ready before the storm and being able to myself.
<3 Pandora keeping me company.
<3 stopping now to use a different device.
<3 saving my hands now for piano.
<3 getting to watch a show tonight!!!! :D

posting more later….definitely want to. :)

this is just as i thought of it.

edit: adding to this entry at the end of my day. was this really my morning? I scarce remember!

1. hanging out just being normal single women watching TV and chilling. unplanned.

2. the unexpected help. being able to think (all things considered) as well as I could for change of plans. got so much more done than I’ve have expected.

3. taking the help. and getting lots done really.

4. for colorful markers and funny notes to read after I move.

5. for my first housewarming gift. :( sad only because I’ve yet to have the house, but only am aware of my little home here. but I’m okay still to leave I think.

6. laughing over tv.

i am afraid. the help yesterday didn’t go well. and i wasn’t well. all the issues i’ve had with them and put aside trying to be kind and give the benefit of the doubt…. came to a head for me. I don’t want them to help. I’m looking for other help. but in the meantime I hate feeling stressed or fearful. If I hold my ground and be firm I think I can get away with it for tomorrow. Be dogmatic and business. not mean but not warm. i hope so.
i feel a wee bit better i suppose for writing it. i just don’t want to be yelled at or spoken rough words to. i’m not doing well right now with that. harsh words or tones would hurt me. so maybe i can just choose not to care about her attitude tomorrow. nods maybe that’s it. not care, let them go to their own choices and opinions, and no longer care about how they view me or present their own lives. not if i’m treated the way they treat others, and in a way i think is not right all around. i can choose. and i choose not to care that much. (good. :) here’s hoping i maintain that tomorra! ;) think I might wear pink or something to make me feel linked to my other sis).

<3 for having family now. not sure of all to do with that, but it's complete again in some ways. and I'm glad for that.

<3 for having a place to sleep tonight.

<3 for being known. and having fun. and seeing hope for the future in how I want to live day-to-day life. :) it can happen, it can.

<3 a book on tape. and another tv show i like. the characters back-stories coming out a bit more.

<3 the humor later on on tv to off-set anything deep I watched.

<3 God letting the evening go well, really. so unexpected, but helped all along the way. :)

and last…..

<3 for 100 days of gratitudes. I suppose that's at least 500 and possibly? closer to a 1,000 actually I suppose! ha! hadn't realized that. but I've often tried for 10 a day. so 10 x 100 is 1,000. and the book and dvd, 1,000 gifts is what inspired this goal a lot. I think it's really really cool that I quite likely have actually ended up with possibly that many. :D

<3 for hating to choose, i'm grateful i saw to choose tonight about the help :S i choose not to care as much. and that's my right and my choice and possibly my protection and wisdom. it's okay. i can't change'm anyway. not now. not my job. not how I'M being invited into THEIR life either. so. to maintain clearly, I'm certainly NOT inviting them anymore into mine. hm. still gonna work this more i guess. but for now, eat, and sleep!!!

for not being alone. for having people to care about me. and having more packed tonight after all. :)

- Always Choose Freedom and Wisely…. 5 days ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 99. July 26th, 2014..... amazing......though rough....

woke up not feeling great I think. can’t remember.
but….I still did stuff. oooohhhhh yes, now I remember, it was bad for a bit there. a forced, abrupt phone call (that at least I talked through deep hard things I need to work out, but still, it’s hard to go there and not have a smoother ending to the conversation and time, for it), and help that threw a slight attitude for a few moments right afterwards. I cried. but they didn’t see it. and I’m proud for that.


1. my new cool clothes got washed! and I might get to wear them very likely this week because of the weather!!

2. didn’t go deeper.

3. asked anyway. got what felt like put-off and minimized or rejected. again. but she tried to be nice, she did. and i kinda said in the meantime that okay that means there’s someone else I need to talk to then. i.e. i’m not waiting necessarily.

4. an awesome unexpected time of prayer. praying in the Spirit. where you open up your heart, honest before God, and ask Him to help you prayer because your heart is too torn and bleeding to know how anymore…. and He does. You open your mouth trusting and pray wisely and powerfully… with words you’d have never found on your own. and you know you really know, that something eternal and in Heaven is being moved because of that prayer(s).

5. for the freedom. hmm. to pray like that. encouraging a friend because I was able to listen and let her laugh after a rough event.

6. how she prayed for me. having God knit our lives together for a brief time in life where we’re both at crossroads, though so different. we will go somewhere from here. we’re not stuck.

7. for the peace. real peace and everything else good that poured down into me as she prayed after I did. It was God filling me. I wish I was good enough and faithful enough to trust Him always and accept that into me. But He is faithful when I’m not. and that is precious to me right now.

(8. the awesome song helping me type right now.)

8. doing something new and different. listening to a book on CD. different. :)

9. doing laundry and working it so it got done without physically hurting me!

10. talking with DH and it ending well.

11. realizing something powerful i suppose. i don’t want choice right now. and that’s hugely something for someone who’s battle cry has been I always have a choice. not sure what that means or what to do with it. but it’s true for now. i don’t want to have to choose anymore in the overall situation in life somehow. no the details. or something…. but glad to realize it.

12. reading the verses as suggested anyway and it helping i think. words were redeemed again. felt sleepy again afterward. slept early. 5 days ago

SarabandSaturday 26th July

Saturday. Today is Little B’s first birthday :-)

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • early awakening to a leisurely morning
  • that I made it to the party – late, hot but safe – after a ghastly journey.
    a reminder to my daughter to avoid having any more children whose birthdays fall on the busiest travelling weekends of the year ;-)
  • time to catch up with T at the party. He’s busy living his life and that’s how it should be but I can’t help wishing we kept in touch a little more often :-)
  • for Esz – whom I love dearly. Can’t believe it’s still less than a year since she and R met. She is so lovely – so right for him. They are so happy together :-)
  • for an unexpected and very welcome call from Cl – Sunday morning in NZ. So happy for B that she’s called
  • and of course – for Little B – such a darling on his birthday. So grateful for his sweet, shy, stubborn presence in our lives and all the joy that he brings <3

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross5 days ago

songwineGratitude on 7/27/14

I am grateful:
1. for someone to be with me in my fear
2. for waking up feeling better
3. for a heaven letter at just the right time
4. for time the practice
5. for a delicious, warm, balmy morning
6. for a clear vision of what I want
7. for turning my mind to that vision
8. for knowing clearly that what I conceive and believe will manifest
9. for the contrast, the gravity which helps me to push off and fly
10. for applying these ideas, not just thinking them 5 days ago

Collectorofcats Saturday, July 26, 2014

:) Conversed a lot with Jessica on Facebook. I’m sure we found her half-brother Timothy online. Now it is up to her to make contact.
:) Cooler weather moving in with light rain. George and I got the yard mowed before it started.
:) Our garden enjoyed the refreshing rain. Baby cucumbers got to grow.
:) The thunder and lightning insured that the city pool was closed for the afternoon. Paige and I managed to stay busy.
:) It turned out to be family movie night for us. Tonight’s feature presentation: Bolt.5 days ago

Optionally_Mine26th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Sleeping well .. Feeling rested .. Hello its the weekend.
2~ A beautiful day after yesterday’s rain.
3~ Coffee loving peace.
4~ Friendship messages and 43Things.
5~ New music .. Paloma Faith .. The Top 40 according to Viva.

6~ The kitchen is cleaner .. My work clothes are laundered .. The living areas swept .. A new storage box full of fluffy socks.

7~ Kitty kins extra loving care.
8~ My favourite convenient comfort food for dinner.

9~ An evening of TV .. unintentional .. I started watching A State Of Play thinking it was a film only to find out its a box set being shown in installments and by 1am I think thats enough.

10~ The end of a perfectly serene day on the beginning of a beautiful new day taking those thoughts to bed. 5 days ago

songwineGratitude on 7/26/14

I am grateful:
1. for remembering that there are no problems in the Now
2. that I can improve my frame of mind with the intent to – I have some tools
3. that I am what I seek
4. that I can sing well
5. that I have a good fan
6. for the incredible world
7. for a blue sky
8. for a pleasant temperature for walking
9. for learning that I am not alone in having fears of impending doom
10. for the businesses set up to resolve the issue 6 days ago

Collectorofcats Friday, July 25, 2014

:) TGIF! Wrapping up the work week. It’s been a rough week. Glad it is over.
:) Hot and humid summer weather returned. Happily took Paige to the pool. I had my choice of places to sit in the shade to read as the pool was nearly empty in spite of the heat.
:) Found a James Patterson book I bought awhile back at a yard sale while cleaning up my laundry room downstairs. Turning out to be a good read. I read nearly 1/2 while Paige played in the water.
:) Carry-out pizza from Casey’s for dinner. While it is the only pizza place in our small city, it is the bomb as my stepdaughter says.
:) Jessica and Nick dropped by just in time for pizza. She had an exhausting and stressful week at work and needed to vent. I was glad to be her sounding board. We work at the same place so I can sympathize and know what she is going thru.

I am now posting duplicate entries for this goal on PopClogs.6 days ago

Optionally_Mine25th July 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Hello its Friday.
2~ A quick shower and hair refresh with coffee on the side.
3~ Taking a different route to combat the diversions.
4~ Finally to my clients.
5~ A pecan danish and a fruity smoothie.
6~ Half hour office time.
7~ Missing the sudden heavy downpour.
8~ Afternoon clients sorted time to bring the working week to an end.

9~ Catching a bus to the other side of town with little traffic en route.

10~ Some shelter from a tree for another heavy downpour whilst sorting out some last minute client drama over the phone.

11~ A welcoming friend.

12~ Warmth .. Good food .. Sweet music .. Girlie chatter .. A fabulous evening.

13~ A ride home .. Kitty kins welcome .. Time to chill .. Time for bed. 6 days ago

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