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100 things i love about my husband


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1. He makes me laugh… laugh out loud too!
2. He gives me the butterflies
3. He gave me two wonderful girls
4. He loves me lots
5. He’s very clever
6. He’s hard working
7. He loves his family
8. His hands
9. His dance moves
10. Him singing for me
11. His smile
12. His eyes
13. Every freckle on him
14. His willingness to try
15. Letting me be who I am
16. The space he gives me
17. His support
18. His voice
19. He’s so good looking :)
20. He loves to exercise
21. His kiss
22. His outgoingness
23. His (public) speaking skills
24. His writing skills
25. His baking
26. His drunk phone calls
27. Him sending me flowers on odd days
28. His honesty (well, except when he tells me I have a fat ass and needs to workout)
29. He thinks I’m beautiful (despite me thinking otherwise)
30. He’s a sexy man
31. His ability to remember random facts
32. He can drive
33. His strength (inner and outer)
34. Him giving us girls the opportunity to live overseas
35. His love for reading
36. His trust in me
37. He tells me when I’m doing/did something wrong
38. He doesn’t let anybody walk all over him
39. He loves sushi, Indian, Dim Sum, Thai, etc. as much as I do
40. He loves sweet tea
41. We can eat pig’s feet or pork rinds together
42. He’s not into watching sports
43. We have similar values and thoughts about the higher being
44. He lets me ramble on about souls and after life without thinking I’m nuts
45. He’s fine about my ex-husband and I being best friends
46. He likes my ex-husband
47. Old ladies love him
48. Little kids love him
49. He is a sweetheart!
50. He’s mine
51. He thinks I’m the best thing that’s happened to him
52. He likes my cooking
53. He makes me feel special
54. I feel safe when he’s around
55. He makes me handmade cards
56. His love for “watching” Nascar… or should I say “listen” while asleep on the couch?
57. He’s got good taste in music, food, clothes, decor… he’s just got good taste!
58. His ability to engage people when telling stories
59. He’s so funny
60. He’s the life of the party without wanting to or even trying
61. Everybody loves him… or hates him… and he doesn’t care either way
62. He doesn’t suck up to people
63. He likes spicy food
64. He loves vintage goods
65. He loves the girls to pieces
66. Watching him and the girls play is just priceless
67. He can talk history or how things work like no other—he should teach!
68. His Neanderthal-ness is kind of cute
69. His sense of style, he looks good dress-up or down
70. His passion for the things he love
71. He loves to travel
72. He loves quality vs quantity
73. I can tell him anything
74. He’s not nosy and lets me tell him things on my own time
75. We talk about everything and work things out before they get overwhelming or close to being hard to fix
76. He’s committed to the relationship
77. He really knows me
78. He carries me up the stairs just because
79. He holds my hands, hugs and kisses me in public
80. He’s great with money
81. He’s very responsible
82. He keeps trying to be a better person
83. He listens to me
84. He let me help him be a better man
85. He thinks I’ve made him a better man
86. He’s a gentleman
87. He still lets me appreciate other good looking guys… I do the same of course… girls that is for him :)
88. Him sliding into the bedroom, his wiggles, and literally jumping onto the bed moves
89. He lets me take pictures of him
90. Home doesn’t have to be where he grew up
91. 4 years ago


mrsquirk100 Things I Love About My Husband

1. Your eyes
2. Your smile
3. Your sharp wit
4. Your appreciation for perfect comedic timing
5. Your openness with me
6. Your willingness to try something new
7. That you’re a nomad like me
8. Your love of comics
9. Your love of [great] music
10. Your love of reading
11. Your love of writing
12. Your penguin story
13. Your taste in tattoos
14. Your mind
15. Your chess skills
16. The fact you were a Boy Scout
17. Your love for the Denver Zoo
18. Your reaction to seeing an awesome live concert
19. Your laugh
20. Your debate skills
21. You love zombies as much as I do
22. Your encouragement for me
23. Your belief in me
24. Your honesty
25. Your devotion to our relationship
26. Your love of montages [a la 1980s era movies]
27. Your ability to make me laugh, even when I’m on the brink of tears
28. Your kisses
29. How we’re equal partners and you don’t play into the typical male/female B.S.
30. How you got Tank Girl for me…all of them
31. Your love of vinyl
32. How you agreed to be a dairy goat farm intern with me
33. How you’re trying to do yoga with me
34. How you’re determined to quit smoking
35. Your D.F.T.O.
36. How you let me call you Charlie
37. How you read to me
38. How you cuddle me even though I know you’re not crazy about it
39. Your weird toenails
40. When you surprise hug me
41. How you say you feel weird without your wedding ring on
42. Your art
43. Your geekiness
44. Your acceptance of being the driver
45. Your love of the ocean and being anti-landlocked
46. You dressed up as Alex for our wedding
47. The way you look with skate shoes on and no socks
48. How you let me know when I’m freaking out for no reason
49. How you stuck by me through 6 years of being crazy, pre-therapy
50. How you love me for me
51. How I can be my honest self around you without fear of judgment
52. How I can trust you
53. How I can tell you anything [and I have]
54. How you look in a golfer’s cap
55. How even though we’ve been together for 6-1/2 years, you still manage to surprise me almost every day
56. The fact you don’t abuse me
57. How patient you are with me when I’m on my period
58. How you tuck me in and turn out the light for me when you’re staying up late
59. How you people watch with me
60. You know what I’m thinking most of the time
61. UNO Tournaments
62. How you bring me water…all of the time
63. How you named the zoo animals with me
64. How fascinated you look when you’re at the zoo
65. How you love my body
66. How you say you love everything about me
67. “All of it”
68. How you helped me through therapy
69. How you pretend to touch my feet even though I can’t stand it
70. Your brilliancy
71. Your sense of humor
72. How your cheapness rubbed off on me
73. Your taste in anime
74. Your cooking skills
75. Your knife skills
76. Your wording
77. Your ability to put on that mask and deal with the things I don’t want to
78. How you have grown since we’ve been together
79. The way you take tea with me
80. The way you read
81. That you say you love me more than I love you
82. Your determination
83. Your effort in trying to communicate with me better
84. That you’re my best friend above all else
85. The fact that you have a zombie plan
86. Your ability to name our pets in a comedic AND fitting way
87. Your fascination with quantum physics
88. Flint
89. Dollar Store Unicorn Puzzles
90. Harry Potter
91. “Badfish”
92. The way you make everything so simple
93. How you take care of me when I’m sick
94. Your back rubs
95. How you handle the garbage and other chores I don’t like doing
96. The way you make up songs
97. How you’ll dance with me in a library or a grocery store
98. You’re not afraid of holding my hand, whenever wherever
99. Our spiritual talks
100. At our very worst, we were still stronger than anyone else we knew and you were a big part of that 4 years ago

alittlegrubiSummary of 100

1. your openness to everything,
2. your ability to stand outside the box and look at it as a cube with x-ray vision.
3. that you accept that everything has its place
4. that you want to make that a better place for everything.
5. that you know what is right.
6. that you are the best at everything you do
7. that what you do ain’t pretty except for making kids with me – they are pretty 
8. that no matter what, through sik and sin you keep your head above the water.
9. that you never give up
10. that you love your family
11. your determination
12. your dedication
13. your patience and tolerance
14. your body
15. your smile
16. your touch
17. the way you share experiences with me
18. how you put up with me and everyone else
19. that you will keep trying
20. that you listen and worry
21. that you obviously care despite not always showing it
22. that you can forgive
23. that you desire to make everything great for us and the family
24. your ability to apologize
25. your ability to actually take it on board and try to right wrongs
26. that you will do things for me no matter how hard it is for you
27. that you are trying to make little changes to make everyone happy
28. that you give without expectation of return
29. that you try to have a positive influence on my day right from the start.
30. that you savor kisses
31. the way you are with the kids
32. how you make ours a magic marriage by doing all those little things like cooking dinner, the dishes, vacuuming etc.
33. that you are good role model for our son.
34. that you can love me
35. that you care enough to ask me about things that husbands would never talk to their wives about
36. that you treat me as your best friend before you treat me as a wife
37. that you want to have coffee and cake with me, even though it rarely happens
38. that you cared enough to ask people not to visit straight after I had an emergency c-section.
39. that you took the time to make things easier for me when I was struggling
40. that you try to listen to me even when I wasn’t being totally rational
41. that you and I are like yang and yin
42. that you are a FRED
43. that you still think of what you can do to make me happy, even if you don’t succeed.
44. that you are and always will be my husband
45. that despite being taken for granted you are still the loving man I fell in love with all those years ago.
46. how you know what you want
47. your kisses
48. that cute look you have with the kids
49. your versatility
50. the way you look
51. how you take care of yourself
52. the curves of your muscles
53. how Saturday is spend time with my family day.
54. the way you make love to me
55. who you are, quirks and all
56. your honesty
57. your positive nature
58. that no matter how busy you are you have time to think of the family
59. that you just can’t finish the dishes
60. how you complain about that ute
61. that you want what is best for the family
62. that you can give up grudges
63. that you can wear a mask when needed
64. the success you have made of yourself
65. how you can rise above it all
66. the way you learn from the past
67. the weakness beneath the strong exterior
68. how you need me when you are sick
69. the way you slouch in chairs when you are tired
70. Stevie Wonders, Van Morrisons and Barry Whites
71. the way you are judgmental
72. the hugs and kisses that you give the kids
73. how you will come out to the car if you are home when I come home
74. how you strive to improve on everything
75. the way you have difficulty getting up in the morning
76. your sound, your music
77. watching you perform
78. the fact that you rage against the ordinary
79. the discoverer in you
80. the way you let me know about the things you like e.g.(banana bread).
81. the sounds of enjoyment during those times
82. your warmth
83. hugging you properly
84. seeing you like a little kid when we are in the toy isles
85. that you always want something new
86. your confidence
87. your compassion
88. your appreciation
89. your diversity
90. the times you notice and comment on how I look.
91. watching you, no matter what you are doing
92. how you make money stretch (how do you do it?)
93. when you call me, no matter what the content
94. how you always remind me to drink water
95. those times you are enthusiastic and say – yeah! Like a kid.
96. how you have matured
97. the sound of your voice
98. how there are some things you are still scared of doing (like using my camera )
99. seeing you being present in the moment
100. everything about you…… 5 years ago

charlottesmummy4. He trusts me

he always has and always will. Hes that sort of guy. makes me feel secure and its lovely 5 years ago

charlottesmummy3. he cannot make a decent cup of tea

it makes me laugh this comes down to his patience, he does not have the patience to wait for three minutes so it can brew, hence a milky mess but made with love. it might be a clever ruse. 5 years ago

charlottesmummy2. he thinks i'm funny

and im not!!!! but its good to come home and be an idiot and know that he will laugh and never judge. 5 years ago

charlottesmummy1. He is a devoted father

1. hes a wonderful father, our daughter loves him, the biggest daddys girl there is, after work he will take over feed, change, play, change again, baths and snacks and more play, then he will put her to bed and read her a story from the bfg, to harry pottor or jane auston last night was shakespheres sonnetrs. This is after a 12 hour working day and the gym. very devoted and its comes naturally i never have to worry. 5 years ago


81.He gets the kids dressed and takes them to school/daycare every morning.
82.He always sings “Jesus Paid It All”
83.He apologizes when he is wrong.
84.He worries about his Dad.
85.He tells me my skin is so soft all the time.
86.He gives me massages.
87.He loves to go fishing with just me.
88.He is messy.
89.He likes to grow fruits and veggies.
90.He always wants to try new lotions for his face.
91.He is a people person.
92.He alsways has more clothes than I do.
93.He remembers exact dates of surgeries and illnesses.
94.He doesn’t care for sweets (more for me :O)
95.He reaction the first time he saw snow.
96. His hugs.
97.He treats my sisters like his own.
98.He goes to family reunions with me.
99.He watches our kids when I serve in ministries.
100.He is a WONDERFUL PERSON. 5 years ago


61.He takes me to the emergency room if I need to go.
62.He works on the house.
63.He prays for me.
64.He goes to recovery program.
65.He listens to me when I am upset about something.
66.He hates striped clothes.
67.He listens to old country songs.
68.He will get up and get me a drink and my medicine if I am too tired to get up.
69.He will eat whatever is left on my plate.
70.He always shaves his face when we are pressed for time.
71.He loves Elivs Christmas CD.
72.If he is watching something on tv, and I sit down next to him, he gives me the remote.
73.We have tickle fights.
74.The smell of his skin.
75.We have races to see who can get home first, he almost always lets me win.
76.If I fall asleep on the couch, we will sleep there too because he doesn’t want to sleep alone.
77.He attempts to put ponytailsin our daughters hair.
78.He prays with our kids every night.
79.He loses track of time when he talks to friends or family.
80.He can fall asleep anywhere. 5 years ago


41.He wants whats best for our family.
42.His gray hair.
43.His sense of humor.
44.He bought the house next door to his Dad when his Mom died so he could take care of him.
45.He learned Sign Language.
46.He cooks the kids eggs and grits when I am not there.
47.He holds a grudge, but knows when to give it up.
48.Our daughter has him wrapped around her finger.
49.He takes our son hunting and fishing.
50.He wants to fix up his old truck.
51.He wants to be successful.
52.He loved our dog Samson.
53.He loves our dog Dixie, even though he doesn’t like to admit it.
54.He treasures any extended family we have.
55.He likes learning about his family history.
56.He is not good with time managament.
57.He tries to make me laugh by brushing his hair straight up.
58.He is great in bed.
59.He loves his neices and nephews like his own children.
60.He learns from the past. 5 years ago


1.He loves me for who I am.
2.He is very generous.
3.He loves to talk to old people.
4.He has a soft heart.
5.He is a hot dog connoisseur.
6.He is a great father.
7.He has anger issues, but is willing to admit it and work on them.
8.He talks softly.
9.He makes me cards.
10.We go fishing with the kids and he always does all the work and lets us fish.
11.He cooks supper.
12.He washes the dishes.
13.He bathes the kids and puts them to bed, and they LOVE it.
14.He has a perverted sense of romance.
15.He worries about me and the kids.
16.He gets up sometimes and warms the care up for me.
17.He used to invite me to go on service calls with him just to spend time together.
18.He is a pack rat.
19.He can fall asleep just about anywhere.
20.He is bad about managing money.
21.He makes me coffee in the morning.
22.He cuddles with me in the morning.
23.He is a great kisser.
24.He hugs me while I’m cooking.
25.He loves my cooking.
26.He loves God.
27.He tried to help at church as much as he can.
28.He loves his family.
29.He loves my family.
30.He tries to understand Deaf people.(my parents are deaf)
31.He is very patient.
32.He loves the outdoors.
33.He likes the way things used to be.
34.He wants to move to the country.
35.He is a baby when he’s sick.
36.He is a hard worker.
37.He always runs late.
38.He has a cute smile.
39.He likes to aggrivate and pick on people he loves.
40.He tries his best to live for God. 5 years ago

alittlegrubiToday....up to number 50

it is hard to write what I love about my husband as we’ve hit a rocky patch:

Despite that:
I love his tolerance
I love that he will keep trying no matter how hard it gets
I love that he listens and worries
I love that he obviously cares despite not always showing it
I love that he can forgive 6 years ago


Today I love everything about my husband…but some examples are
His smile
His bum
His desires to make everything great for us
His ability to apologise
His ability to actually take it on board and try to right wrongs 6 years ago


I love that despite my looking daggy in the morning he says I thought you looked pretty good this morning.Just thought I would tell you…
When I ask what was so good, he replies Physicality has a very minimal amount to do with it, it was more the fact that you had a “glow” about you and that you looked happy. 6 years ago

alittlegrubiI love

that my husband still finds the time to want to tell me how lucky he is to have me and to say thank you to me for being a part of his life even after this long. 6 years ago

alittlegrubiHow Easy it is to forget and take for granted

I have come to realise that is so easy to forget to let those we love know we love them and what it is that we love about them. So I now have a year of catching up to do, I am going to add at least one thing I love about my husband for every month I’ve missed:

Mar 07 – that he will do things for me no matter how hard it is for him
Apr 07 – that he gives without expectation of return
May 07 – that he tries to have a positive influence on my day right from the start.
Jun 07 – that he still savours our kisses
Jul 07 – the way he is with the kids
Aug 07 – that he is trying to make the little changes to make everyone happy
Sep 07 – that he makes ours a magic marriage by doing all those little things like cooking dinner, the dishes, vaccuuming etc.
Oct 07 – that he is a good role model for our son.
Nov 07 – that he loves me
Dec 07 – that he still looks at me that way
Jan 08 – that he cares enough to ask me about things that husbands would never talk to their wives about
Feb 08 – that he treats me as his best friend before he treats me as his wife
Mar 08 – that he wants to have coffee and cake with me, even though it rarely happens
Apr 08 – that he cared enough to ask people not to visit straight after having an emergency c-section.
May 08 – that he took the time to make things easier for me when I was struggling
Jun 08 – that he was prepared to listen to me even if I wasn’t being totally rational
Jul 08 – that he keeps on trying no matter how hard it is
Aug 08 – that he is the opposite of me and balances out all my bad bits
Sep 08 – that he is a FRED
Oct 08 – that he still thinks of what he can do to make me happy, even if he doesn’t succeed.

I love that my husband is my husband and despite being taken for granted he still is the lovimg man I fell in love with all those years ago. 6 years ago

alittlegrubi18. Baked a cake

Today he rang me and said that he knew the real reason we didn’t get to make love last night – ignoring the fact that I fell asleep in my son’s room – he said that it was because we didn’t bake a cake.

Referring to the cookie monster song on my sesame street cd titled – if i knew you were coming I would have baked a cake 7 years ago

alittlegrubi17. Stevie Wonders are now

Van Morrisons – Now we have Van Morrisons instead of Stevie Wonders.
He sometimes asks before we go to bed – Have I Van Morrisoned you?
Meaning – Have I told you lately that I love you? 7 years ago

alittlegrubi16. That he thinks about me

He comes home or rings me and tells me that he has been thinking about me. He thinks about how he can make my life better so that I can be happy.
For that I love him to death 7 years ago

alittlegrubi15. Helping me do things

I love that he is helping me do some of my 43 things. He bought me a bottle for my water, he goes for a walk or bike ride with me at least once a week, he has sex with me (have another baby), he cleaned out the wardrobe with me, took our son to swimming lessons, played along with the affair idea, show me exercises and diet tips for toning the tummy, makes sure I eat fruit and veg, asks if I brushed my teeth before we go to bed. 7 years ago


I love that he still gets butterflies and fireworks when we are intimate. I love it more that he tells me he gets them!! 7 years ago

alittlegrubiEverbody loves him

I love that he makes friends easily – everybody loves him 7 years ago

alittlegrubiThe little things

I love that he does so many things that I see other husbands just don’t do. 7 years ago

alittlegrubiHis thoughts

This morning he told me that he was happy to have a beautiful wife and son. He told me he loved me and that he plans on making more time for us this year. 7 years ago

alittlegrubiGuilt over the wrong thing

I love that he felt guilty for not having bought me a Christmas Present from our Son. 8 years ago

alittlegrubiI'm guilty of love in the first degree

I admit it I am guilty of just loving him for who he is with all his little quirks. I especially love that he loves me in the first degree!! 8 years ago


I love the way he makes love to me!! 8 years ago

alittlegrubiHis Body

I don’t tell him often enough that I love the way he looks. He takes the time to look after himself – something that I’m not that good at. I love the curves of his muscles and that he looks HOT without a top on. 8 years ago

alittlegrubiAlways has time for us!

Adding to the list of things that I love about my husband:
I Love that even after only 3 hours of sleep he still makes sure that Saturday is spend time with my family day. 8 years ago

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