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♥loverr girrl♥panic attacks and paranoia

my panic attacks and paranoia continued. finally I just had to get back on meds. Now I still have all this but not as bad as before. I realized that meds really help me, but trying to find the right ones. Also don’t want to be on them for the rest of my life.

Working on this stuff is a lot of WORK and very difficult. 1 month ago

spurv 7 years ago


This is something I’ve been thinking of for a while, but it’s only recently that I decided upon a good first step, and that is to go to London more often. I thought this would be a good first step for several reasons:

1) Despite being large, crowded and noisy, I have been to London before, so I suppose the familiarity will take the edge off my fear.

2) A lot of my fear seems to fixate on travel arrangements – just that idea of leaving a place that I have decided is 100% safe – so, travelling more would be a good way to face my fear.

3) I love London and I have a friend who lives there who said I can stay with her as often as I need, and I have another friend who will be moving there this summer. So, not only will I be facing my fear, but I’ll be having fun while I do so.

I plan to travel more in the future, too, so I thought that this especially would be a good way of tackling my fears head-on. Wish me luck! 11 months ago

paintbrushes331 11 months ago

towergirl89 13 months ago

JavelinaPiglet 14 months ago

TheRach87 14 months ago

cutekitty666 14 months ago

bnii 15 months ago

xyz911 16 months ago

maria* * *

fear is natural, sure
if you think about it, only crazy people aren’t afraid
but i’d like to learn to react differently when i’m afraid
i don’t want to freeze, i don’t want to feel like curling up and dying
i want to see the reasons behind the fear
to keep my mind sober at all times 16 months ago

maria 16 months ago

invadernina 6 years ago

♥loverr girrl♥make more girl friends

today i went to a ladies club social event. i think part of “stop being afraid,” anxiety disorder, and social anxiety that I have is because I am a bit isolated.

I’ve stopped putting myself out there and making girl friends. I am sticking to groups where I feel safe and will have little rejection.

Last night I went and (2) of the ladies were a bit hostile but the rest of them were okay. It was not super fun but at least I’m glad I did it.

I think some of these social groups, you get out of it what you put in. Anyway I am going to join a few more of these and keep trying. Thanks!! 17 months ago

♥loverr girrl♥ 18 months ago

ChristinaMae 19 months ago

naivenymph 21 months ago

McKenneth Scott III 21 months ago

maygal 22 months ago

sunmom01 2 years ago

martincox99 2 years ago

tune_in_rock_out 2 years ago

Aprillexabsolut13 2 years ago

InTheForestIt Got Better

It got better but now I’m afraid again. This time I’m afraid of new and different things. 2 years ago

lliney 3 years ago

makelifepretty 2 years ago

PandaPoison 5 years ago

chandahira 2 years ago


I should put this at the top of my list. I am so tired of living my life for everyone else. Give up your chance of ever doing what you want so you can take care of your mother. Well…no wonder I’m so unhappy. I have to stop being afraid and take the plunge. Get off this rock and live my life. Hard to do when I’ve been a slave to everyone else and its the only thing I know how to do…but I have to try. 2 years ago

treehugger_peace 5 years ago

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