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put myself first for a while

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topsyturvyNov 9/2008

Pink peppermint-scented hot bath with confetti! Absolute heaven, and I have never quite been convinced about the whole bath-thing lol I read about 80 pages of a book, and had organic dark hot chocolate and there was violin music (live of course ;) drifting down the hallway…. wow! I’m converted!
Then I laid in bed and read more, enjoying how soft my peppermint-scented skin was :) 5 years ago

topsyturvyOct 23/2008

I politely declined a coffee date tonight because I needed some ‘me time’. and I’m about to henna my hair :)
me me me 5 years ago

topsyturvyThe tide is changing

Tonight I said ‘no’ to a few things, suggestions and ‘helpful comments’ from friends. I had a candid conversation about the future today with my SO. I was honest and non-argumentative and he was receptive and actually responded with suggestions and plans we could both participate in together. I had a great conversation with my manager today re: my next step career-wise, and I think good things will come of it. Now I have cream on my very dry hands, tea steeping next to me and I’m about to go read in bed at a reasonable hour. Shocking! 5 years ago

topsyturvyOct 19/2008

It’s time to put me first. Me me me me me. Without me, I’m nothing. Alright me, after you ;) 5 years ago

playfulskunk2Things have got to change

I have decided to create a new account on 43 things to motivate myself into becoming the person who i want to be. the things on this new list are the things i need to change about myself before i can get on with living my life.
i want to put myself first because i have jsut realised that i have been putting other people in my life first (namely my fiance) and totally neglecting myself, and this has been to my utter detriment.
over the last 2 1/2 years i have put on alot of weight and my self-esteam has plummeted. this has got to change as the is not the person i truely am. 7 years ago

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