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justdoittt 2 months ago


As it was Burns night on saturday, I thought that preparing a meal of Haggis with neeps and tatties would be a fitting new thing to try. I sliced the haggis and pan fried it, as I really did not fancy boiling it as most of the recipes seemed to say to do. I didn’t really enjoy it, I liked the taste but the grainy texture of it was not great. Neeps and tatties were good though! 2 months ago

user1390575663 2 months ago


mimic_w 8 months ago

gummigirl03 3 months ago

chelseaallenby 3 months ago

Bcc123 3 months ago

embracethemadi 3 months ago


Nuts are brain food. 4 months ago


Now I have always played it quite safe when it comes to colour, but I am getting braver! It’s not a colour I thought would suit me but when I saw this top I had to have it! :) 4 months ago

Sichris 5 months ago

generik360 5 months ago

HellyMolly 6 months ago


As a big cider fan I like to try new ciders when I spot them! I had been due to go to a cider/lager festival at the weekend, but the weather was bad so me and hubby had one of our own! 7 months ago

ClumsyPandaHazelnut milk

This is something I have been curious about for a while and thought I would try. To me, it tasted like water with an aftertaste of hazelnuts. It was not unpleasant, but also it is not something I would feel the need to have again. 7 months ago

gretasoychai 2 years ago

YElMohtasseb 7 months ago


I tried a new takeaway place, not only that but it was different than the usual kind of thing (pizza/chinese/indian etc). I had a salad, and olives, as well as a little tub of ice cream. It was really nice. 10 months ago

banghard1 11 months ago


Step out of my comfort zone, when there are posters for events take advantage of the opportunities. Complete goal by: Summer of sophoore year. 13 months ago

cook0239 13 months ago

jesodasi 15 months ago

Kaz_DancingLittle hurdle

Stopped doing this for a week, work got hectic And suddenly I’m back in to the old habits again, I can’t help it!!

Well I shall have to help it, this was such a fun thing to do, and I need to push myself.

Last night I went walking with a bunch of strangers, this week I am salsa dancing, this shall be epic! 15 months ago


We are getting curry takeaway today and I am getting a Tandoori Delight. Apparently it is “A luxurious Indian delicacy cooked twice, marinated in dozens of spices, barbecued in the tandoori & finished in mild creamy sauce”, so we shall see! :D 15 months ago


Last night I tried Hendrick’s Gin and lemonade.

I also tried Kraken and coke! Both were very nice :D
15 months ago

Zoe 5 years ago

Aset_Pame 15 months ago

Kaz_DancingSo Far

Kicking this goals arse.

1 – Go to a ticket only New Years party/go to a burlesque show

2 – Go to the Coburg Community outdoor Gym

3 – Budget Planning for an overseas trip

4 – Try Cider

5 – Read a book and Relax in the Park

6 – Make my Grandmas secret stuffed eggs

7 – Go for an early morning walk along the Richmond section of the Yarra

8 – Celebrate my birthday

9 – Meditate in the bath

10 – East Brunswick Gelati shop!

11 – Work from home and watch the cricket 15 months ago

ClemeXX 15 months ago

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