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Clear my root chakra


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DianeMarieBtime to refocus

Over the past few days i’ve found myself in unexpected, unpleasant situations which I didn’t create, but which I may have avoided if I had acted with a bit more self-determination. The root chakra governs personal power. Part of that equation is freedom, and part is responsibility. It is important to recognize the ripples my actions, or even more so my inaction, may cause; but also necessary to refuse to shoulder responsibility (guilt, blame) which isn’t mine. i was walking down a cobblestone street today and momentarily turned my ankle on one of the uneven stones. no harm done, but it served as a reminder to me to re-establish my center, my groundedness, and renew my sense of resilience. 6 years ago

DianeMarieBI started something...

Wow, someone joined a goal which I first posted! I feel like maybe I’ve started something. 7 years ago

DianeMarieBThe Lotus

The Lotus representing the Root Chakra has four petals and is dark red. 7 years ago

DianeMarieBI think I've done it!

I understand that keeping the chakras clear and spinning is a lifelong process of work and renewal, but I feel that during my recent trip to Greece I reached a feeling of a new level of physical security and groundedness. I feel like I experienced the benefits of the open chakra, and can now work on keeping it open and flowing energy upwards. It’s a wonderful, exciting experience. 7 years ago

DianeMarieBMore on Thing #6: Clear my root chakra

Things I’ve read that help clear the root chakra:

Meditation/chanting (syllable: LAM, note: C)
Dancing! (I love to dance!)
Handwashing dishes (I hate to do dishes)
Cleaning your house
Standing in the grass barefoot
Hugging a tree (I’ve heard of tree-huggers, but I didn’t know people actually did that!)
Caring for plant or animals
Appreciating the color red
Experience the scents of cedar and cloves 7 years ago

DianeMarieBThing #6: Clear my root chakra

I don’t have alot of information on this topic yet, so please feel free to comment if you have information to share. First off, in Hindu practice, a chakra is one of seven places in the human body, along the spinal cord, where energy originates and from where it radiates into the body. Each of these chakra relates (generally) to the location ofa a nerve plexus and/or an adrenal gland, and nourishes both physical and spirtual/emotional/psychic qualities related to its position in the body. The root chakra is the first chakra, located at the base of pelvis, at the foundation of the body’s trunk. As the base, the foundation of the body’s energy, the root chakra relates to energy that defines one’s most basic human concerns: instinct for survival, phsyical safety, shelter, etc. For modern humans, these translate into issues like our feelings of security in our homes, financial security, and confidence in our physical presence in space. Physically, this chakra relates to the health and well being of the pelvic area, the legs and the feet. The root chakra is responsible for feeling “grounded” in the world, physically and spiritually.

The chakras are representend by a swirling circle of energy, light, and color, which can be clean, clear, vibrant and healthy; cloudy, dirty, slow and dense; or agitated and hyperactive. I had heard the term chakra when I took a yoga class in college. I started thinking about it again when I was experiencing trouble with muscle spasms in my lower back and cramps in my calves and thighs; at the same time, I was feeling like I wanted a more secure sense of myself, a self-reliant identity. My research and reading lead me to this way of understanding the body.

I do not practice Hinduism or personally subscribe to that set of spiritual beliefs, but I beleive that the chakra system is an inspiring and meaningful way to organize my own, separate thoughts about my body and spirituality. By saying I want to “clear my root chakra”, I am really saying many things: that I want to physically protect and strengthen my “root” muscles in my back, legs and feet, that I want to feel connected to nature and “grounded” in a physical way, that I want to feel physically strong and confident, and that I want to develop an independent sense of myself in the world. In the chakra system, clearing the root chakra will allow energy to flow up the spine into other, higher functions. Likewise, I think these basic improvements in my mentality and phsyicality will make way for emotional and intellectual growth.

I don’t know yet how to predict when I will have accomplished this goal. I don’t think it is something I can accomplish just once, rather something that will need to be developed gradually over time, maybe years, and will sometimes be stronger, other times weaker. I believe though, that will several months of attention to and meditation on these fundamental principles, I’ll begin to feel phsyical and emotional results. 7 years ago

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