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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.

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smileyfaceWednesday 4.23.14

1. No tests today.
2. Used the ultrasonic for the first time, eek! It went well though! And was less scary than I expected.
3. My patient is patient and lovely and caring and wonderful.
4. Drugs like ibuprofen and caffeine.
5. Being alive and kicking.
And not having any of the autoimmune disorders I just studied. 9 minutes ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 10

hands hurt lots. but want to say lots too.

will start and edit later with more then.

1. for stars like big glitter in the night sky. worth the weather change.

2. when was the last time you were still enough for a bird to fly right past you unafraid or aware of you as a threat. :)

3. not feeling as bad as i could with whatever is happening in weather and health.

4. making it through the day.

5. smiling enough. sad thoughts just entered my home. why people do that? well they are afraid and when we are, we spread that i think.

6. being able to read the Bible and it mean something. psalms 119 parts of it. been long since that happened. it was good. it was nice.

7. buying a gift for my closer in age sister. finding it for cheap!!! which is so what i needed.

8. for music. i never play it that loud but i needed the sound waves. when was the last time you put your hands on the speakers and felt the music physically. it felt good. and it was a great soundtrack. i really enjoy that one.

9. needing to be quiet a lot lately. and feel quiet. and now i need it again. so there i go.

- eff/cf/ free4 hours ago


Hot shower
A new book 5 hours ago


Unexpected chunk of free time :)
Great talk with a friend
A plan
A new opportunity
Laughing a lot 5 hours ago

МилаApril 23rd

1. Went to see my boyfriend for a few hours because I could, because I didn’t have to rush to class or work or anywhere. He’s been so understanding this past semester and I’ve really appreciated it. I told him this, and he says, what else could I be?

2. I didn’t set an alarm this morning. I would have loved to have slept more than seven hours, but what can you do.

3. I hate five cookies, flaming hot Cheetos, McD’s and I will pay for this tomorrow but right now, I’m enjoying it.

4. I’m forcing myself to take at least a two week break. In which time, I’ll only work Friday – Sunday. The other days I’ll have to myself. But I also have to write a paper (the last 9 pages), midterm, and hurry up with translations. It’s work, but it’s still a break. I wouldn’t want nothing to do.

5. I have exams, but I’m feeling eh and it’s all going to go over fine. I’m “studying” tonight and definitely won’t ever miss this. 5 hours ago

Optionally_Mine23rd April 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Good morning Wednesday.

2~ Coffee and repeat with time to hang some laundry before setting off on my day.

3~ Focused morning clients.
4~ Heading back to the office getting nearer to the time.
5~ Phone call from a friend .. Yay .. time to leave.
6~ Meeting said friend ~ Time for a meal and a glass or two of wine.

7~ Heading to the venue ~ Perfectly viewed seating ~ Getting into the atmosphere of Dancing on Ice.

8~ A great show ~ Home in no time ~ Comfy clothes and chocolate goodness.

9~ My ears are still ringing and I’m ready for bed. 6 hours ago

Optionally_Mine22nd April 2014

Today I was really very grateful for ..

1~ Hello Tuesday.
2~ Time for coffee.
3~ Perfectly timed connections to the nearest second.
4~ Office catch up.
5~ My afternoon crew.
6~ Caught up on the system.
7~ Booking a day off and having it confirmed.
8~ Time for home and my daughter.
9~ Home cooked heart warming food.

10~ Planning my travel and booking the tickets.
11~ Pushing through the kitchen clean ~ Catching up on some laundry.

12~ Lodgerly know how ~ A big mug of chocolate to finally wind down come the end of the night. 6 hours ago

sue820English bluebells in bloom in my garden.

April 23, 2014
I am grateful for:
1. DH and I both declared that we didn’t want a divorce during marital therapy. No idea how it will progress from here, but at least we’re both declared to be on the same page.
2. Got my hair cut and styled today-looks good.
3. A pleasant lunch out today.
4. DH drove, and I was able to look at things I usually miss because I’m driving.
5. DH got the trash cans down in time for pickup. I forgot. 7 hours ago

h.g.happinessWednesday 2:05 p.m.

Today I am grateful for

1) A nice journey home ~ it’s a 6.5 hour drive, which can get long by yourself…but I listened to Tolle on cd the entire time…and talked on the phone when I had reception… all is well

2) quiet and stillness in my home…I like it

3) sweet messages from friends

4) life partner manifesting….

5) taking time to relax and BE

6) seeking out a tree


:) 9 hours ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Today gratefulness abounds for:
  • A good solid night of sleep. The cooler nights agree with my sleep patterns. Yaaaay! Or should that be the other way around?
  • My beautiful little garden. It brings me so much joy.
  • The Inherited One having learned that the Big Bully Cat is worth avoiding. TIO brings himself inside of his own accord at 8:30 every night and settles down for a night of safety. Good decision TIO :-)
  • A great workout at the gym. All over body toning, a little more work on the triceps long head and a good 20 minutes on the Stairmaster. Phew !
  • My new clothes. I have some beautiful things to wear and I feel good in them.
  • The morning ritual of posting my gratitudes. Life is abundant. 9 hours ago

snowleopard23rd April grats

I’m grateful:

  • for the kickass Aussie who’s helping me out – I love her to bits! she’s so awesome and fearless!
  • that my other meeting wasn’t too bad
  • that Mum seems to be ok, considering
  • for Spotify yet again – am sure the fact that I was mentioning listening to some music by William Boyce on it 2 weeks ago gave Dad ideas which I shall put into glorious effect on Friday – overture no.2 was a particular favourite of mine and I think of his too
  • for happy plans beginning to emerge from the darkness 11 hours ago

besidequietwaters 5 months ago

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherMon. 4/21/14 and Tues. 4/22/14

1. taking a rake to the gardens of Ratopia
2. clumps of scilla, crocus and snowdrop
3. attentions, affections
4. an extra chunk of confidence
5. spaghetti in the evening

1. attentions, affections
2. multicheers from h.g. happiness
3. much progress on cleanup
4. Ballet Bob’s class
5. finding a lost key 15 hours ago

SarabandTuesday 22nd April

Tuesday. Third morning in a row to begin with a rude awakening – this one the most dramatic so far as a large part of the dining ceiling came down with quite a crash. It could have been worse. I’m hoping there’s some truth behind things happening in threes though – hopefully this morning’s wakening was the last in this sequence. It would be quite nice to have a peaceful start to tomorrow!

Gratitude today:

  • I was able to catch B before he caught his train to London and get him back home to help. He chose to stay home for the day to deal with the plumber and I was able to escape work
  • work was calm and steady and despite the drama at home, I felt so much better than I did yesterday
  • outside was mild and dry whilst inside got progressively wetter – what was a small leak caused a great deal of damage. But it was clean water and largely confined to one room for which I am very grateful. And I came a small step closer to imagining what it must be like to be truly flooded
  • for the good friends who came by unasked after work and took down the rest of the ceiling (releasing yet more trapped water) and helped rescue the carpet. Our dining room ceiling is now in bags outside the front door. The same friends will help put up a new ceiling when everything’s dried out.
  • for being able to smile and support each other whilst surveying the mess (there is a lot of mess everywhere); for ignoring the low carb principles and enjoying a large Chinese and a good bottle of red and ignoring everything else :) 21 hours ago

smileyfaceTuesday 4.22.14

1. A long, early, nearly pointless morning at school turned into an opportunity to study with others and get out for lunch early.
2. Sushi. And the fact that I’m on the verge of getting sick of it. I think this is probably a good thing.
3. The test totally sucked, but at least we know what we’re in for now.
4. Much needed rest and relaxation after school!!
5. Jillian Michaels level 3. Enough said. 1 day ago

TeenyBeanApril 22, 2014

1. For having a friend who is a realtor. It turns out buying a condo might actually be possible for me right now. Tomorrow she’s taking me to see three places!
2. For my first day of Couch to 5K going well. It’s not going to be easy but it feels really good to tackle something I always assumed I wouldn’t be good at.
3. For a day full of healthy meals.
4. For sunshine and warmish weather. I wore sandals for the first time this season.
5. For excitement about creating positive change in my life. So many things are starting to move! 1 day ago

julettaskeyTuesday ~ 4.22.14

April 22 has been an eventful day in my life today’s list reflects that
~ surviving the car accident I was in 20 years ago today
~ being there when my dearest L did not make it through the car accident
~ for the time we had been friends(since the first grade) and the many many memories I have of her
~ that my son still has his mom that was able to raise him into the wonderful man he is today
~ my family and close friends, how they have rallied around me during the time of the accident and the other tragedies that I have experienced in my life. All of you have helped me in one way or another. You actions may have seemed small to you, but in my heart meant so much more. They are truly a support system that I can count on.
~ On a happier note, 7 years ago I boarded a plane from Chicago alone. I was headed to London. I spent a week there and meet a few 43Ters. That holiday for me was a life changing. Not only for the people I met, for the time I spent being curious in another country, I did it alone. I had the most fabulous time.
~ Five years ago, my ex contacted me and made amends for his part in our bad relationship. The closure he had given me was the best gift ever. Today was also his birthday.
~ the feeling of feeling blessed 1 day ago

julettaskeyMonday ~ 4.21.14

~ planning for a short work week
~ laughter among co-workers
~ timing is everything
~ seeing M’s face if only in a passing car
~ being productive 1 day ago

h.g.happinessTuesday 7:14 p.m.

This evening I am grateful for

1) visiting M. at his work…so amazing ~

2) different opinions and being ‘open’ to different ways of doing things

3) dinner with my sister and brother

4) visiting with my g’ma and mom for a few hours

5) talking with L. and sharing opinions on teaching & CA



hg 1 day ago

МилаApril 22nd

1. There was a ceremony today for a bunch of awards within my department. I’m part of this honor society and I got to wear a blazer and heels

2. I remembered that I have a meal plan I got online (it’s from Blogilates, I love this girl). I’ve been wanting to do weekly meal plans forever, but I’m finally just now starting it. I’m doing one until I’m out of food, then I’m going with the online one.

3. I don’t have to go to class anymore. I’m taking May entirely to myself. At least the first two weeks. I’m not looking for real jobs, I’m not doing anything. I deserve that much, at least!

4. I may have gained weight this semester, but it wasn’t like it set me back to where I started.

5. I slept in until 10. I can’t even explain how nice it was. I didn’t have to rush, I don’t have too much on my shoulders anymore. Life is not: AHHHH!!!! Now it’s: Hmmmehhhhahhhhhey! 1 day ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~Day 9

1. feeling better after getting overdue help today. i’m not great, but the relief is so much I really feel it.
2. for good news sinking in more.
3. my sweet bf and celebrating it with her. she’s stuck with me through these years, and only over time could anyone note the progress and freedom. i’m so grateful to have her.
4. for a good ride out and about.
5. for the quiet of the mornings while i wait for medicines to work. been praying and being more still these last few mornings. wonder if it could be a new habit.
6. my hands hurt more. :/ but I washed my hair today and my other injuries at least hurt less. thankful for that.
7. this awesome textbook. i almost can’t put it down! lol
8. for the weather shift. oh relief and praise! finally. God, it just feels so good.
9. for being sleepy.
10. food bubbling on the stovetop.
11. a clean house and fresh sheets.
12. people who can be random with. lol
13. people who are in your life for good because their hearts are linked wonderfully with yours.
14. the hope…. of finding my people…. new people…. friends, just real friends just because…. right around the corner here soon. that’s the hope.
i’m praying God makes something happen.
better rest my hands,
- me :) waving to you. :) 1 day ago

Romanza22 april 2014

1. laughing so much that my cheeks are starting to hurt
2. walking with a grin on my face & people staring at me like i’m gone crazy :D
3. being productive instead of complaining (finishing my tasks on time)
4. old friend of mine contacting me out of a sudden (pleasant surprise)
5. doing mantras in the morning
6. Managing stressful moments by telling myself that I CAN
7. Being comfortable with imperfections. 1 day ago

snowleopard22nd April grats

Today, I’m grateful:

  • for a productive day at work
  • that my henchboy colleague B’s exploration of other opportunities has not gone anywhere – is selfish of me but I don’t want to lose him right now!
  • that Z was back at work – we spent about 2 hours at lunchtime discussing things
  • for a nice evening with A who’s over from Sweden for a day or two
  • for kind messages :) 1 day ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

Back to work gratitudes:
  • Today we are back at work after a wonderful Easter break. Grateful grateful.
  • A fantastic 20/20/20 at the gym after 4 days off during the break. I feel so much better having run of the Easter chocolates ;-)
  • Cool mornings, beautiful warm afternoons followed by cool evenings. Ahhhh Autumn is here :-)
  • My beautiful new red jacket. I LOVE it!
  • Another short week with Friday off for ANZAC day but there is talk of the next project going on for 3 months so fingers crossed. 1 day ago

Rs:) naanuApril 22

God today i m grateful for…

  • music..
  • rest…
  • going out with 9yr. old child.. n talks…
  • chant.. breathing… relaxing in present moment…
  • laughter…
  • getting glimpses of someone.. twice… 1 day ago

songwineGratitude on 4/22/14

There is gratitude:
1. for the clean, freshly showered feeling
2. for the beautiful, temperate weather
3. someone was happy with my Bookmooch book
4. the chair is becoming more comfortable
5. for regularly changing desktop pictures 1 day ago

TeenyBeanApril 21, 2014

1. For being able to take the day off from work when I’m not feeling well.
2. For the opportunity to lay around and finish a book since I wasn’t at work.
3. For delicious leftovers from Easter dinner.
4. For late day motivation when I was starting to feel better.
5. For my cozy bed. 1 day ago

sue820Easter overachievers.

April 22, 2014
I am grateful for:
1. Marital therapy tomorrow. This could be make or break.
2. Showered with clean hair-hey, it’s often the little things.
3. I have someone to mow my yard.
4. My friend that didn’t return my call just didn’t check her messages.
5. I managed to call all my family on Easter to wish them a happy one. 1 day ago

~ Always Free to Choose ~day 8?

1. new textbook is pretty awesome so far. enjoying it.
2. hope it can even be practical help for me in life now.
3. hurting more today and frustrated b/c of poor office management, but at least i finally did take the nap i desperately needed.
4. talked okay enough with one doctor given that i was so beat i felt sick to think. he was patient. (lol that sounds funny). anyway.
5. for hearing that where i grew up has changed. though it’s clings to me and tries to like melting plastic wrap, yet to some degree, they really have let me go. so now i can let them go.
and maybe really finally move on with starting my own life and dreams. and that….being…..okay!....
starts with being able to breathe. finally.

gotta rest now,
- eff/cf/ little ole, well, new lol me 1 day ago

SarabandMonday 21st April

Easter Monday. Woken before I was ready. Out of sorts from the start and stayed that way. Really tired. Just one of those days :(

Gratitude today for:

  • witnessing the mist which had shrouded the dawn give way gracefully to bright clear sunshine. Dramatic thunderstorms in the afternoon.
  • acknowledging and accepting my negative mood; recalling Rumi’s Guest House Allowing the negative feelings to melt away in their own time
  • finally getting home after a hectic work day. No Easter holiday for me!
  • chilling out with the tv, B offering to cook
  • raindrops on ranunculus
  • the prospect of an early night and a good long sleep. Tomorrow’s a whole new day :) 1 day ago

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