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sleep in the nude

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dustyroad 4 weeks ago

user49879 14 months ago

SexyBoobs45272Done since I was 15

I first slept naked one summer before my 15th birthday becase it got VERY in my bedroom because we didn’t have AC. I loved the feeling of my naked body on the bed, so I have been sleeping like that ever since. My parents found out when I was 16, so they stopped buying me pj’s. Even when I used to spend the night at a friends house, I would sleep naked. 16 months ago

SexyBoobs45272 16 months ago

verticaldropDone, what more can I say?

I started sleeping in the nude and I’ve been doing it for over a month now. It was a bit weird for a few nights but now it just feels natural. 19 months ago

verticaldrop 21 months ago


I think it’s better in a properly made bed with a tucked-in topsheet and blanket, rather than just a duvet. 21 months ago

user2047 2 years ago

Miss Villainess 2 years ago

hoggsThis is how I sleep all the time

So much more comfortable and easy for fooling around 2 years ago

hoggs 2 years ago

acklax3 2 years ago

anikatheresa 2 years ago

daniel 3 years ago

BostonFanOne Suggestion

It really is an amazing experience to sleep in the nude. It is a good thing to do if you live alone. I live with my Mom, Dad and sister, but i did it anyway. The only thing that I can suggest is to put some soft/smooth sheets on your bed before to go to bed or else you’ll be really sore when you get up. 2 years ago

BostonFan 2 years ago

arts_student 2 years ago


babyg4567 2 years ago

janerosemaryThe best way to sleep

I had sleep problems ever since I was very young. But, I have been sleeping a lot better lately without my clothes. Everyone should try this at least once. 2 years ago

janerosemary 2 years ago

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