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once a job has once begun, never leave it 'til it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all

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carabouToo ADHD

My mother embroidered this on a placard for me. I put it aside, meaning to frame it. That was … eight years ago? hehe. 5 years ago

carabouI'm a little afraid of Earth Rat

I checked my chinese horoscope for the upcoming year and I was a little concerned when I read this would be a pretty sucky year for me. Apparently the Rat hates my sign. At least I’m the same element as this year, so it won’t be too bad. OK. I lie. Most of this year will be bad. But if I look at it compared to late last February (when my foster dog killed the three cats) and consider Fire Pig was supposed to be good to me, I’m thinking it’s best to just lay low and be diligent through the year. Good goal for Earth Rat. Too bad I’ve got a lot of small projects that have sprung up in the past few months because of general maintenance reasons. “Fortitude!” my father said. “Fortitude until you’re dead!” 6 years ago

carabouParental advice - keep your head on, chicken!

My mother used to recite this to me at least once a week. It never sunk in because it was just another one of those stupid things my mom told me that didn’t mean anything (similar to “if you make that face, it may stick”). After being the ultimate multi-tasker (I could multi-task my way to the moon!) I’ve stepped back and am trying to get my life to the point where i can concentrate on singular tasks, or if the task takes a long time, incremental progress. No more chicken-with-its-head off project management, says I! 7 years ago

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