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Get a second tattoo

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Tiocfaidh mé slán as sé.
I will survive it. 8 months ago

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starlight_starbrightI'VE DICIDED.

At long last I know what it is I want as my second tattoo. I am going to get a tattoo of a phoenix, as an ode to beating my depression and moving on. 2 years ago

starlight_starbrightIve been thinking

about mythological creatures, and i’m sure it’s the subject matter I’ll stick with. Before i mentioned a phoenix. It is the bird of fire that rises from the ashes. I’d use it as a symbol for beating depression. I had it for a very long time.
I’ve also considered a dragon. They represent many things and have captured people for ages. They see the big picture, the future. They represent wisdom and longivity.
I’ve also wondered about a gryphon, half eagle, half lion. Noble, heroic, beautiful. They capture me personally, which is important.
Last but not least, Gargoyle. Shounds weird/creepy, i know. Supposedly a grotesque animal or human that hangs off of buildings any watches us from above. But they have purpose. They are imaginitive, mischievious beings who protect humans but standing gaurd by day adn coming to life at night. They ward off evil spirits. 2 years ago

starlight_starbrightworkin on it

The picture below is of my first tattoo. it is a heart with angel wings and a tiny crown. I love it and feel like it helps mold me into who I am inside.
I want my second one to do the same thing. Placement is a big part of it, no matter what the image is. I’m debating weather gtting one on the same leg, on the outside would be ,(depending on what I choose) or my left leg on the inside, parallel to my first tattoo.
Each small choice like this bings me a step closer to my goal.
I want something that means a little something to me, but isn’t overly serious or grim.

I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone.

1. My star and sun signs: Gemini & Aries combined
2. a semi-tribal phoenix, to represent my overcoming depression
3. The yinyang, to represent me and my best friend alexis. Friends for over ten years! with my star sign Gemini and her star sign Cancer in the inner circles
4. The American Idiot grenade, Green Day is my jam band for life. 2 years ago


My first post on tattoos hasn’t gotten any comments, but i’m hoping that it will soon. I have some things in mind, but i cant settle on one, you know? The possibilities are practiclly endless and so sifting and sifting is basically all I can do.

I think I want something to show my love for the arts, paintings in particular. Two of my favorite artists are Van Gogh and Dali. But since I’m an artist myself, I could most likely use one of my own designs. 2 years ago

starlight_starbrightBut what to get?

Well, so far I’ve narrowed my thoughts down to the things I know for sure that I DON’T want.

I dont want an angel/cherub
I dont want a devil/demon
I dont want a rose
I dont want any ninja stars, sparkles or diamonds
I dont want a portrait or cartoon charator

So now to figure out what I Do want. The only reason I don’t want these is because so many people have them. I like them fine, just not for me. It’s not the right time. Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged. If it’s something not on the list, thank you so much! If it is on the list, explain it please, so I know it’s not the ordinary style, placement, and size. _2 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go! 5 years ago

amandovski 2 years ago

S. 2 years ago

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