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keep negative people out of my life

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People In Negative

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TJAlvi 2 days ago

Charmed Indeed 2 weeks ago

Hernan Lopez 1 month ago

mermagicDA 1 month ago

naushinkhanbabydoll 1 month ago

Tyler K 17 months ago

themysterymachine 1 month ago

SAND_Sand surround myself only with people good for me!

Gonna do that :) 1 month ago

SAND_S 1 month ago


Negative people are like colds, they can be contagious or there negativity can rub off on you. I need to invent a negative repellant spray. Lol! 1 month ago

Candyswift 1 month ago

mreneestanley 1 month ago

ellykleinman 1 month ago

Police Preparation AustraliaWant to be happy

I am one of such kinda people, how do I get myself out ! 2 months ago

Police Preparation Australia 2 months ago

smartenupman 2 months ago

cosmopolit 2 months ago

user1391099887 2 months ago

Dragon_LadyRemoved some folk from my social networks

I’ve noticed that I was getting more and more annoyed by some of the entries from acquaintances on some of the social networks that I belong to.

When I started thinking about it; I don’t really consider these people as friends – more as acquaintances. I really am not interested in knowing what they are up to; in fact, some of them repeatedly publish stuff that annoys me or outright squicks me in various fashions.

So I just decided to delete them from my so-called friends list. In most cases, I don’t even think these people will notice, as they seem to be “friend collectors” with over 500-1000+ “friends”.

Anyways, it seems to have already helped to lower my annoyance factor whenever I’ve been viewing my newsfeeds lately. So good riddance!! 2 months ago

robert21leone 3 months ago

haifa al-fadhl 3 months ago

Damien 3 months ago

DamienMisleading goal

Great intentions, but a tip for any who do struggle with negative surroundings.(Join me with my new goal at the bottom)

-Instead of keeping negative people away, aim for luring positive people in!

-Having a goal of keeping people away may lead you noticing how many negative people you have to push away.

-Focus on the positive people and the negative people wont be in your visual line of thought.

(The law of attraction is a powerful tool)

I am labeling this goal as complete for myself, and creating a NEW GOAL!

Bring positive people in my life3 months ago

anna_maineacDoing Well!

I am doing well with this, outside of the fact that my job requires working with people who can be dicks—I have a job where I call people (not telemarketing), and sometimes the end of the line is negative. However, by my choosing, I have left the negative behind. The only person I can think of is my daughters father, but he is being civil, for the most part. 3 months ago

plcbrady 3 months ago

şeyma yıldız 3 months ago


Of course I never let them (the negative people) anywhere near my body, but I want them to have even more distance. 3 months ago

m0n0 3 months ago

Jenalovesrocco 3 months ago

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