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Save it twice, got totally lost in it both times. Absolutely worth it. Even two years since the last time I saw I listen to the Original Broadway Recording at least once a week. 5 years ago

JustinNo day but today!

I got to visit NYC a few weeks ago and I made sure to see this on broadway before I left. I wasn’t disappointed, it was amazing! The cast was awesome, every one of them, and I fell in love with the musical all over again! If you get the chance to hit up NYC this Summer, definitely see this production, it’s ending in september so now’s the time! :) 5 years ago

LauraOh. My. God!

My parents just told me that they will buy me tickets to see the show for my birthday!!!!!!

I’m in NYC in August, which coincides with my 19th birthday… AND I’M GOING TO SEE RENT!!!

Oh my gosh, this has made my whole year. And I’m not even there yet! :D :D 5 years ago


I need to see this show! I’m in the US for the summer but I don’t think I’ll have a chance to see it in NY before it closes… I might be bale to see the tour when it comes to Virginia but it’s a pretty slim chance that would require a lot of organising…

I fell in love with Rent after discovering it accidentally (I was watching an interview with Idina Menzel). Seriously, this story is AMAZING. I so want to see it on Broadway but it’s difficult when I live all the way in Scotland!

I WILL see it – one day! Viva la vie boheme! 5 years ago

Creature of the night ♥Untitled

I don’t think I will be able to see it on broadway it. I won’t give up I will see it one day before I die. 6 years ago

Justinmust see!

I fell in love with RENT the moment I heard seasons of love when I first saw the movie. I told myself I MUST see this on broadway someday.

When I learned it was ending its broadway run on June 1st I was like “damn I gotta see this soon!” So I’ve planned a trip to New York City this May to spend the day and see RENT on broadway before it ends, I can’t wait! 6 years ago

PhantomPharieRENT finally came to London!

I went to see RENTRemixed in October, on its opening week, and it was the best show I have ever seen! Having RENT come to England was a renthead’s dream come true! 6 years ago

mllethenardierBest show of my life...

... Enough said :D 6 years ago

ShadowKatStill My Favorite...

I’ve seen Rent a lot (especially if you count the movie), but getting to see it (twice) with Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal was the BEST! If you can catch it before they leave on October 7th, I couldn’t recommend it more. Of course, Rent is still worth seeing if you miss them. 6 years ago


It’s the best story of all time. I saw it broadway style in San Diego. 6 years ago


one of my top favorite musicals of all time :D everyone should see it!! 6 years ago


I live near Akron, or kinda near, and they came there. So jealous that I didn’t get tickets. Someday! 6 years ago


This musical was so impactful. I tell everyone that they need to see it. I’ve had the opportunity to see it live twice and I own the movie (not as good as seeing it live). It has such a powerful message and I don’t think that life is complete without opening yourself up and experiencing it. 6 years ago

Penny LaneSome musicals can change you...

and RENT is definitly one of them. This is without a doubt the most beautiful musical production I have ever seen in my life. Words cannot even describe it. Please, go do yourself a favor and go see it. 7 years ago

lilliputtigerlilyI was more concerned about what company thought about it, but it was quite interesting

Very young cast. The most inexperienced cast of all the musicals I’ve seen, but all things considered, they did a pretty good job. To be honest, I was a bit more worried or concerned about what the people that came with me thought about the musical. 7 years ago


“Worth it” doesn’t even begin to describe it. 7 years ago


RENT came to my city in November and I went to see it with two friends. We laughed, we cried, we sang. It was worth it all the way. 7 years ago

lostintranslationtoo much hype?

Or maybe it was just not a very good travelling cast that I saw – it’s not as if I saw it on Broadway. I used to be a theatre major and I do like musicals a great deal, but I freely admit that some are just not good. I felt that way about this one, but I am willing to reserve judgement for the entire show itself versus perhaps just catching a bad performance. 7 years ago


oo the stage version is fantastic!! if u can see it, do!! 7 years ago

KimberlyNext time, maybe on Broadway

I’ve never seen the show in New York, but I have went four times when touring companies passed through California. The most memorable had to be the second performance, when my sister and I went around to the back door and met a lot of the cast.

I actually wrote one of my college admissions essays on RENT. One of NYU’s questions was to write about a piece of art that had really touched you or changed you in some way, and since musical’s were included in their list I thought that this was perfect. RENT makes you remember that you have to seize each day and each opportunity.

The movie was completely worth it as well, although I do think it’s better to watch it once you’ve seen the stage performance. 7 years ago

langenoireIt's a fantastic show

I saw it in NYC a few years ago and thought it was great. I rarely do repeat attendances, but I think I’d like to see it again. 7 years ago


I am seeing it tomorrow! I am beyond excited! It’s taking a lot to not type in all caps right now! 7 years ago

sriramificationthree years ago

I watched this three years ago at the Nederlander in Manhattan. It was fun, although the people I was with didn’t enjoy it as much. There were clearly a lot of people around who were very familiar with it—they went absolutely nuts when Maureen asked everybody to go “moooooooooo!” (in fact, the crowd might have pre-empted her call a little…) The actress even broke out into a little smile on stage… 7 years ago


I saw the show on Broadway for the first time this September (Jaime Lee Kircher’s first night!) and loved it more than I ever imagined I would. The cast was so into what they were doing and were all fabulous. Highlights were Christopher J. Hanke as Mark (I wish his contract weren’t so short), Jaime Lee Kirchner, and Nicole Lewis. So worth it. 7 years ago


NOVEMBER 18TH!!! 7 years ago

loonlaughWashington DC

Front row seats that we won the right to buy on the street that morning. Great show, great company. Hopefully will do it again this November! 7 years ago

ladygodiva17Greatest birthday present everrr

i didn’t see it on broadway, but a tour came thru San Antonio. The actors/singers/dancers had just as much energy as a broadway show, and the live experience of Jonathan Larsen’s masterpiece came shining thru.

Now, I have to see the movie…i know, quite a contradiction ain’t it? 7 years ago

rosbossRent - live & movie

I loved both! I’ve seen the live performance a few times and then the movie so many times I can’t count. If you can…see the live performance first. 7 years ago

VictoriaRent RENT!

This movie is SO wonderful! 7 years ago

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